The Things I Couldn’t Say


 It’s been so long I nearly forgot how to navigate this thing.

Hey there! It’s been a while. Would you believe I have 20 saved drafts on here that I haven’t published because I was, at the time, to nervous-sad-didn’t want to share my feelings-lost my desire to share my world with everyone-was scared I’d have to look back on it?

I know not many people read this blog anyways, but I couldn’t even find it in me to write for myself and read it later.

BUT here I’am and boy do I have a lot to catch up on – I’m pretty sure my last post was from our first day in Krefeld? Yeah, so much has happened since then. I even have saved drafts from our time in Krefeld but I’d get to the end and say, “nah, I don’t really want to post that anymore”. I kind of wanted to take every second in and every feeling and hold it in a bubble because I hadn’t felt that good in so long.

We are home and back in our summer routine.

I hope to {soon} backtrack and retrace my steps the past couple of months. I know you see the photos and updates here and there on FB or Instagram (I quit Twitter for Lent and never went back) but there are SO many other things to catch up on!

I’m out from between the pipes for the summer, pretty busy but…you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Over and Out!