What Day Is It?

I truly never know what day it is. I guess we call that, #stayathomemomprobs. I woke up on Wednesday and thought it was Friday. So, that’s that. Here we are, it’s December… and we’ve done a lot since I last posted. Halloween, LONDON!!!, Thanksgiving and now it’s almost Christmas… a lot to catch up on.

One of our favorite markets,”Freimarkt” is in October in our bigger city, Bremen. It basically represents the beginning of the fall/autumn season. Very similar to our Christmas markets minus all the Christmas-y stuff. So we get to enjoy hot wine a little before the christmas markets begin!


We have always carved pumpkins one night in October as a tradition. Then we bake all the pumpkin seeds and drink wine! This year we added a member (Harbor) and let her join in on our pumpkin carving.

What she really did was: eat all my fruit and watch all my cartoons.

What we told her mom she did: carved the best pumpkin ever!

No surprise that andi was happy to dig her hands into the pumpkin and pull out all the guts. The child loves being messy.


We got to celebrate Halloween the night before we left for London! Surprisingly German peeps are really starting to get into the “American Halloween”. The stores have Halloween stuff (costumes, candy, decorations). It’s fun to see people getting into the holiday in a different country where it isn’t really celebrated. Andi was the cutest puppy dog! We had Taco Night with our Lampls and by then our babies were ready for bed and we had to finish packing anyways. I loved seeing everyone’s kids dressed up on social media, so fun!


Our original flight to London was bright and early the following day but got cancelled in the middle of the night and got pushed back to later on. It was a bit of a bummer to the start of our trip but we made it work! I will do a completely separate post for London. I could probably do 10 posts on London but I will spare you from too much information. London needs a hockey team ASAP and to hire my husband. Because, I’m IN LOVE. Jerry is going to laugh when he reads this, because I seriously fall in love with every place we visit. But, I fall in love with them in different ways.

Anyways, London is an amazing place and I can’t wait to share what we got to see and do while we were there!


We celebrated “Martins Tag” with Andi’s classmates and school. All of the kids make “lanterns” and we went through park singing songs to celebrate St. Martin. At the end we had tea and pretzels (naturally). It was really special to me to partake in a german tradition with Andi and her school.


Our Miika girl turned FIVE! Can you believe it? Actually some days I feel like she’s ten and I’ve had her my whole life. So far miika has spent her birthday’s in Slovenia (2 years), Italy, and her last two birthdays have been here in Germany! Lucky dog.

I had planned for Andi to throw some confetti and get this super cute photo but … that was a fail. So here is Andi, crying at Miika’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday Miika Kuhn! 


We had a chill Thanksgiving this year. Andi wasn’t feeling great (thank you, school) and Jerry had a game the next day. Hockey life at it’s finest y’all. My bestie, baker extraordinaire,  made us pumpkin pie and apple crisps so, we were happy. I did my annual Skype the fam at night-time. Of course they were all disappointed because Andi was sleeping already. Schedules people, schedules! Can’t believe this is my 6th holiday season away from home. Sadly, it’s starting to not really phase me anymore. It used to be much harder on me. I think the fact that we have started to create our own traditions has made it  easier for us.


The past couple of Saturdays I’ve been taking Andi up to the rink to see Jerry after his practice. I’m glad I have been.. the first time she was freaking out about the ice (I mean it’s a little intimidating!) and she still gets a little nervous around Jerry in all of his big gear. Last weekend she was ready to full on jump on the ice! Can’t wait for Andi to get her first skates and get out there one day.


It’s hard to believe it’s December and were just a short time from Christmas! We have our tree up but someone’s little hands keep taking all the ornaments off. I won’t mention any names. We have been enjoying our Christmas market and all the yummy gluhwein (not andi, she sticks to her water cup)! But she suckered her dad into letting her try a candy cane and now she’s addicted!


Last weekend Andi and I went to her babysitters house to make cookies with her and her mom! It was a great time! Andi was surprisingly behaved for not being in her own house. It felt so good to walk into a nice, cozy home. For a little while I felt like I was “home”. Andy’s babysitter never really gets to see her since by the time she gets to my house on game nights Andi is tucked away in bed. So it was so cute to see them together!


I found myself feeling a little down in the dumps, slightly depressed and having little episodes of anxiety. All things I have never really expereinced, especially feeling depressed. So, I truly didn’t know what route to take. We don’t see the sun much here, I learned that last year. So, this little fam is all fuled up on Vitamin D. It can suck the life out of you when you don’t get any sunshine! Also, I know that many changes were/are happening in my body since I stopped breastfeeding andi 2 months ago. On top of that I think life has just changed drastically since having a baby and I’m really trying to find my way right now. That can be a little overwhelming. No one ever talks about that stuff and I didn’t ever expect to have any of these feelings. I think it’s something that should be talked about because I know that it isn’t just me.

Anyways, I had only been to the gym about 3 times total since having Andi. If you remember… I worked out until I was about 37 weeks pregnant and then I couldn’t breathe easily anymore, lol. Even after that I walked 4 miles a day. I didn’t know if I was really missing the gym and thought it wasn’t really my thing anymore. I was totally wrong. I got back into the gym about a month or so ago. It took Jerry going with me on his day off for me to realize that it was what I needed back in my life again. Luckily my hubs writes me everything to do before I go. I miss my workouts with him but enjoying it as my own thing now. I’m going 3 or 4 days a week and I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better. Much different from the way I was feeling a few weeks ago.

And incase anyone needs proof: here’s me feeling better at the gym.


We are halfway through the hockey season which is insane! Time is flying. It has been really amazing to watch all of Jerry’s hard work from this summer show in his hockey games. We are proud of him, always.


Now it’s time to get Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree. Where does the time go?! We have our team Christmas party next week which is always a nice time for everyone and this weekend the girls on the team are doing our own little “white elephant” christmas party, wine included. Should be a great time!

I’m so glad I got on here to catch up a bit (can you believe this small post was created over three days…..lol, #momlife). I just don’t have the time like I used to but I want to make sure that I have things to look back on. I always go back in read my old posts and most of them put a smile on my face. So, it’s important that I do small posts like this (even if I’m the only one reading). Next, some London posts – so I don’t forget all the great spots we got to see!

