What Day Is It?

I truly never know what day it is. I guess we call that, #stayathomemomprobs. I woke up on Wednesday and thought it was Friday. So, that’s that. Here we are, it’s December… and we’ve done a lot since I last posted. Halloween, LONDON!!!, Thanksgiving and now it’s almost Christmas… a lot to catch up on.

One of our favorite markets,”Freimarkt” is in October in our bigger city, Bremen. It basically represents the beginning of the fall/autumn season. Very similar to our Christmas markets minus all the Christmas-y stuff. So we get to enjoy hot wine a little before the christmas markets begin!


We have always carved pumpkins one night in October as a tradition. Then we bake all the pumpkin seeds and drink wine! This year we added a member (Harbor) and let her join in on our pumpkin carving.

What she really did was: eat all my fruit and watch all my cartoons.

What we told her mom she did: carved the best pumpkin ever!

No surprise that andi was happy to dig her hands into the pumpkin and pull out all the guts. The child loves being messy.


We got to celebrate Halloween the night before we left for London! Surprisingly German peeps are really starting to get into the “American Halloween”. The stores have Halloween stuff (costumes, candy, decorations). It’s fun to see people getting into the holiday in a different country where it isn’t really celebrated. Andi was the cutest puppy dog! We had Taco Night with our Lampls and by then our babies were ready for bed and we had to finish packing anyways. I loved seeing everyone’s kids dressed up on social media, so fun!


Our original flight to London was bright and early the following day but got cancelled in the middle of the night and got pushed back to later on. It was a bit of a bummer to the start of our trip but we made it work! I will do a completely separate post for London. I could probably do 10 posts on London but I will spare you from too much information. London needs a hockey team ASAP and to hire my husband. Because, I’m IN LOVE. Jerry is going to laugh when he reads this, because I seriously fall in love with every place we visit. But, I fall in love with them in different ways.

Anyways, London is an amazing place and I can’t wait to share what we got to see and do while we were there!


We celebrated “Martins Tag” with Andi’s classmates and school. All of the kids make “lanterns” and we went through park singing songs to celebrate St. Martin. At the end we had tea and pretzels (naturally). It was really special to me to partake in a german tradition with Andi and her school.


Our Miika girl turned FIVE! Can you believe it? Actually some days I feel like she’s ten and I’ve had her my whole life. So far miika has spent her birthday’s in Slovenia (2 years), Italy, and her last two birthdays have been here in Germany! Lucky dog.

I had planned for Andi to throw some confetti and get this super cute photo but … that was a fail. So here is Andi, crying at Miika’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday Miika Kuhn! 


We had a chill Thanksgiving this year. Andi wasn’t feeling great (thank you, school) and Jerry had a game the next day. Hockey life at it’s finest y’all. My bestie, baker extraordinaire,  made us pumpkin pie and apple crisps so, we were happy. I did my annual Skype the fam at night-time. Of course they were all disappointed because Andi was sleeping already. Schedules people, schedules! Can’t believe this is my 6th holiday season away from home. Sadly, it’s starting to not really phase me anymore. It used to be much harder on me. I think the fact that we have started to create our own traditions has made it  easier for us.


The past couple of Saturdays I’ve been taking Andi up to the rink to see Jerry after his practice. I’m glad I have been.. the first time she was freaking out about the ice (I mean it’s a little intimidating!) and she still gets a little nervous around Jerry in all of his big gear. Last weekend she was ready to full on jump on the ice! Can’t wait for Andi to get her first skates and get out there one day.


It’s hard to believe it’s December and were just a short time from Christmas! We have our tree up but someone’s little hands keep taking all the ornaments off. I won’t mention any names. We have been enjoying our Christmas market and all the yummy gluhwein (not andi, she sticks to her water cup)! But she suckered her dad into letting her try a candy cane and now she’s addicted!


Last weekend Andi and I went to her babysitters house to make cookies with her and her mom! It was a great time! Andi was surprisingly behaved for not being in her own house. It felt so good to walk into a nice, cozy home. For a little while I felt like I was “home”. Andy’s babysitter never really gets to see her since by the time she gets to my house on game nights Andi is tucked away in bed. So it was so cute to see them together!


