ImageOn July 11th, I married my best friend.

Happy one month anniversary Jerry – You are my dream come true. 

Did you wonder why we were at a casino at 3PM on a Thursday, and what the heck we were celebrating?

Our decision was based on a few things but mostly, I couldn’t wait another year to marry that handsome guy!

Next May were having a small reception with family and friends. Followed by a couple of days in our favorite city, Las Vegas!

[Here are some of our engagement photos, taken by Carrie Ann Adams Photography]

I found Carrie through a family member, and I’m so glad I did. She was so great! She met us downtown, Detroit and we got to work! I love our engagement pictures! Carrie also just did a family session of me and my brothers and I can’t wait to see those!

Click [ here ] to see more of Carries work!










“But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.”


Jerry je varno pristal v Ljubljani!

Last weekend… has it only been a week?

Jerry and I packed our bags and headed to Toronto for the one last roller hockey tournament this summer. Can’t say I was thrilled that this years Narch tournament was being held in Toronto (Mississauga to be exact) and not Florida or California. But hey, a “vacation” from work to anywhere will do.

We got into Mississauga late that Wednesday night and met up with some of the guys. I couldn’t wait to get into bed. We had an awesome hotel, right in downtown Mississauga (thanks Jay).. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from one of the biggest malls I’ve ever been in.

We spent the next three days in the hockey rink…. literally. Luckily friends of ours were there with their new baby! Needless to say, that kept me occupied when Jerry didn’t have games. Plus the boys on Jerry’s team are a treat! (Alkali boys are my favorite roller daddy’s by far!) I also managed to squeeze in a trip down to Lake Ontario and caught some, much needed fresh air!


 My first Poutine!



This unbelievably adorable child is our friends – meet baby Easton:


 The alkali boys went all the way to the Finals but sadly lost by 1! It was a bummer considering what a great year they had, winning almost every tournament. However, Jerry ended his summer with a gold medal with team USA and Torhs champs. Not to shabby!


 I can’t thank the guys at Alkali (coaches, teammates) enough for all they did for Jerry this summer (and me when I tag along) – we are spoiled! Some of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met and I’m already looking forward to next summer! That says a lot, considering at the beginning of the summer I was asking Jerry to retire from roller hockey. Haha!

For once I was wishing the tournament would go on forever because I knew when it was over, Jerry would be hoping on a plane back to Ljubljana. Last Sunday (which feels like 4 Sundays ago) I dropped Jerry off at the Toronto airport. My eyes were swelling up with tears before I even left the hotel but I tried so hard to hold them in. For the record, I’m usually pretty good when it comes to goodbyes with Jerry (I mean, in 3 years I’ve done it about 25 times) – I always know I’ll be seeing him shortly. This time was different. I’ve never squeezed Jerry so hard, I don’t think he’s ever witness me cry like that.

Part of me knew it was because last season when we got to Europe it was scary. Flat out scary. It was a shit show that I’ve put in the back of my head, and clearly forgotten….. until I read my first couple of blog posts a few days ago. Even though I knew things would be different when he got there this time – we have friends, we have a new apartment, things are set in stone, we have blankets & pillows, he knows how to get around, he’s grown, he’s stronger, HE KNOWS WHAT TO EXPECT….. but I couldn’t stomach my best friend getting on that plane without me. Too the point I said, “can you just cancel your flight and we will leave tomorrow from Detroit”? Jerry laughed at me, “Get in the car and go home Lynea, you have to work tomorrow. I’m going to be okay.”  There are definitely other reasons I felt so sad this time around but I’ll save it for another time.

Do I need to tell you that I cried the entire way home from Toronto to Detroit? I mean, I stopped to get Tim Hortons at a rest stop and I was still crying while ordering my coffee and a donut. The lady probably wanted to call the police.

Here I’am a week and 1 day later, wondering how the hell I’m going to make it until September without my best friend. It’s not like I’m sitting around doing nothing. I’m working 5 days a week, gone 9-6 and on my days off I’ll see my friends or family. It just seems as if the days are on turtle speed, and God is against me wishing this month away.

I know I’ll look back in a month or so and be thankful I stayed home and worked an extra 5 weeks – my bank account will be thankful too.

Anyways…… Jerry has landed safe in Ljubljana. 

Just without his girls!

We have a new apartment. That I’ve actually already been in and I rather not jinx myself by telling you all it’s really f’ing awesome, but it is. We were just waiting on the landlords approval of having Miika in the house. We are across the street from the hockey rink AND mine & miikas favorite hangout: Tivoli!

Training & Skating has started. Jerry is waiting on a few imports to join him but they should be there fairly soon. He’s already made himself a couple of home cooked dinners, and ate a horse burger (I’m sure with an ice cold coca-cola in the glass bottle)

Safe to say he’s fitting right back in.

And especially excited that everyone keeps asking him, “Jerry how you get so skinny”?

He then tells him that he had the best trainer this side of the D! A big thank you to Dan Allison at Allison Athletics in Livonia for keeping my big guy in shape this summer and preparing him for the upcoming season.

Miika and I are alive and breathing

(she’s finally wart free!)


She’s already been to camp twice since her dads been gone (preparing her to be back with her friends in Slovenia)! Otherwise, she is at grandmas while I’m at work. When I’m not working, I’ll be squeezing in time with family and friends as much as I can. Especially my little brothers. One who is taking off to college in less then a month. Another who is going into 7th grade. Do I really want September to come? Maybe not. It’s always going to be a weird feeling, wanting to leave so bad but wanting to be home at the same time.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the next year and I can’t wait to share it all with you. 

I will keep you posted for when Miika and I will be taking off to the land of wiener schnitzels and cobble stone streets!

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer – go outside, do something you’ve never done, go somewhere you’ve never been, hug your family. 

I miss you Jerry – see you soon! xo