I hope that everyone takes some time to enjoy the holiday season. I know it can get stressful and we forget to just sit back and relax. But it’s important to find the time to enjoy the “holiday cheer”.



Baby Andi – 8 months

I know, I say it every month… but “where does the time go”? Really, where does it go. My tiny human is 8 months (and not to rush, but that means 4 months until her FIRST birthday!) Make TIME SLOW DOWN!

Since here we don’t do another doctors appointment until 1 year, I have no idea if Andi has grown in length but I’m positive she is 20+ lbs.


Fun things: Andi is “talking” … Yes, “da da” was her first word. She is getting on her knees and preparing to crawl (until she falls flat on her belly and starts screaming for us, haha!) Likes to use her hands to “wave”. She “growls” for fun and is starting to play “peek a boo”.  She’s doing great at swimming, kicking her feet and “jumping” to mommy into the pool!

Other things: Andi is in a definite clingy stage. Cries if I leave the room. Loves her daddy but if she sees me she lunges (lol). Everyone loves that Andi always has a smile on her face. Still not a long napper and enjoys her cat naps. 2 or 3 throughout the day which is fine because she sleeps through the night with the occasional waking up to nurse (which is fine because I HATE pumping!). Andi is still breastfed exclusively, not eating a lot of purees and has now moved on to a more “baby led weaning” type of eating. She eats whatever I prepare for her.. loves sweet potatoes, papaya and beets… and bread (typical german girl).

February flew by. 

I had the cutest Valentine. Jerry and I have never celebrated Valentines Day but now we kind of have a reason to make it a day full of extra love! Jerry was on the road but we sent him lots of pictures.


We had a visitor this month! Andi’s great-grandma came to see us. We had a great time and made a lot of memories. We even took her to our new favorite city, Amsterdam! She loved it.


Jerry always gives Andi “spider man” kisses and… I think she’s caught on. I love being this little monkeys mama!


Andi loves our lunch/dinner dates with daddy. She sits at the table our entire meal and goes through lots of snacks, banging spoons, and chats our ears off.


She was so great on our trip to Amsterdam. I think she will be quite the travel bug when she is older. Enjoys being out and about in her stroller! She is a little “nosy” and doesn’t like to miss a beat. So lucky to have this cute travel pal on my side!


This picture is so important to me. I know breastfeeding can be a touchy subject (I don’t know why)… it should be positive talk. 8 months of BF through dinners, hockey games, long nights. I never thought we’d make it past one month but here we are. We deserve a pat on the back, Andi. I love this bond with you and I’m forever thankful I’ve been able to give this to you. ❤


We finished off February and started the Month of March with Jerry’s last regular season game before playoffs start. Andi no longer sleeps a wink at daddy’s games I used to get her to sleep at least a period in her stroller. It can be tiring (especially Friday night games) but we are here to support Mr. Kuhn and that’s what were going to do! He wants his girls there in the stands, how could we say no?! Andi (ask the fans) sits on my lap, smiling and “flirting” with everyone around us. She seriously loves watching! But I think her favorite part is seeing her papa after a big win…


Here’s to a good March & playoff go! We are ready to support our #35 and the rest of the Pinguins! Send them good luck wishes and keep them in your prayers. 

March will be a very busy month for us and I have a feeling by the next month update I’ll be telling you Andi is on the move! I’m going to be soaking up every minute with her because I feel like time is just flying every, single, day.

We are off on a mini “vacation” before playoffs start. Excited to see old friends and enjoy a nice massage. But mostly excited to relax with my little fam! Miika is going to be so excited when she realizes where were going…

Until next month… XO

Second Trimester – Baby Kuhn

I’m well into my second trimester of pregnancy, in my 17th week to be exact!

While Megan was here we had to explain trimesters to Jerry. But he wasn’t the only one that had questions! Apparently “months” in pregnancy are a really confusing thing and my aunt (whom works at my gynecologist that will be delivering baby Kuhn in America) told me to give up on months and just use weeks. It’s really confusing to go off months and everyone does it differently. I was assuming I was going into my 5th month which is technically true… if you go off “lunar months” and 10 months of pregnancy. Which, lets face it. Pregnancy is 10 months.  But, technically I’m in the middle of my fourth month if you do it off 9.5 months? I don’t know. Who is counting anyway!

16 Week gym selfie:


So far:

I’m feeling amazing. Not here to brag at all, just here to talk about my pregnancy! My doctor says, “I’m having the perfect pregnancy”. I told him to never say that again. Lol! I can see it now… the worst last few months of a pregnancy ever. I’m having a great pregnancy and I’m so thankful for that. The first 3 months I experienced being exhausted but that was basically the only thing I experienced. That went away literally after my 12th week passed. My boobs are popping out of my bras and my face is full of acne (worse than when I first hit puberty). I mean seriously, this baby is making me ugly. My hair is thinning, not getting thicker… and is so dull. The girl that had the thickest head of hair is now lacking in that department! Isn’t is supposed to be the other way around? My feet get really tingly when I’m tired and it’s so uncomfortable. It just started recently and I have no idea why. I’ve gained 2 KG (4.5 lbs) in my first 16 weeks. The weight part of pregnancy has been my only struggle. This is just the truth.  Having my ups and downs in the weight department and struggling with eating problems since I was a teen has made it a little difficult to watch myself gain weight. Don’t worry, I know that this is for me and my baby and to keep him/her healthy. So hold your comments. Also, I eat like a moose, even more than Jerry does. So, there is no issue! Just something I am and knew I would struggle with. My doctor has assured me my weight gain is perfect. So, I’m on the right track. I still like French Toast.. a lot. Fresh fruit and chocolate. Somedays, I swear I’d drive the hour to Innsbruck just to eat Subway (if I had an automatic car, a blessing I don’t, I’d say). I don’t cry, like I thought I would. I’m not emotional. I’ve realized what matters and what doesn’t and I worry about the things that do, the rest I’ve completely dropped like a bad habit. My taste in music has changed? Is that a pregnancy symptom? My favorite part of my pregnancy? Miika sleeps with her head on my belly at least 6 nights a week, it’s so so sweet. The one other night she is usually mad at me for some reason…..

