We Are Alive!

Wow, it’s been too long.

Have I STILL not blogged about our last November trip to London? Maybe I’ll get to it before our next November trip, ha! Mom-ing ain’t easy ya’ll.

I’m pretty sure my last post included a photo of me looking pretty decent in a gym mirror in Bremerhaven. Well…. that ended quickly because I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and feeling like a f’ing moose. Yep — baby kuhn #2 coming early December!

The happiest big sister ever!


A lot has happened since my last post, which was around Christmas time. Shortly after Christmas we were walking through the mall when Jerry got the phone call he had worked so so so hard for. A new team called wanting to sign Jerry for this upcoming season. We were in shock, it was really early but Jerry was having an incredible season that was not going unnoticed…. we were so excited!

That team was, Wolfsburg (Germany)!

It was so unbelievably hard to keep this secret for so long!


Speaking of hockey — Jerry and the Fischtown Pinguins made some serious history! It was their first year in the league and they made it to playoffs. Something I’m sure no one saw coming at the beginning of the season. On top of making playoffs, Jerry was nominated for Goalie of The Year! We were so proud of him. That last month of hockey was something special and something I will truly never forget. So many happy tears and a lot of f-bombs during games. It made Bremerhaven that much harder to say goodbye too. Our last week in B-haven was emotional and full of tough “see ya laters”… it holds a lot of special things for us, Andi has grown up there for two years, we found our best friends there, and Jerry played his first full DEL season there. We will miss you fischy town but you are just a hop skip and jump away. ❤

THE BEST FANS — we rocked that rink so hard those last few weeks!


Last game of the season with my girls.


And to end the season….. Uncle Jerry & Harbor Rae Lampl-Kuhn. The best of friends, forever.


Our summer flew by but here are a few highlights:

-Uncle DJ Graduated from WMU

-Andi went to her first Tigers game


-Jerry won his second GOLD medal with team USA inline!

  • -Jerry and I celebrated FOUR years of marriage!


In very very very short, that brings us to now. A few days ago we packed 5 hockey bags, 1 carry on, 3 back packs, 2 car seats, 2 strollers and a dog and we hopped on a plane to Wolfsburg! It was so hard to say goodbye to my family and friends that have grown so close to Andi this summer. Luckily we have people in our life who understand our journey.

Here’s to our SIXTH year in Europe. 


We are so excited to be here and looking forward to making many good memories here in Wolfsy! So far we have had a very warm welcome from the Grizzly staff and team/families. ❤


I’ll try to keep in touch. I have no idea how I even found the time to write this. I miss this little space! August will be a very busy month for Jer and we won’t be seeing much of him as his preseason schedule is stacked. Andi will be heading back to school next week and I’ll be hopefully heading into a gym….or my bed, a girl can dream though.

Be good to us hockey season, auf gehts!

— Amanda xo


What Day Is It?

I truly never know what day it is. I guess we call that, #stayathomemomprobs. I woke up on Wednesday and thought it was Friday. So, that’s that. Here we are, it’s December… and we’ve done a lot since I last posted. Halloween, LONDON!!!, Thanksgiving and now it’s almost Christmas… a lot to catch up on.

One of our favorite markets,”Freimarkt” is in October in our bigger city, Bremen. It basically represents the beginning of the fall/autumn season. Very similar to our Christmas markets minus all the Christmas-y stuff. So we get to enjoy hot wine a little before the christmas markets begin!


We have always carved pumpkins one night in October as a tradition. Then we bake all the pumpkin seeds and drink wine! This year we added a member (Harbor) and let her join in on our pumpkin carving.

What she really did was: eat all my fruit and watch all my cartoons.

What we told her mom she did: carved the best pumpkin ever!

No surprise that andi was happy to dig her hands into the pumpkin and pull out all the guts. The child loves being messy.


We got to celebrate Halloween the night before we left for London! Surprisingly German peeps are really starting to get into the “American Halloween”. The stores have Halloween stuff (costumes, candy, decorations). It’s fun to see people getting into the holiday in a different country where it isn’t really celebrated. Andi was the cutest puppy dog! We had Taco Night with our Lampls and by then our babies were ready for bed and we had to finish packing anyways. I loved seeing everyone’s kids dressed up on social media, so fun!


Our original flight to London was bright and early the following day but got cancelled in the middle of the night and got pushed back to later on. It was a bit of a bummer to the start of our trip but we made it work! I will do a completely separate post for London. I could probably do 10 posts on London but I will spare you from too much information. London needs a hockey team ASAP and to hire my husband. Because, I’m IN LOVE. Jerry is going to laugh when he reads this, because I seriously fall in love with every place we visit. But, I fall in love with them in different ways.

Anyways, London is an amazing place and I can’t wait to share what we got to see and do while we were there!


We celebrated “Martins Tag” with Andi’s classmates and school. All of the kids make “lanterns” and we went through park singing songs to celebrate St. Martin. At the end we had tea and pretzels (naturally). It was really special to me to partake in a german tradition with Andi and her school.


Our Miika girl turned FIVE! Can you believe it? Actually some days I feel like she’s ten and I’ve had her my whole life. So far miika has spent her birthday’s in Slovenia (2 years), Italy, and her last two birthdays have been here in Germany! Lucky dog.

I had planned for Andi to throw some confetti and get this super cute photo but … that was a fail. So here is Andi, crying at Miika’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday Miika Kuhn! 


