Bowl 4 Animal Rescue!

I’ve taken on one last fundraiser for the summer! {Bowl 4 Animal Rescue Fundraiser}

Since HPA {hockey players assemble} is challenging people to get up and take on a challenge in their community – I quickly said, challenge accepted!

What’s the challenge I’m talking about? Click here.

This fundraiser is a little different then the last two – instead of walking, were bowling!

The event includes food, auctions, bowling, raffles, and lots of fun!

When singing up for fundraising you are given the option of two different charities your fundraising money will go towards.

You can chose between Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter or Michigan Animal Adoption network.

This time I decided to add on a little “help” and make this a team effort. I really wanted to go above and beyond my last two goals and with the help of my friend Chelsea (I’m happy to say) we are doing just that! With the help of our generous family and friends this fundraiser is already turning out great for us!


Receiving this email the other day made me so happy! It’s great to get recognized for doing things you love & enjoy.

Are you up for a challenge?

It is not to late to sign up as a bowler, or to fund raise!

Click here if you are interested in signing up to bowl, or fund raise.

($30 for bowling includes meal ticket, 3 games of bowling and shoes)

If you are not interested in bowling, or fundraising – consider donating to help our local animals in need! Then you you can pat your self on the back for a good deed – done! Donations add up quickly and are greatly appreciated. Not just by me, but by the people who start these events and the animals you are saving.

Click here if you are interested in donating! I’m only $140 away from my {personal} goal!

A big thank you to everyone that has already donated, who will donate and those who can’t donate by give me credit for doing this! You all rock!

While you are all being awesome and donating – I have to help my fiance pack up to head back to Europe for another hockey season. Yupp. The time has come….


While we were away….

Hey There! It’s been awhile….

What have we been up to? The real question is, “what haven’t we been up to”?

This summer home has been nothing short of exhausting and busy.

I feel like every weekend we have something going on and haven’t really got to take a break, we really are the “family that never sleeps”.

Let’s start where we left off, after our walk with the Michigan Humane Society.

1. My “little brother” graduated HS


936861_10200547350544300_97610294_n2. Jerry won a gold medal with team USA at the Inline National Championships in Dresden, Germany! He said it was one of the most amazing experiences hes ever had, and he was very honored to represent his country. We were all so happy for him and the team!

Image3. I worked a lot

(I don’t have a photo for this)

4. Miika got dog warts (Canine Viral Papilloma) AKA FML!!!!!!

1016055_10200695234081296_1913526269_n5. Myself and some friends did some volunteering at Gleaners in Detroit!


6. I gave up on Wedding Planning….. VIVA LAS VEGAS BABY! I still need a dress and to figure out a few details (hotels, flights, etc) but none of that other crap-ola!


7. Jerry celebrated another roller hockey win with team Alkali! It was nice to meet Jerry’s coach and some of the guys he went to USA with!

1010812_10200671685932607_430658280_n8. Miika and I walked over 90 Miles since June 1st!


9. We went and visited our favorite hockey couple, The Mursaks, in Grand Rapids, and got to watch some Calder Cup Finals! Grand Rapids Griffins Vs. Syracuse Crunch! We didn’t get to celebrate a championship that night but they did a couple days later.

934906_10200590584305117_685181757_n10. We celebrated my brothers graduation with family and friends this past weekend. My grandma and great grandma drove up from Tennessee to join! Yes, I still have a great grand parent! (Perks of a young family)


11. We finally got our engagement photos done! I can’t wait to see the rest….. (Check out: Carrie Ann Adams Photography)


See? I don’t even have time to brush my hair.

That about sums it up! (for the most part)… I can’t believe that in 4 short weeks Jerry will be heading back to the SLO, and then a short month after that Miika and I will be joining him.

I honestly can’t. freakin’. wait. – now if only I could bring my little brothers to live with me, I’d be all set!

These next couple weeks, I’ll be working, Jerry will be training, Miika will hopefully be wart free and at the end of the month we head to Toronto for the last Roller Tourney of the summer! …. Then we say Ciao to America.

Where does the time go?

Enjoy your Summer ladies & gents! XO