I believe that the reason I have felt so great is because I have stuck to my normal routine. I mean, on an average day Miika and I walk at least 2-3 miles. Sometimes more depending on what I have to do that day. Wednesday & Friday are always mine and Jerry’s gym day together and on Thursday’s I picked up aqua cycling with swimming. I ride my bike or walk almost anywhere I go (Well, I can’t drive a stick so… I have no choice, HA!) Most days I forget that I’m even pregnant because I have yet to really “feel pregnant”. I know those days are coming….. soon. Any day now we could feel a kick! I’m glad I’ve been able to stick to my routine and feel good enough to do all the activities that I do. I’m slowly but surely starting to notice a little bump! Jerry wakes up every morning, “is it there yet!?!?” haha! Pregnancy isn’t really going by fast for me, at all… I hear that will change soon?



If I have one more person tell me: “Ohhhhhh stop wishing for that belly! It will come and you won’t wish that once you see the stretch marks” or “You’ll regret wishing for that belly!” … I’m going to scream. I mean, you do realize I’m pregnant right? Your belly is a part of your pregnancy. I’m sure at 38 weeks I’m going to want to take that wish back but that is different. I can’t wait for my belly! I think women and their baby belly are so beautiful! It’s such an amazing thing to see.

We had a 16 week check up a few days ago. We may or may not know what the sex is but as I’ve stated, we aren’t telling! I didn’t want to find out period…. but God, are men so impatient. If that man slips…. so help me! The baby’s name is “Sam” (just a nick name while we are pregnant). It’s unisex and will help us to not slip! A girlfriend gave me this idea and I thought, why didn’t I think of that! Great idea. The baby has two hands, two feet, two eyes. So, were pretty happy. As, healthy is what we are worried about. It was so hard to get a good ultra sound photo last week because baby was on the move! “Sam” always has it’s hands up, like a boxer… or maybe a goalie? Haha! We did get a good one of the face and all Jerry and I could see was…. NOSE! We both have such “distinct” noses. I mean, it’s so cute but it really sticks out in all the photos! After I sent the photo to my girlfriend she said, “Amanda, the baby has your chin and big cheek bones! Oh my god!”…. and I realized I didn’t notice until she said something.

Have a look:


Watching Jerry while we are getting an ultra sound is almost as thrilling as seeing our baby up on a big screen. He is so happy and full of smiles the entire time. I swear pregnancy has made me love my husband more than I could ever imagine. I can only imagine what it will be like once the baby arrives. He’s going to be such a wonderful dad. He’s a great person in general, so I was never worried about that. We are so happy and just really trying to enjoy our last few months “alone” before that changes forever!

Our next appointment is not until February 18th but time is flying (not complaining). You know, it’s that time of the hockey season where I’m craving America. I want to go home and work, eat at our favorite places, see our friends and family, sleep in my bed and go shopping at target. Soon, very soon.  Aside from updating (very rarely on here) I’m keeping a pregnancy journal. It has been so fun! I always think… will my kid read this 40 years from now? How cool. So on some pages I put “don’t read this”. Lol! I’m literally writing about everything in there, so I can remember exactly what was going on in my life at this exact moment. Plus, there are a lot of things I’d like to write about on here but can’t and won’t be able to until after hockey. I’ve been writing things down for the past couple of years before. I decided to do that a long time ago, that way I won’t forget a thing I wanted to write about on here and wasn’t able to at that exact moment. All the good, bad, pretty and ugly.


Anyways, that’s all I got over here!

Until next time,

Amanda XX

Milly Goes to Europe

We were super happy when Megan (AKA: Milly) sent us a text with her flight confirmation. She had been talking about coming for awhile but it wasn’t real until I saw it for myself.

Megan, for those of you who don’t know her, is one of my best friends. We’ve actually known each other since the super star basketball days but we became really close through college and especially after. My husband sort of loves her too. Whats not too love?


We drove to Munich to pick megan up. I was supposed to go alone but Jerry said he was “worried” about me driving alone. AKA: He wanted to sleep in a comfortable hotel bed. So, we left late at night and slept in a hotel. We planned on staying in Munich for the day but it was um, -18 and snowing and Miikas paws were freezing to the cement. No joke! Ugh, one day I will experience all of Munich. Megan came with LOTS of christmas gifts…….


Megans first full day in Europe was a “game day” for Jerry. In the morning I showed her around Bruneck, lots of walking with Miika! We met with some of my friends before the game and Megan got to enjoy her first Hugo! Then we headed to the hockey game. I was happy she got to see Jerry play! That was the only home game he had while she was here. For the away games, we cheered from home!


The next day (new years eve) we headed to one of favorite little cities, Brixen (Bressanone). We went shopping for new years eve dresses and had a really nice lunch. The Christmas market was still up so I was glad we both got to enjoy that before they took it down!


We had an amazing New Years Eve dinner at a beautiful hotel up in the mountain – Hotel Petrus! It was an all out celebration. So happy Megan got to experience true european dinner. AKA: 6 courses, lots of presecco and a midnight cheers! After midnight the entire dinner party lit chinese lanterns with all of our new years wishes on them and let them go. It was so fun and so beautiful!




I couldn’t let Megan leave Europe without visiting one of my absolute favorite cities: Innsbruck!

It’s true, I made her eat Subway while we were there. However, I don’t really care much for austrian food anyways lol! I was going to take her to Vapianos but we let ourselves get “hangry” (so hungry that your angry). So, Subway was closer. Megan is a great friend. She didn’t even judge me for eating 3 subway cookies.

I took her shopping and too one of my favorite little pubs that’s tucked away on the shopping street in Innsbruck. An old Irish Pub that I visited with two of my girlfriends last year. The same bartender was behind the bar but somehow didn’t remember me and those 2 crazy blondes from last year ;). We met some really funny Aussie’s who said: “Every American we meet is so nice!”… I wish I could have tapped that and let some people listen to that.

Megan loved Innsbruck!


