Mutt March 2013

 This past Sunday we had our second fundraiser/walk of the summer. We walked for The Michigan Humane society in the Mutt March. The event is held at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, nestled right on the shore of Lake St. Clair. With all the rain we’ve had the past couple of weeks I was nervous that we weren’t going to have good weather, but we did! It turned out to be a beautiful day. Not to hot and no rain? Perfect.


 We ended up raising over $400 for The Michigan Humane Society. All proceeds go to helping the thousands of animals they see throughout the year. Raising over $400 means we saved at least two dogs, and then some. Meeting our goal was an amazing feeling, and I’m very thankful. I can’t thank every one that donated enough for your donations and efforts. It doesn’t go unnoticed, I couldn’t have raised all that money without you. So, thanks for putting up with me posting on every social network 5 times a day.


 The Mutt March had over 1,000 walkers and happy dogs attend! Two of those people were our friends Victoria and Zara, they drove down for the day to walk with us, and helped us in fundraising. Miika was happy to see her pup friend, and I was happy to see Victoria! Our crazy hockey lives make it difficult to get together a lot but we find time when we can.


 So far we’ve raised $800 this summer to help animals in need and I have to say I’m very proud. While it may seem very small, it goes a very long way for the animal shelters. There are many reasons I want to continue to help animals in need but there is one that sticks out in my mind…..

Miika was in our apartment complex newsletter last month, so now when were out walking residents will often say “Hi Miika” or stop and ask us questions about her.

Just today we were out walking, I had my headphones in but still managed to hear the person blowing their car horn behind me. It was one of the residents who lives here. She said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to tell you I read your dogs story in the newsletter. I see you both walking every night and have been meaning to tell you. I have never seen such a happy dog in my entire life….. and I’m old. There should be more owners like you in the world. I’ve never wanted to steal someones dog until I met yours.”

While I’m very humbled that a random stranger can see that I’m a good dog owner… I wish people didn’t have to say, “there should be more owners like you”. It’s a sad truth that more or all dogs should get to be as happy as Miika is. So, my efforts and fundraising will forever be in hopes that other dogs get to have as happy as a life as Miika does. 

Thank you again to every that has donated to both of our walks. The Dearborn Animal Shelter and The Michigan Humane Society couldn’t do half of the work they do without your generosity.

(A special thank you to Chris Frank and HPA Assemble for supporting us in our fundraising efforts. Want to learn about HPA Assemble? Click here)