I found myself feeling a little down in the dumps, slightly depressed and having little episodes of anxiety. All things I have never really expereinced, especially feeling depressed. So, I truly didn’t know what route to take. We don’t see the sun much here, I learned that last year. So, this little fam is all fuled up on Vitamin D. It can suck the life out of you when you don’t get any sunshine! Also, I know that many changes were/are happening in my body since I stopped breastfeeding andi 2 months ago. On top of that I think life has just changed drastically since having a baby and I’m really trying to find my way right now. That can be a little overwhelming. No one ever talks about that stuff and I didn’t ever expect to have any of these feelings. I think it’s something that should be talked about because I know that it isn’t just me.

Anyways, I had only been to the gym about 3 times total since having Andi. If you remember… I worked out until I was about 37 weeks pregnant and then I couldn’t breathe easily anymore, lol. Even after that I walked 4 miles a day. I didn’t know if I was really missing the gym and thought it wasn’t really my thing anymore. I was totally wrong. I got back into the gym about a month or so ago. It took Jerry going with me on his day off for me to realize that it was what I needed back in my life again. Luckily my hubs writes me everything to do before I go. I miss my workouts with him but enjoying it as my own thing now. I’m going 3 or 4 days a week and I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better. Much different from the way I was feeling a few weeks ago.

And incase anyone needs proof: here’s me feeling better at the gym.


We are halfway through the hockey season which is insane! Time is flying. It has been really amazing to watch all of Jerry’s hard work from this summer show in his hockey games. We are proud of him, always.


Now it’s time to get Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree. Where does the time go?! We have our team Christmas party next week which is always a nice time for everyone and this weekend the girls on the team are doing our own little “white elephant” christmas party, wine included. Should be a great time!

I’m so glad I got on here to catch up a bit (can you believe this small post was created over three days…..lol, #momlife). I just don’t have the time like I used to but I want to make sure that I have things to look back on. I always go back in read my old posts and most of them put a smile on my face. So, it’s important that I do small posts like this (even if I’m the only one reading). Next, some London posts – so I don’t forget all the great spots we got to see!

I hope that everyone takes some time to enjoy the holiday season. I know it can get stressful and we forget to just sit back and relax. But it’s important to find the time to enjoy the “holiday cheer”.



Baby Andi – 6 Months … Going on 7!

How is this baby half a year old already?

Actually in 10 days we will have a 7 month old already! Wow! Last week Andi had her 6 month shots and check up! It was on a Monday (daddy’s day off) so he was able to join us. Andi didn’t like shots in both thighs but I’m sure she is secretly happy we are done with shots until we get back to Germany in July!


6 Month Check up & Shots!


Weight: 19 LBS!

Length: 25.5 Inches

Diaper Size: 4+ (lol)

Clothes: Andi is mostly in 9 month PJ’s and 6-9 “clothes” (onesies, t-shirts, leggings)

Fun things: sitting up alone, grabbing toys, eating fun snacks, loves watching her dog, passed first session of swim classes and is on to her 6 month-12 month classes next week!

Andi’s schedule: (currently, since we all know babies love to switch it up) Andi goes down around 7 or 8 PM, sleeps until around 4-430 wakes up to nurse and hang for a little then back to sleep until 8-9 AM. After this we pretty much do a “eat, play, sleep” routine… naps aren’t frequent and haven’t been almost ever, but I’m starting to see a better nap routine. Mix in a few walks with the pup in there too! Andi loves naping in her stroller.


First day in her big girl seat of her stroller!

Andi still can’t find a bottle that she likes to drink boob milk out of so that has been stressful. Probably the most difficult thing so far. It would be much easier if she would take a bottle so I know for a fact she’d be fine alone with Jerry for a little bit. But, table foods and purees can do the trick too. I made it to my first gym class this week and it was amazing! Were going to try for me 2-3 days a week for now. Since, I also have Andi’s swim class once a week.  Andi is not a big “food” eater… she relies mostly on my breasts and food is just fun for her. She has her days when she will eat a whole cup of veggies or fruits and other days she will not touch it.