I knew of an outdoor winter classic going on in the Austrian league (the league Jerry played in the last two years) and wanted Megan to experience a Winter Classic in Europe! So, we jumped in the car with two friends and headed to Klagenfurt, Austria for the game. It was F’ing cold but so worth it! I think she enjoyed it once we got the feeling back in our toes. It was great watching a game and not really caring who wins. Just wish I could have enjoyed some hot wine to keep me warm!


Can you believe we’ve lived in Brunico since August and never went to the top of our ski hill (Kronplatz)? With megan here it was finally time to experience it. Especially with the beautiful snow! We took our friend Claudia and Jerry with us. They all enjoyed a nice drink and I had a nice hot tea! The joys of being the pregnant person 🙂 The views were amazing and I was so happy we finally made it up there to see the views. We all had a lot of fun!




Claudia and Megan enjoyed a shot or… three once we got down to the bottom again!


It’s safe to say Milly made some good friends while in Bruneck!

Jerry finally got a free day from hockey so we got to drag him on a day trip with the girls! We headed to Bolzano to do some shopping, eat and watch our friends hockey game. Megan got to get her first taste of Zara! That’s right, us Michigan girls have no clue what Zara is until someone tells us about it…… not cool! She loved it. The Christmas Market there was also still open! We had lots of fun shopping and then I took them to my favorite restaurant in Bolzano for a nice lunch before we headed to the hockey game.




We spent the last day in Bruneck saying goodbye to some of Megans new friends and visiting some places she wanted to see before we packed her up! Squeezing in a few more Hugos before she heads back to USA was a must!


Milly’s European trip would end with an overnight stay in Venice. My FAVORITE city in Europe! I haven’t seen them all but this one will always be my favorite. You’ve heard me say this before but it’s just so special. Anyways, it was Megans first ever train ride!  Exciting! Minus the getting up at 5 AM part, haha! We checked in to our hotel and were immediately upgraded to a suite right on the canal! OH MY GOD. Amazing! Ugh, I could just die! We headed out and stopped at one of my favorite little lunch places, where I also took my nane last December. Nothing special just a good spot for lunch and the name is slipping my mind right now. Then we headed out after fueling up and grabbing a cappuccino to go. TIme to get lost! The city was dead … preparing for Carneval as it starts in about two weeks!

I think were ready for carneval!


I told Megan to drop her maps because were getting lost in Venice baby! The best way to see Venice is to “get lost” and see everything. Even the side streets, the residential area, just everything.


We found our way to a gondola, as that was obviously at the top of Megs list of things to do! We ended up hitting the “jackpot” …no we didn’t get a gondola for less than $60 but our gondolier was amazing! His name was Andreas and he made the $60 so worth it. Let me tell you first, that a gondola ride for $60 does not come often and that was only for a 15-20 minute ride! He told us about all the building in Venice and gave us so much history, things even I didn’t know.



I was so excited to get on the gondola and show Megan exactly where Jerry proposed! It was so fun and we had lots of laughs with Andreas. We finally decided to take a break and sit down for a little before we found a place for dinner. I assured Megan we’d be walking into a random place and hoping for the best. That’s what I always do in Venice! And guess what? I’ve NEVER had a bad meal! I won’t lie, we were nervous at first….. and it’s hard because there are so many things I cannot eat right now because I’m pregnant. It can be frustrating but we found stuff and made it work… and our dinner was amazing! When we left you couldn’t get a seat in the place, so obviously we did something right!

A few extras from our trip:




It was a beautiful trip! We ended the night at our hotel with a drink and a nice hot shower (in a BIG shower) something I haven’t experienced in 5 months! I stayed in there for a half hour. Megan had to be up at 430 AM to catch her plane, my train didn’t leave until 8 am but I was up since Megan left. Of course! I had quite a long travel day back to Bruneck but it was so worth it to spend time with one of my best friends in my favorite city ever!

Jerry and I were so happy to have a slice of home here in Bruneck and she couldn’t have come at a better time. It was good to have a good friend here to remind us of how loved we are and remind us that we have so many people at home who love and miss us. I’m so glad that Megan took the leap and came to Europe. Traveling at our age is so important, there is no better time. It’s always so nice to open our doors to visitors so they can see our life over here and what it’s like for us. Instead of being a tourists, they are locals like us, which my grandma said was one of her favorite parts of visiting us last year.

Thanks Meg for putting up with my pregnancy hormones & crazy goalie wife superstitions. I wish we could have enjoyed more vino but I know you and Jerry did! We hope this was an experience you will never forget and that you get to come again , another hockey season! It was so good to laugh until our stomachs hurt (watching home videos from college) and have someone to talk to on my walks with Miika so I don’t look crazy talking to myself. You made new friends, tried new food, shopped in new stores and visited cities people can only dream of! We can’t repay you for all the things you do for us and what a great friend you are but I hope this experience helps a little. Everyone you met here in Bruneck LOVES you and has had nothing but good things to say about you, of course. We love you and see you in THREE months – Redwing play off hockey, birthday celebrations with all of our friends, DETROIT food, and a summer of excitement! (minus over consumption of alcohol at Luke Bryan)!


As for me, school is back in session and I’m back to full weeks of English Tutoring! I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye too all of the kids and families, I’ve gotten so close with.  I’m in my 16th week of pregnancy. Still no bump, still no sickness, and I have gained 3.5 lbs! I guess this is where all my good karma is kicking in? I’ll take it! Tomorrow I go to the doctor but just to be weighed, blood pressure and all that. I’m not supposed to have an ultra sound but Mr. Kuhn plans on asking if I can because he’s dying to know what we are having. I’m planning on him finding out and not telling me. As for hockey, We are a few games shy of playoffs starting. Playoffs?! Crazy! Hoping for the best for Jerry and the team. Good luck and good vibes our way! Before we know it, it will be time to head home to our amazing families and friends. We are looking forward to this summer more than all the last summers by a long shot! (…. I’m dying for American food and too get back to work).

Until next time – Peace + Love,

Amanda xx

My Year in Review – 2014

2014, I name you:

The year we lived in four countries. 

