Baby Andi – 3 Month Update


Actually… 3.5 months! Where does the time go? No one can prepare you for how fast time flies when you have a baby. It’s so bittersweet – wanting time to slow down but wanting them to learn and grow and do new things at the same time. Today was  the day I’ve been dreading for a while, Andi’s first round of shots (we do them a little later here in Germany). It’s awful, just plain awful. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t know if it gets much worse than that! Real tears running down your babies little face hurts your heart more than you can imagine. On a good note we are so happy that there is DEFINITELY no issue with andi’s weight anymore, incase all the photos didn’t indicate that already. For the first 5-6 weeks we had to monitor her weight gain. Just so happy to have a healthy baby! I thank God every day for a healthy and happy baby.

3 Month Stats:

Weight: 13.5 LBS!!!!!!!

Height: 23.5 Inches

Eyes: Still blue!


Loves: When mommy rocks her to sleep, when daddy gets her ready for bed, her play-mat, Taylor Swift & Hozier, warm baths and being outside.

Hates: When dad’s team scores a goal at the hockey game (lol), tummy-time, when mom and dad eat lunch/dinner without her…. she doesn’t hate much of anything.

Schedule: Andi goes to bed around 10-1030, sleeps until about 4-430 and wakes up for a snack for about 20 minutes then goes back to sleep until 730-8! Just waiting to break that 4 AM habit! 😉 I can’t complain… I feel like 6 hours of straight sleep is pretty damn awesome.

Skills: Grasping her toys, recognizes mom & dad, kicking, sticking EVERYTHING in her mouth, and chatting like crazy!

Clothes: Pretty much anything 3 months and smaller doesn’t fit anymore. We just cleaned out her closets a couple of days ago. Then daddy went on an online shopping spree.

Andi’s first skate on the ice with daddy after a big win! {photo credit: SPfoto}


We are so lucky that another couple on the team has a baby 11 days younger than Andi. It is so fun watching them grow up together. They will also be with us next year here in Bremerhaven – when the real fun will start! 🙂

Andi & Indy 


We are all doing well and just having fun watching Andi grow and learn new things every day. Being a mom is exhausting but so rewarding. Watching Jerry love Andi so much is pretty awesome too. We got lucky and this baby has been quite a blessing! She is so good and makes it so much easier on me. She has her days/nights but for the most part is an easy baby. (does that mean the next one will be really bad?! haha). Jerry tells me he misses my belly “so much” but he’s going to have to wait at least another year! 😉


We make frequent face time calls home to both sets of Andi’s grandparents, my close girlfriends and anyone that wants to see her. She loves listening in and staring into the phone! We know that everyone misses her but thank God for FaceTime! Next month we are going on our first family trip – to Amsterdam! So excited and it falls on Andi’s 4 month “birthday”… Please slow down, time!

So happy I found a few minutes to catch everyone up, this is the easiest way for everyone to read about how Andi is doing while we are so far away! Big hugs and kisses!

– The Kuhns