Some days babies just want to nap on their mamas! ❤

We were at Ikea a couple of weeks ago and Andi was being a bit fussy. I thought, let’s try out the cart… oh boy, she LOVED it.


We also had a visitor last week! V came to see us and spend a few days with us. She comes to visit every season since we met back in Ljubljana. This year was a bit different but we still managed to have some fun with a baby in tow! In a couple of weeks my grandma is coming to stay with us for 10 days! That will be so nice. Wish my mom was joining her but she wasn’t able to swing it this season.


This big girl started sitting up alone and loves playing on the floor with her toys. In the morning she “watches” 20 minutes of Nursery Rhymes from Baby Genius (keep comments to yourself about baby watching TV). She LOVES listening to people sing (especially her swim teacher) and it keeps her occupied for a whole 20 minutes! That means I can make my breakfast and coffee and then scarf it down. 🙂  She loves her Jolly Jumper (seriously, life save… get one ASAP for your baby!)

Every day I’m learning new things about Andi and myself. We have great days and we have bad days (like so bad I think she never wants a sibling 😉 haha). She has definitely changed my entire life, in the best way. Watching her and her papa love on each other is the best. I remember that first month and thinking “how am I going to do this” and now here I’am almost 7 months later… I may not have it all figured out but I think I got it down! Most days I don’t get out of my yoga pants or brush my hair and I only put on make up on game days but that is totally okay with me.

With my pregnancy brain turning into mom brain I decided to buy a journal, to write everything down. Just like I did when I was pregnant. I hate thinking “wait, when did Andi do ____ again”? and not being able to remember when she did it last. I’m excited to have a journal to look back on for all of these memories (aside from this blog) but there are things I just rather not share on here and keep to myself!


This cute bonnet is from “Briar Handmade”.  My GF here is obsessed with them and has slowly passed her obsession on to me! We love them.

Cheers to another month of growing and learning – full of giggles, smiles, tears and long nights.

We love you baby Andi.

Now, off to nap and the bath time before daddy’s hockey game! Go Pinguins!

Stay tuned for what this little nugget is up to next! ❤

3 vs 1 – It’s A Girl!

Yupp. It’s true… baby Kuhn is a girl.


Our baby shower was this past weekend and Jerry was dying to reveal what we are having. I gave in because he asked so nicely… 150 times. I found this cute sign at Micheal’s for $7.00. We put it in a gift bag and my girlfriend handed it to us as the last gift (she was in on the secret). We pulled out the sign and everyone started going wild! No one thought we were having a girl, except my grandma and my mother in law. Even strangers that my mom would ask in public when I was with her, told her boy. So, she was so convinced. Now, I’m glad we revealed because seeing everyone’s faces and happiness was truly the best thing ever.

The day we found out we were having a girl (feels like forever ago) was incredible. I have always selfishly prayed for a “family like mine”. A girl first, two boys after. However, God is probably going to use this as pay back and give me three girls because I was such a horrible teenager and my mother prays on it daily. It’s okay, I deserve it. I think naturally any guy hopes for a little boy but there is nothing like a dad and his daughter. Jerry’s so in love already, I can’t wait until she actually arrives. He jokes about having 3 women in the house now (me, miika and baby) but secretly I think he’s in love with the fact that he has three women to cater too.

Of course now that we announced the gender everyone is wanting to know a name. Stop. You aren’t getting it. Wasn’t the gender enough? Let me have a secret peeps! 😉

Our shower was amazing. As most people know, Jerry and I did not have a wedding. So, my mom wanted to make sure our shower was extra special. She really out did herself and made it so amazing. She hates that my favorite colors are black and white and that I’m a control freak… but we made it work…. together. ❤

ak2 ak3

Told you she did awesome.

I can’t thank her enough for making Jerry and I feel so special! Also to everyone else that helped that day and to everyone that ‘welcomed’ baby Kuhn to the world. You made us feel so loved and special! XO

Does it feel like I’ve been pregnant forever?