Slovenia > Germany > USA > Italy

The beginning of 2014:

The beginning of 2014 was a whirl wind. We were still in Ljubljana, stressed and going over 60 days with no paycheck. It was one of the hardest hockey seasons we hope to ever experience. We finally decided it was time to figure something out. In February it was decided Jerry would head back to the states to play for the rest of the season. I would stay in Ljubljana for a few days to say goodbye to my friends and such.

Remember what happens next? Jerry left. I was heading downtown for a coffee with two of my friends and … my phone rang. It was Jerry’s agent. “Where’s Jerry”…. “On a plane”…. “F***”…. “WHAT?”… “There’s a team for him in Germany”… Jerry landed in Toronto. Spent the night. Jumped on a plane the next morning to head back to Europe.

We were heading to Krefeld, Germany for the rest of the hockey season.

At the time I couldn’t wait to get out of Ljubljana and find peace again (okay, and a paycheck for my husband….). But, the truth is… it was extremely difficult for me to leave Ljubljana. I cried the entire day until Miika and I headed to the airport. This was it. The chances of us ever playing here again are slim. Despite all that crap we went through, it seemed so small compared to the friendships and memories we made there. We grew up there, it was our first European home, it changed us… in the most beautiful ways possible. People in bakeries knew my name, the grocery store knew I wasn’t slovenian but I tried so hard with my fake accent and butchered words, and we had 20 kids that looked up to both Jerry and I with every bit of their little souls.

So, I decided at the airport that night as I was leaving….. “here is a little piece of my heart Slovenia, keep it safe”. 


Arrived in Krefeld:

I won’t lie. I was scared. Coming in to a hockey team with barely 3 months left? All of these people have formed bonds and we are just supposed to show up. It can be a weird situation. Boy, was I wrong.

Everyone in Krefeld took Jerry and I in like we had been a part of the team the entire season. First of all, the girls were ALL amazing. I couldn’t believe what a great group of girls they were. They never made me feel “new” or like I didn’t belong. It was a wonderful experience for me in that sense. We knew that Jerry might not even play a single game while we were there but it was for the experience and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Thank God we didn’t. While there were days that it was hard for Jerry to sit in the stands and watch, it ended up being extremely rewarding. It just so happened that the starting goalie got hurt, so Jerry ended up on the bench one night. 5 minutes into the game…. Jerry had to go in.

Sweat. Tears. Shaking. Smiling. Pure Bliss. 


The girls sitting next to me probably thought I was going to pee my pants but I tried to remain calm. Jerry just got to step on the ice for a league he had a goal of reaching. A “dream” you could say. It was a great game and he ended up playing a couple of more after that. Aside from hockey we met some great people. The owners of our apartment were amazing, two people we will never forget. Jerry really loved the coach. The staff was wonderful. There were a lot of positive things.

Did I mention Karneval? Yeah, one of the best/wild days of my entire life! We all had so much fun. Playoffs were insane. The boys were expected to go further but unfortunately did not. They had a week or two of team/fan parties after the season… and then we’d be heading back to America for the summer.


Krefeld was a great memory of 2014, something we will never forget.

Que the panic about next hockey season. 

Back to the USA:

We flew home the day before my 24th birthday.

The first thing we did (literally on the way home from the airport) was have my mom stop at Arby’s. I celebrated my birthday the next day…. and two days later it was back to work for this girl. I was so happy to be back in my groove! I truly enjoy working. I always have. I love my “work” friends, even though I hate calling them that because they are really just some of my best friends.

I worked a lot this summer. Miika and I did our annual dog walks. Jerry spent time with all his roller hockey guys, 3 tournaments and USA in Czech Republic (he has no fun at all)! I tagged along for the tournament in Florida. Which was nothing short of F-U-N. Jerry loves the boys he spends his summer with – the boys of summer – as I call them. We celebrated family birthday’s, hung out with friends, spent time with family and tried to enjoy our summer as much as possible. We went to concerts, spent time at my family lake house, and ate at a lot of our favorite places. Like I said, I worked… a lot.

We celebrated our FIRST anniversary! In Kings Island.


Where we got the phone call that we would 99% be heading to Italy for the hockey season.

Italy it was – Brunico to be exact.

I spent my last week of work in Nashville then we packed up and headed to Italy.


We arrived in Brunico mid August. It’s a great city. Small but beautiful. You are close to so many awesome places. The team has been having  great season and Jerry is also having a great season himself. Mostly it’s just been a relief to have all the normalcies. A paycheck, gear for Jerry to play with, a decent apartment (minus the neighbors)… those type of things. The staff has been wonderful and Jerry loves his hockey coach.


Every year has its different challenges. If I absolutely love everything one hockey season, check me for a fever. You go through your little bouts of homesick-ness and missing home, to never wanting to go home, back to missing your friends and family…. every year. We live extremely close to some of our best friends who live in Bolzano and play hockey there. We even got to back to Ljubljana this month to see all of our friends! We’ve experienced some great stuff this year! At the top of that list, Oktoberfest. So glad we got to experience that! Next to Karneval in Krefeld, one of my favorite days ever. Florence in November was beautiful. We still have some time to do a couple more trips before the end up the season. Which… is approaching really fast.

After Oktoberfest…. comes baby Kuhn! LOL.


In late October we found out we are expecting! As you probably know or read in my last post. It was a huge surprise. A good surprise! It gives us so much to look forward to in 2015.

I’m ready for a new year and a fresh start. Ha, how cliche right? Seriously though I’am! In no way was 2014 horrible but it wasn’t always easy.

I’m looking forward too:

Turning 25

Watching my belly grow

The birth of our baby

FInding out where the 2015 hockey season is going to take us

Summer at home with my family

Being a step closer to completing college

Letting go of people who no longer serve a purpose in my life

Saying goodbye to any of 2014 stresses and moving forward

Bonding with my amazing husband

Watching Miika become a big sister

So this is 2014 in a very small nutshell. A lot happened this year! All I know is, I have no idea where my year went. It was great and it was crappy. Lots of smiles and lots of tears. Another year of growing!

This New Year’s eve will be a little different from the past years, as I won’t be enjoying any wine or champaign but I’m sure it will be just as wonderful!

Here’s to the next 365 days! 


