Meet: Andi Jana Kuhn


Meet: Andi Jana Kuhn

Born: July 2nd, 2015

Weight: 7lbs 3oz

Height: 19’5

AJ decided she wanted to enter the world bright and early on July 2nd. I was heading into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal around 4 AM when my water broke all over the kitchen floor.

My morning didn’t go exactly as planned as I ended up having an emergency c-section. I had such an amazing, easy pregnancy so this was out of left field. I cried, a lot. Mostly because I was scared and it was totally unexpected. Something I had zero time to prepare myself for. Not only was I going to give birth, I was also going to be sliced open. Yikes! I just knew that it had to be done in order to get our sweet girl into the world safely. Long story short, my cervix wasn’t opening (and will never open). This is why I was contracting for 9 days straight but nothing was changing (cervix wasn’t opening, no dilating). By the way.. contractions… what in the actual hell. The most awful feeling in the world! Back labor is no joke. Just a feeling no one can explain to you until you experience it first hand. Men literally have no idea. Anyways, my cervix is as hard as a rock, my doctor said. We are assuming it may have something to do with my endometriosis and all the scar tissue. Really we will never know. She was ready to come out and my cervix wouldn’t allow it. Her head was just bouncing off of my cervix causing her stress. So stressed that she stopped breathing for a hot minute . This was the scariest minute of my entire life. I saw pure panic in my husband’s eyes and even in my nurses face. I was being tossed and turned all over the bed, an oxygen mask was thrown on my face and after many different positions we finally found Andi and her heart beat again. This was when my doctor decided we’d be going in for a c-section. Now you can see how this morning was just a tad bit stressful + scary.

All of that set aside, my c-section went just fine. My doctor is the best. All of the nurses we were with were out of this world, amazing at their jobs. Jerry held me close and talked to me through the entire birth. Yes it’s a birth for all you crazies that think having a c-section is any different from delivering through your vagina. A baby comes either way, friends! Jerry and I were full of tears when they walked her over to us. I got to see her for a few minutes then Jerry and Andi were off with the nurse to do all that baby stuff. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her but knew her daddy was loving all those first snuggles!

We all did great and made it through it all together. ❤


We went home on July 4th.


Where did we come up with her name? Well.. to be honest, we were pretty set on baby names well before we were having a baby. We always planned on our baby girl being, Piper. Then this little show called, “Orange is The New Black” came out and every other woman I know decided they would name their baby Piper. When I got back to the states this summer, (I counted) 10 people I knew or knew of that named their new baby Piper. That was an absolute no-go for me. Being an Amanda in the 90’s wasn’t cool… I always had 5 Amanda’s in my classes. I didn’t want to do that to her. Anyways, we had a pretty decent list of 3-5 names we liked, nothing that I loved like Piper. Then a few days before I went in to labor, I was watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days with Kate Hudson. Jerry asked me what her name was in this movie and then it clicked…”Andi…Ohhhh I like that”. We weren’t 100% but once they walked Andi over to Jerry and I, while I was sprawled out on the operating table, we knew she was Andi. We knew what her middle name would be, no matter what it would be Jana (pronounced: YA-NAH). The last four letters of Ljubljana, the city in Slovenia we lived in for two years. It’s very special to us and we wanted to incorporate it some how. Plus, we wanted a name that could have initials. Andi fit the script perfectly for: AJ. AND that’s how our little princess got her name!

We spent the whole month with visitors. All of our friends and family wanted to squeeze in as much time with Andi as possible before we left. It was exhausting but so nice to see everyone before we left. Jerry and I both have some serious super powers. A newborn and packing up our life for 9 months to move across the world? That’s some serious work! I have to give credit to Jerry who did WAY more than I could of (and my brother and parents for always helping us, every single summer…we know you love it!)

Andi spent her “1 month birthday” traveling to her new home in Germany.


Andi did amazing on the flight and is settling in well with her sister here in Bremerhaven!


I can’t believe she’s here and she’s all ours! We get to keep that cute peanut! It’s awesome.

Stay tuned for monthly updates and new adventures in our new european home.

  • – Amanda XO