Everyone here at home says, “wow that flew by”. Naturally because they’ve only got to spend about 2 months of my pregnancy with me. It’s no secret I’ve loved being pregnant but DAMN. Has it felt like 2 years. I think it’s mostly because I got pregnant at the beginning of our hockey season. So it felt like a life time (in hockey seasons).

I have continued to feel really great through my third trimester. Miika and I get up every morning at 6:30 and do our morning walk before I head to work and then again with Jerry after work! I firmly believe that staying active (even though I dropped the weights around 26 weeks) has left me feeling amazing pretty much my whole pregnancy. The only complaint I have is, sleep. What is sleep? No idea. These bags under my eyes tell the same story. A few weeks back I started my weekly NST’s (non stress tests). So, I get to see my aunt (who is my nurse) twice a week! 🙂 Now I also see the doctor for a visit once a week since I hit 35 weeks. Last week we had a growth ultra sound to see where baby is at. Head is down and in position. Estimated weight was 6.4 but who knows now! I was a big baby, so I’m wondering if this baby is going to be my mini me and also be 9 lbs. It was Jerry’s first time back to the doctor with me since we got home from Italy. Baby was playing with her (her/she still sound weird to me!) toes and had both hands and feet on my left side during my ultra sound. It was cute! It’s been awhile since we seen her face because usually during ultra sounds she likes to cover her face. Not this time around! And boy were we shocked. She has turned into her daddy! Which I don’t mind. Since he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen and cute chubby cheeks.

Blowing kisses!


Next week I will be checked to see if I’m dilated at all and how I’m progressing!

I had my maternity photos done a few weeks ago. They aren’t all finished yet but my sneak peeks were amazing! A huge shout out to Amanda @ SKP! I’m 33.5 weeks in my maternity photos.


LOVE! Can’t wait for the rest… especially the ones with Miika and Jerry.

I feel like Jerry and I never stop going. We had different plans of course and for awhile I was making Sunday’s “our days” where we just spend time at home. It’s nearly impossible with family wanting to see you while you are home for three months. I’m constantly feeling the need to please everyone but I know I should be thankful for all the family we have.

We are always up to something…

We got to spend Memorial Weekend at my girlfriends lakehouse and finally catch some sun. You don’t realize how pale the Italian alps make you until you get your first sun of the summer. Holy burnt. It was a great, relaxing time with friends and family.


I was a tropper and stayed out with these party animals until 2 am!


My little brother graduated 8th grade (and I forgot my dad’s birthday…which was the same day…pregnancy brain).


Baby and I got to jam at Taylor Swift with Aunt Lola…. star struck like a 10 year old.


We got our new set of wheels! Hooray! Miika and I are going to be practicing this whole baby + dog thing the next 3 weeks.


Now is just a waiting game on baby! We can’t wait to meet her. Well, first I need to get my hospital bag packed. It’s on my weekend to do list. Then she can come! 🙂 I just wanted to get caught up a little bit and blog about a few things I hope to never forget. I will be sad to say “bye” to my first pregnancy (to the point it makes me an emotional mess) but I’m sure I will be so consumed then, it won’t even matter anymore.

Hope everyone is enjoying sweet summertime. XO

Florence // Firenze, Italy

It’s been a while! Honestly, I’ve been so busy but I’m ready to catch you up on our life in Brunico. The good, the bad, the fun, the travels, oh.. and the hockey.

For this years November break we decided to head to Florence, Italy. Everyone has told us to see Italy while we are living here, everything else can wait.

We took the “fast train” from Bolzano to Florence. I can’t say that Miika absolutely loved her first train ride but she did wonderful! I’d let her sneak up on the seat with me when no one was watching. We know that princess does not like sitting on the floor!


We arrived in Florence around noon and took a taxi to our beautiful hotel! A very typical, italian (not updated) style hotel right on the side of the river. Let’s be honest, I picked the hotel based on the fact that it said “dog friendly, pets free!”. However, the staff was absolutely amazing and I knew that they only thing we’d be doing there was sleeping. I would recommend the hotel to anyone who isn’t looking for something fancy and a clean, quiet, walking distance hotel in Florence. The name of the hotel is, Hotel Silla.