I (we) wish you all a very happy New Year! Say goodbye to all of those things you don’t want to bring to 2015 and hello to all the new. Many blessings and positive vibes.

– Amanda …. (Jerry + Miika) ❤

Baby Kuhn coming July 2015

Soon there will be two of us “traveling between the pipes” and cheering in the stands.


The day I found out I was pregnant:

It’s actually pretty “funny”. I took a pregnancy test and it said negative. So, I threw it back in the box and was going to tell Jerry later when he got home from his workout. Well, when jerry got home, I pulled the stick back out of the box and it had a positive sign. Guess I didn’t wait long enough….

Um, oops. I thought it was negative and now I’m here with a stick in my hand in front of my husband … and, it says positive. I kept rubbing my eyes and shaking the stick. Jerry just kept smiling like a kid in a candy store. I called my girlfriend here (she’s like my big sister I never had) and said, “um, does this mean I’m pregnant”? She said, “Amanda, are you kidding? Yes. It does”. So off to the pharmacy I go to get another test. Yep, it was positive. Did I mention this was a game day? Jerry was so excited but was trying to remain calm because he had a game and needed to stay in “the zone”. We even said, “can we do this all over later and relive this moment tonight”? The best part? Jerry went to his game and got a shutout! I feel that was the best response to finding out your pregnant on the day of a game. And then, he got a second one the next game day.

PS: I might have taken 4 more pregnancy tests.

PPS: FOUR people had told me they had a dream I was pregnant. One girlfriend (that I’ve actually never met in person) messaged me on Facebook a couple of weeks before I found out and told me that she had a dream I was pregnant. She was actually one of the first people I told, I felt it was only fair to tell her that her dreams were right! (hey hey chelsea rae! <3)

How did we feel:

Jerry and I were not planning to get pregnant. I mean, we weren’t trying or worried about it. We were not preventing it either, I had stopped taking my birth control back in February because I have been on it since the age of 14 and if you go on the internet and read about it for long enough, you would had told me to go off of it too. However, the only reason I was on it for so long was because it regulated my Endometriosis. Which brings up another topic. After a few surgeries and a doctor telling me “Oh … well… it might be pretty difficult to get pregnant”. I never thought I’d get pregnant so quickly or without “help”. My biggest fear the past few years, actually since the day I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with Jerry and have his children, was that I wouldn’t be able to have kids or that it would at least not be done on my own. I’ve had friends that have had to go through hell and back to get pregnant and friends that have lost their precious babies before they got to meet them. So, finding out I was pregnant and now seeing our baby in 3D has taken that weight off my shoulders.  I know how blessed and fortunate Jerry and I are for being able to do this on our own, with no stress or complications.

My husband has had baby fever for quite sometime, so to say that this is the best christmas present of all time is an understatement.

Keeping this a secret has not been easy. Especially because I found out at 3 weeks! To keep it a secret from everyone in America was fairly simple because I don’t have to see anyone. However, now I live in a village where I see the same people every single day. When I’m ordering a coffee with no caffeine and I don’t have a glass of wine in hand at a hockey game, it’s pretty much a dead give away! Being the worst liar ever, doesn’t help. For a while, I was starting to feel like I was living a double life. So many people here knew and only our family and a couple of friends back in America knew. I can’t lie, we told all of our friends in Slovenia while we were there visiting this week. Jerry was bursting at the seams to tell all of our friends and was pretty much telling anyone who cared to listen to us.

My european doctor experience: 

My first appointment to find out if I was indeed pregnant was… interesting. I’ve had a girl doctor my entire life, and now I had a male looking at my lady bits and my husband sitting next to me. The scariest part? Or well, the… funniest? My doctor said okay, pants off and get on the table! Um, I’m sorry…. “is there a sheet to cover up with”? Nope! :just get up here and put your feet in these stirrups with everything hanging out: Lol! I grabbed my sweater…. and tried to cover up what I could. I told him that in America we have little sheets that cover our bottom halfs while the doctor is examining. See the things I have to go through on a daily basis over here? 😉 Everything is a learning experience and usually ends up in us laughing at ourselves.

Here (at least in brunico) they are able to a do blood test that tells me that if I’m able to indulge in the things we all think we can’t eat while pregnant (but actually you can as long as you don’t carry the gene/chromosome). Sushi, red (bloody) meat, salami, etc. It’s a good thing I don’t eat red meat and I’m not so keen on sushi places over here because I tested positive and cannot eat any of that! All of my other blood work came back  great.

My last doctor’s appointment was at about 6-7 weeks, that was the first time we saw the baby and then yesterday. We had been waiting for yesterdays appointment, for what felt like, forever! We wanted to just get there, make sure everything was okay and finally announce to the world that we are expecting!

Yesterday’s appointment was amazing! My doctor is so wonderful. All the doctors over here are wonderful. He let us see the baby in 3D images, which was insane. The heart beat was so strong and the baby was moving all over the place. I got my “mother book” that they give to all expecting mothers and it tracks everything. The size of the baby, my weight, pictures, everything! It’s great to have.



We don’t know yet. We aren’t telling. Don’t ask.

As for now, don’t ask for names either 😉

My body:

Maybe this is God finally paying be back for all my good deeds? I haven’t been sick once, barely nauseous and for the most part I don’t even feel pregnant. Minus my… tatas. Those hurt, and have already outgrown my bras. Ouchie! The ONLY other symptom I have had is exhaustion. Holy crap. Like, can’t get off the couch, would lay here all day long, exhaustion. It hits you hard. For an active person, who is always on the go, it was rough at first. But, I can slowly feel it wearing off, at least I think so…

Still no bump. Just starting to look like I ate too many donuts at Tim Horton’s! But, I’ve only gained 1 pound…. I’m sticking to all my same routine. Gym a couple days a week, my daily walks with Miika and now I’ve even added in Swimming one day a week!


Miika knows. She doesn’t know specifically that I’am pregnant but she knows that my body is changing. Dogs amazing sense of smell leads them to know usually before you even do, that something is changing in your body. For the past 8 weeks Miika has been sleeping on me, every single night. Not just on my feet, on my stomach, and if I’m on my stomach, she sleeps on my back, or in my armpit. We are going to start preparing Miika for the baby now, we already started talking with Alenka from Slovenia who is our go-to for all dog questions. We want Miika to be the best big sister she can be and that has to start with us!