We were extremely lucky that our first day there it was nothing but sunshine!


We spent the our first day hitting a lot of important sights and things to see. Not without stopping at Subway of course.

Must see’s while you are in Florence: The Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Museums, Churches, we saw as much as we could in two days.


Piazzale Michelangelo was my favorite sight and view, don’t miss it if you ever visit Florence. I loved that we were just a nice walk away from the this sight as it was on the same side of the river as our hotel. It is a lot of stairs but it’s great exercise and was perfect for getting a good walk in with Miika. However, the view should be enough persuasion to make you go! You get to see the entire city of Florence.


Jerry and I had two amazing dinners. Our first night we had Hard Rock Cafe and the second night we ate a highly recommended restaurant that I would recommend to everyone as well. It’s a must while in Florence but a small hole in the wall so I doubt you would find it if someone didn’t recommend it to you. The most popular dish to eat in Florence is a Florentina Steak but since I don’t eat steak I checked to make sure there was a lot more on the menu! The pasta was amazing and Jerry’s Florentina steak with blueberry sauce was a big hit.

The restaurant is called: Acqua Al 2


The next day was a rainy one, might I add that every November break it rains on us? Haha. Rain doesn’t stop us though, that just means shopping time! You could shop for days in Florence.. it never ends!


Towards the end of the day the rain seized and we went out for a long walk, miika included!


While in Florence we witnessed an engagement! Super cute and Jerry took pictures of them that we later sent to them. I would have been so happy if someone was able to capture mine and Jerry’s engagement so quickly like that! They were so happy we took photos. Yes, I cried.


Two days wasn’t quite enough in Florence, I’d say three or four to see absolutely everything.  I’m not really into galleries and art, so we didn’t even see a lot of that stuff. Which is why I know you would probably need another day or two! Florence is beautiful, the people are nice, there are a lot of Americans there, especially students who attend the University. The food is amazing and there is so much too see! It is definitely a favorite of mine but didn’t top Venice! If you are in Florence for a couple of days there are a lot of organized tours to see near by places such as, Pisa or even do a wine tour in the vineyards of Tuscany!

10635707_10204015538446830_5557387364148834079_n 10525772_10204015080155373_6523697146250389878_n 10615376_10204015147757063_794036502525140225_n

Florence: Check!

Stay tuned, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Until then,


Fresh Start

After two hockey seasons of major ups & downs, we have finally found a happy medium.

I’m happy to say that Jerry and I are really loving Brunico.

 We are experiencing a lot of things for the first time this hockey season. Team gatherings, organization and Jerry’s experiencing a lot of different things at the rink – just to name a few things. We did experience a lot of great things in Krefeld but our time there was so short (too short)! Nonetheless, we are happy to be doing all of these things now. It’s nice to be on a team where we can all get together, families included and talk about happy things. Instead of talking about, not getting paid, the boys not having equipment and all that other stuff we dealt with for two years.

I think the best part of everything we’ve been through, is the fact that Jerry and I don’t expect much. We know we are always going to have good and bad days. Things aren’t always going to be perfect here or anywhere. For now we are going to embrace the fact that things are going well and I might run on top of a mountain and tell everyone I’m happy.

My german lessons start next month, I’m a bit nervous but excited. Also, I’ll be teaching private English lessons to a few different children! So thankful to have met someone who is helping me with finding the jobs and meeting the children. Not only is it a bit of income for me but it will also be a great experience. I’m finishing up my summer semester of classes tomorrow and start my fall classes at the end of the month. So, for all of those that wonder what I do all day? There ya go! Don’t forget walking Miika 4+ miles a day. 😉

 This past weekend was extremely nice – in general and the weather!

Saturday in downtown Brunico was the presentation of the hockey team. It was so nice to see the fans and kids gather downtown to see the guys get introduced.


[photo credit: optic rapid]

On Sunday we had a BBQ at one of jerry’s teammates place. Guys, families, dogs, all of us! We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Meet our big Brunico hockey family:


 Meet the babies of the family:



Miika slept all day Monday after her fun in the sun with the kids.