In the next weeks:

These next few weeks I hope to just be sticking to my routine still! I have a couple of weeks of school and I’m finished (and passed) my german course. I’m busy with work but now my kids will also have off of school and be on holiday for Christmas. So, I won’t be seeing all of them and will have more free time. My friend Megan is coming from Detroit after Christmas and we can’t wait to have her! My next doctors appointment is only for a check up with blood pressure, weight, and all of that. Then a few weeks after (around 20 weeks) we get to have another ultra sound. We will probably be able to know the sex by then. Now that I’m almost over with my first trimester, I’ve decided to start a pregnancy journal. One that I can write in every day or every other day and look back on whenever I want. I want to remember this journey every step of the way.

I had a view wise owls tells me that I’m going to receive a LOT of advice, most of that advice will be unwanted. Boy, they weren’t kidding! People find out a woman is pregnant and suddenly have a PHD in pregnancy! Everyone relax. So far the best advice I’ve received? “Crack babies are born everyday” and “Do whatever your body tells you is okay”.

For once, I’m wishing the hockey season away. I want to share my pregnancy with my parents, siblings, family and friends. But by the time I get home I’ll be almost 7 months! Aside from that, I’m really trying to enjoy this moment as much as I(we) can. Now it…for the most part… feels real. I’m kind of waiting for my belly to pop over night, then I think I’ll actually feel pregnant!

So it’s true:

Baby Kuhn coming early July 2015! 

Alright baby Kuhn, you be good to me! Here we go…. 

Oktoberfest 2014 – Munich, Germany

Yes, I finally checked Oktoberfest off of my bucket list.

I don’t even know what is on my bucket list but Oktoberfest was for sure. I’ve been wanting to go but we’ve never been so close to Munich or in a situation where it was simple to do a day trip there.

This year? We were in the perfect location to get there! Apparently the team here makes the trip every year so I was all ears when I heard the boys were starting to make a list for who was going!

First, we needed to fit the part. I borrowed a Drindl from a girlfriend and one of the boys made sure Jerry had his Lederhosen.


Oktoberfest, ready.

We all met at the bus station at 6 AM where we had a bus waiting for us. The bus would take us and bring us back at the end of the day. Poor guy! 😉 Unfortunately not everyone on the team could make it but there was about 15-16 of us that made the trip!

First stop? Mc Donald’s to fuel up. Mc Donald’s is a big deal to us peeps living in Brunico because we don’t have one, the closest one is about 45 minutes away but just so happened to be on the way to Munich. Yes, it was delicious. Mc Donald’s in Europe is always delicious.

Our group:


I thought that Oktoberfest was literally a huge beer tent where people sat at tables, drank beer and danced. Nope, I was totally wrong. Well, that is part of it but not all of it. There are a ton of different beer tents, the most popular being the Paul Laner tent – the fresh brewed beers? They are the company that makes it. We actually ran into some of our hockey friends in this tent,  who also had Sunday off and took advantage of getting to Munich! It’s a small world, even over here.


I was a little worried since I’ve drank a total of two beers my entire life (no exaggeration) but I sucked it up and ordered my first $10 Oktoberfest beer. Later I found out that they have Radlers…



The beer tents are crazy and wild, even at 10 AM. Yes, that’s when we started drinking. A “tradition” in the beer tents … people will stand on their table and chug their entire liter of beer! They either get a big “WOO HOO!” or… “Boo!!!!!!” Depending on if they actually get the beer down their throat or all over their shirt.

The weather was awesome.

Oktoberfest isn’t just beer/liquor tents ….. it’s a full out festival/carnival. Wondering if we got on this after 6 hours of drinking? The answer is, yes we did. You know how much Jerry and I love rides and roller coasters! However, one ride was enough for me… back to the tents.


Oh and the food, the food is amazing. I just didn’t take a second to take a photo of it. Chicken, pretzels, sausage, everything.

We ended up here for the last few hours of our day:


No $10 liter beers just a lot of liquor! I’m glad we saved this for the end of the day because I would have never made it until 8 PM. Looking for $20 Jack & Colas? This is your spot! There was a live band playing, lots of dancing, and the food people were ordering looked amazing!

You aren’t supposed to leave Oktoberfest without a famous Gingerbread cookie. They all have different, cute sayings on them. I didn’t get one but I did get a photo of one? That counts.

Ich Liebe Dich = I love you.

Would have loved to be able to show my great grandma this photo and all of my adventures through Europe.


The day went by SO fast but it’s safe to say we all had a blast. Oktoberfest is such a cool experience. If you EVER get the chance to be in Munich during Oktoberfest, it’s a must GO. It’s hard to explain how much fun it is, so I hope you go see for yourself!

A big thank you to this guy:


I’ll never be able to repay him for all the things he makes sure we/I experience while living in Europe.

 Germany, I love you.

We survived Oktoberfest 2014


Ich Liebe Oktoberfest! xx

Fresh Start

After two hockey seasons of major ups & downs, we have finally found a happy medium.

I’m happy to say that Jerry and I are really loving Brunico.

 We are experiencing a lot of things for the first time this hockey season. Team gatherings, organization and Jerry’s experiencing a lot of different things at the rink – just to name a few things. We did experience a lot of great things in Krefeld but our time there was so short (too short)! Nonetheless, we are happy to be doing all of these things now. It’s nice to be on a team where we can all get together, families included and talk about happy things. Instead of talking about, not getting paid, the boys not having equipment and all that other stuff we dealt with for two years.

I think the best part of everything we’ve been through, is the fact that Jerry and I don’t expect much. We know we are always going to have good and bad days. Things aren’t always going to be perfect here or anywhere. For now we are going to embrace the fact that things are going well and I might run on top of a mountain and tell everyone I’m happy.

My german lessons start next month, I’m a bit nervous but excited. Also, I’ll be teaching private English lessons to a few different children! So thankful to have met someone who is helping me with finding the jobs and meeting the children. Not only is it a bit of income for me but it will also be a great experience. I’m finishing up my summer semester of classes tomorrow and start my fall classes at the end of the month. So, for all of those that wonder what I do all day? There ya go! Don’t forget walking Miika 4+ miles a day. 😉

 This past weekend was extremely nice – in general and the weather!

Saturday in downtown Brunico was the presentation of the hockey team. It was so nice to see the fans and kids gather downtown to see the guys get introduced.


[photo credit: optic rapid]

On Sunday we had a BBQ at one of jerry’s teammates place. Guys, families, dogs, all of us! We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Meet our big Brunico hockey family:


 Meet the babies of the family:



Miika slept all day Monday after her fun in the sun with the kids.

Our hockey season starts this weekend! So excited. Here’s to a healthy and successful season for Jerry!

Let’s go #35!


 “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”

– Amanda

Spouses In Sports – Europe

I was recently asked to write a blog post for Spouses In Sports (a private community for professional sport families).

I wanted to share it with all of you who are not a part of the community.


Leaving Pieces of my Heart in Europe
by Amanda Kuhn, wife of Jerry Kuhn, Goalie for Olimpija Ljubljana of the EBEL League, Austria

The past two hockey seasons we have lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Krefeld, Germany. I’m often asked, “Where is your favorite place you have traveled to in Europe”? This question is always difficult for me, considering I’ve been to many beautiful places in Europe the past two years. There are still so many places and things I want to see overseas. I’ve made a memory in every place I’ve been – they are all special to me for different reasons. It could have been the food, the people, the atmosphere, or something fun I did while I was in that place. Whenever I visit a new city, I like to stop for a few minutes and take it all in. I don’t want to bring home a pamphlet or a post card – I want that memory to stick in my head forever.

When you play overseas, you usually get a “November Break” and an “Olympic Break” (and maybe some other odd breaks thrown in there). This gives you time to head out with your boyfriend/hubby and venture out to somewhere new! During the season I always like to catch a few away games – at least if they are in a city worth exploring but sometimes even the atmosphere of a new rink is worth the drive. I don’t do this often because my husband is a goalie, and let’s just say my traveling on game days isn’t in his, “routine” (he’ll tell you he’s not superstitious.) Anyway, I’ve been quite a few places the past two years. Probably a lot of small towns most people haven’t heard of. I’ve never been to Paris or Rome but to be honest, I don’t think those places compare to the “hidden gems” of Europe.

When I was asked to write this post, I started thinking of my two favorite places I’ve “traveled” to in Europe. There was no way I could write this post and not choose Ljubljana, Slovenia as one of my favorite places, I just couldn’t. It holds such a big piece of my heart because it was our first “home” in Europe and a place that changed me in ways I never thought possible. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, and a beautiful one at that. My first week in Europe was one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. I cried, I cried and I cried some more. I hated it, I wanted to go home, I wanted someone to speak English to me at the grocery store, I just wanted to fall apart. Time went on and I started to adapt, I started to love my new home. I realized I lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world and I embraced it. I became close with a lot of Slovenians, on our hockey team and outside of hockey. Jerry and I started volunteering at a children’s center, where underprivileged children go after school, twice a week, sometimes more. I fell in love with the fact that a good bottle of wine only costs me $3 and that I could live off both that and cheese. I fell in love with the people that took me in as family (I didn’t love the cranky grandmas, but that’s all over Europe!). Ljubljana itself is a beautiful city and good for any expat/tourist. It’s a huge city – there is shopping, there is good food, there are a lot of sites to see (the castle, the river that runs through downtown, the “pink church”, the dragon bridge) just to name a few! If you ever get a chance to go to Slovenia you will want to see Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Postjona Caves (seriously look them up!), and the sea side of course. I feel sLOVENia!

My second favorite place would be Venice, Italy. It could be because I got the surprise of a life time there – my husband proposing to me on a gondola! However, I’ve been back three times after that surprise and fell in love all over, each time. Venice has such character, and is so different than what you picture it to be. I always feel like I’m in a movie when I’m walking the streets of Venice. I used to dream about going to Italy when I was younger, and then somehow my life put me just a short two hour drive away from one of the most well-known cities in Italy. While in Venice you have to have a cup of coffee or glass of wine in St. Marks Square! If you are able to travel there during The Venice Carnival, you must (usually held in late January-February)! It is a tradition held every year in and it is definitely something to see/take part in! You can’t leave Venice without taking a ride on a gondola in the Adriatic Sea. The people, the food, the sights are truly something special. My advice is to drop the maps, and get lost! You definitely won’t have a hard time finding a hotel, and almost everyone can speak enough English to get you where you are trying to go. Venice should be at the top of your list for a place to see.

I can only hope that everyone gets to see the beauty of Europe at least once in their lifetime. Living in Europe and traveling has definitely shaped me into the person I am and the person I’m supposed to be. For that, I am thankful. “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry”



To anyone who is part of a professional sport family or collegiate sport family you can register and join Spouses In Sports by clicking this link > SiS

It is a great community, and I was delighted to share a little of my story with them.  Thank you again!

The Things I Couldn’t Say


 It’s been so long I nearly forgot how to navigate this thing.

Hey there! It’s been a while. Would you believe I have 20 saved drafts on here that I haven’t published because I was, at the time, to nervous-sad-didn’t want to share my feelings-lost my desire to share my world with everyone-was scared I’d have to look back on it?

I know not many people read this blog anyways, but I couldn’t even find it in me to write for myself and read it later.

BUT here I’am and boy do I have a lot to catch up on – I’m pretty sure my last post was from our first day in Krefeld? Yeah, so much has happened since then. I even have saved drafts from our time in Krefeld but I’d get to the end and say, “nah, I don’t really want to post that anymore”. I kind of wanted to take every second in and every feeling and hold it in a bubble because I hadn’t felt that good in so long.

We are home and back in our summer routine.

I hope to {soon} backtrack and retrace my steps the past couple of months. I know you see the photos and updates here and there on FB or Instagram (I quit Twitter for Lent and never went back) but there are SO many other things to catch up on!

I’m out from between the pipes for the summer, pretty busy but…you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Over and Out!