Our hockey season starts this weekend! So excited. Here’s to a healthy and successful season for Jerry!

Let’s go #35!


 “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”

– Amanda


If you’ve never experienced fall weather in Michigan, you haven’t really lived.

I really miss Michigan during this time of year.

I can taste the cider, donuts and apple suckers on my tongue as I type this.

Somedays I sit and day dream of going haunted-housing, making leaf piles & jumping in them, apple picking. One day I’ll get to enjoy that again, but for now I’ll enjoy my time in Europe.

I’m lucky enough that Fall in Ljubljana is very similar to the fall I’ve experienced my whole life back at home. Well, the weather at least.

Fall in Ljubljana is beautiful, as long as it isn’t raining. I’ll catch myself losing track of time in the morning when Miika and I take off for our morning walks/hikes/runs/catch. We sometimes end up spending 3-4 hours gone, soaking up the autumn sun.


We don’t take a single sunny day for granted because I know when it rains, it pours. I also know that we are going to have a very cold winter and if it’s anything like last year, I’ll take all the semi-warm, sunshiny days I can while they’re still here.




Yesterday we took a walk downtown for lunch and to pick out pumpkins (just from the market, there’s no cute little field or anything, haha)!

Miika is almost as excited as last year about her pumpkin….


I currently have chili on the stove and later tonight we’ll do some carving, and bake pumpkin seeds!

We hope all of our family and friends are enjoying your “fall”.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Until next time, Adijo-Ciao!

-The Kuhns

Another Wednesday in Ljubljana

Yesterday Jerry had the day off – we didn’t feel like doing much but couldn’t resist getting out of the house and enjoying the perfect fall weather.

I let Jerry sleep in while Miika and I headed to dog training! We started dog training with Miika’s dog sitter Alenka from City Dog! Just some more basic obedience training, and sharpening up Miikas behavior skills in hopes that Miika will pass her canine good citizens test this summer and also get certified to be a therapy dog! Alenka is the best in Ljubljana so I have faith Miika and I will be in tip top shape in no time! Miika is going to be 2 in November, can you believe it?


Once Jerry decided to roll out of bed, we got ready and headed to a late lunch. We decided we’d head home and park the car then stroll downtown. I think we forget the house is to the city center. Maybe because we lived so far last season. It’s not to close but not to far, perfect distance I think! It’s a nice 15 minute walk, and the weather was awesome yesterday! We found a cafe close to the river, and enjoyed some coffee and sunshine.

Some photos, so you can enjoy the view too:




I think this photo was before Miika dipped her ridiculously long ear into my scalding hot tea. I know, bad mom.


We took the “long” way home through the park. The leaves are changing and falling to the ground, and it smells like FALL! I think Tivoli looks it’s best this time of year.


It was a perfect afternoon.

I can’t believe Miika and I have been here 3 weeks already, or that it’s October! Where does the time go?

“All we have to decide is, what to do with the time that is given to us.”

Until next time, Adijo – Ciao!

The Kuhns

We’re back

Greetings from Ljubljana!

We are back, and for the most part settled in. I’m so happy to be back with Jerry. Miika and I are still  fighting the jet lag, and I’m fighting a pretty brutal cold but other then that we are doing well.

Our apartment is like the Taj Mahal compared to last season – it’s very homey.  Miika loves her roof top terrace and watching the trains (barking at street cats) out the window. We are right across the street from the hockey rink and Tivoli park (where we spend a lot of time).


Jerry and I have only had a couple days to catch up, as he left for 2 road games yesterday morning.  I’m ready for him to get back to us already. However, the past 2 days have been amazing. I got to catch up with old friends, and meet some new friends! We’ve had great weather the past two days, so we’ve spent most of our time outside. You never take sunny, warm days for granted in Europe.

Today we started our morning on the PST trail and ended it with a nice afternoon in the city center (downtown)! Time well spent on this beautiful day.



Until next time, Adijo – Ciao!

The Kuhns

Bowl 4 Animal Rescue!

I’ve taken on one last fundraiser for the summer! {Bowl 4 Animal Rescue Fundraiser}

Since HPA {hockey players assemble} is challenging people to get up and take on a challenge in their community – I quickly said, challenge accepted!

What’s the challenge I’m talking about? Click here.

This fundraiser is a little different then the last two – instead of walking, were bowling!

The event includes food, auctions, bowling, raffles, and lots of fun!

When singing up for fundraising you are given the option of two different charities your fundraising money will go towards.

You can chose between Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter or Michigan Animal Adoption network.

This time I decided to add on a little “help” and make this a team effort. I really wanted to go above and beyond my last two goals and with the help of my friend Chelsea (I’m happy to say) we are doing just that! With the help of our generous family and friends this fundraiser is already turning out great for us!


Receiving this email the other day made me so happy! It’s great to get recognized for doing things you love & enjoy.

Are you up for a challenge?

It is not to late to sign up as a bowler, or to fund raise!

Click here if you are interested in signing up to bowl, or fund raise.

($30 for bowling includes meal ticket, 3 games of bowling and shoes)

If you are not interested in bowling, or fundraising – consider donating to help our local animals in need! Then you you can pat your self on the back for a good deed – done! Donations add up quickly and are greatly appreciated. Not just by me, but by the people who start these events and the animals you are saving.

Click here if you are interested in donating! I’m only $140 away from my {personal} goal!

A big thank you to everyone that has already donated, who will donate and those who can’t donate by give me credit for doing this! You all rock!

While you are all being awesome and donating – I have to help my fiance pack up to head back to Europe for another hockey season. Yupp. The time has come….

Mutt March 2013

 This past Sunday we had our second fundraiser/walk of the summer. We walked for The Michigan Humane society in the Mutt March. The event is held at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, nestled right on the shore of Lake St. Clair. With all the rain we’ve had the past couple of weeks I was nervous that we weren’t going to have good weather, but we did! It turned out to be a beautiful day. Not to hot and no rain? Perfect.


 We ended up raising over $400 for The Michigan Humane Society. All proceeds go to helping the thousands of animals they see throughout the year. Raising over $400 means we saved at least two dogs, and then some. Meeting our goal was an amazing feeling, and I’m very thankful. I can’t thank every one that donated enough for your donations and efforts. It doesn’t go unnoticed, I couldn’t have raised all that money without you. So, thanks for putting up with me posting on every social network 5 times a day.


 The Mutt March had over 1,000 walkers and happy dogs attend! Two of those people were our friends Victoria and Zara, they drove down for the day to walk with us, and helped us in fundraising. Miika was happy to see her pup friend, and I was happy to see Victoria! Our crazy hockey lives make it difficult to get together a lot but we find time when we can.


 So far we’ve raised $800 this summer to help animals in need and I have to say I’m very proud. While it may seem very small, it goes a very long way for the animal shelters. There are many reasons I want to continue to help animals in need but there is one that sticks out in my mind…..

Miika was in our apartment complex newsletter last month, so now when were out walking residents will often say “Hi Miika” or stop and ask us questions about her.

Just today we were out walking, I had my headphones in but still managed to hear the person blowing their car horn behind me. It was one of the residents who lives here. She said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to tell you I read your dogs story in the newsletter. I see you both walking every night and have been meaning to tell you. I have never seen such a happy dog in my entire life….. and I’m old. There should be more owners like you in the world. I’ve never wanted to steal someones dog until I met yours.”

While I’m very humbled that a random stranger can see that I’m a good dog owner… I wish people didn’t have to say, “there should be more owners like you”. It’s a sad truth that more or all dogs should get to be as happy as Miika is. So, my efforts and fundraising will forever be in hopes that other dogs get to have as happy as a life as Miika does. 

Thank you again to every that has donated to both of our walks. The Dearborn Animal Shelter and The Michigan Humane Society couldn’t do half of the work they do without your generosity.

(A special thank you to Chris Frank and HPA Assemble for supporting us in our fundraising efforts. Want to learn about HPA Assemble? Click here)