We had a chill Thanksgiving this year. Andi wasn’t feeling great (thank you, school) and Jerry had a game the next day. Hockey life at it’s finest y’all. My bestie, baker extraordinaire,  made us pumpkin pie and apple crisps so, we were happy. I did my annual Skype the fam at night-time. Of course they were all disappointed because Andi was sleeping already. Schedules people, schedules! Can’t believe this is my 6th holiday season away from home. Sadly, it’s starting to not really phase me anymore. It used to be much harder on me. I think the fact that we have started to create our own traditions has made it  easier for us.


The past couple of Saturdays I’ve been taking Andi up to the rink to see Jerry after his practice. I’m glad I have been.. the first time she was freaking out about the ice (I mean it’s a little intimidating!) and she still gets a little nervous around Jerry in all of his big gear. Last weekend she was ready to full on jump on the ice! Can’t wait for Andi to get her first skates and get out there one day.


It’s hard to believe it’s December and were just a short time from Christmas! We have our tree up but someone’s little hands keep taking all the ornaments off. I won’t mention any names. We have been enjoying our Christmas market and all the yummy gluhwein (not andi, she sticks to her water cup)! But she suckered her dad into letting her try a candy cane and now she’s addicted!


Last weekend Andi and I went to her babysitters house to make cookies with her and her mom! It was a great time! Andi was surprisingly behaved for not being in her own house. It felt so good to walk into a nice, cozy home. For a little while I felt like I was “home”. Andy’s babysitter never really gets to see her since by the time she gets to my house on game nights Andi is tucked away in bed. So it was so cute to see them together!


I found myself feeling a little down in the dumps, slightly depressed and having little episodes of anxiety. All things I have never really expereinced, especially feeling depressed. So, I truly didn’t know what route to take. We don’t see the sun much here, I learned that last year. So, this little fam is all fuled up on Vitamin D. It can suck the life out of you when you don’t get any sunshine! Also, I know that many changes were/are happening in my body since I stopped breastfeeding andi 2 months ago. On top of that I think life has just changed drastically since having a baby and I’m really trying to find my way right now. That can be a little overwhelming. No one ever talks about that stuff and I didn’t ever expect to have any of these feelings. I think it’s something that should be talked about because I know that it isn’t just me.

Anyways, I had only been to the gym about 3 times total since having Andi. If you remember… I worked out until I was about 37 weeks pregnant and then I couldn’t breathe easily anymore, lol. Even after that I walked 4 miles a day. I didn’t know if I was really missing the gym and thought it wasn’t really my thing anymore. I was totally wrong. I got back into the gym about a month or so ago. It took Jerry going with me on his day off for me to realize that it was what I needed back in my life again. Luckily my hubs writes me everything to do before I go. I miss my workouts with him but enjoying it as my own thing now. I’m going 3 or 4 days a week and I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better. Much different from the way I was feeling a few weeks ago.

And incase anyone needs proof: here’s me feeling better at the gym.


We are halfway through the hockey season which is insane! Time is flying. It has been really amazing to watch all of Jerry’s hard work from this summer show in his hockey games. We are proud of him, always.


Now it’s time to get Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree. Where does the time go?! We have our team Christmas party next week which is always a nice time for everyone and this weekend the girls on the team are doing our own little “white elephant” christmas party, wine included. Should be a great time!

I’m so glad I got on here to catch up a bit (can you believe this small post was created over three days…..lol, #momlife). I just don’t have the time like I used to but I want to make sure that I have things to look back on. I always go back in read my old posts and most of them put a smile on my face. So, it’s important that I do small posts like this (even if I’m the only one reading). Next, some London posts – so I don’t forget all the great spots we got to see!

I hope that everyone takes some time to enjoy the holiday season. I know it can get stressful and we forget to just sit back and relax. But it’s important to find the time to enjoy the “holiday cheer”.


Back In Germany!

We are so happy to be back in Germany. It’s always nice to be home in the summer to see our family and friends (especially now that we have Andi) but to be honest, it’s a lot of work. I always feel like were being pulled in 500 directions trying to see everyone and fit everything in before it’s time to pack up and head out again. Life at home can be a bit stressful but gosh, do I love Sunday dinners at my parents house! That makes it all worth it. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

One of my favorite pics from summer: My Crew ❤


I think we were mostly happy to be in Germany after that terrible flight with a one year old. I rather poke my eyeballs out than go through that ever again … but I better get used to it. Andi did great for the first 2-3 hours… but then she was basically up for the next 10 hours. :insert cry face here:… tears were shed, and not from just Andi.


We obviously couldn’t wait to be reunited with our Lampl girls! We ran over to their apartment as soon as we got back.


It was so nice to come back to our same apartment. Everything just the way we left it, it makes for a MUCH easier transition. The easiest we’ve ever had for sure. There was no stress of finding a grocery store, buying all the essentials (soaps, laundry detergent, etc.) it was all here!

We brought back a lot of Andi’s books from our baby shower – they are so special because inside is a special message from people that came to the shower. So that makes us smile when we open them each time!


The team management put on a special lunch for all the guys and families last week. It was at one of our favorite places here in Bremerhaven, so that was a plus! It was good to meet the new faces and see some old familiar faces too.


I had to snap a family pic since it’s probably the first time I put on real pants and did my hair since we got here! (haha)


On Monday Andi started “krippe” (which is essentially like day care in America). She will only be going a couple of days a week right now from 9-1130 (for now)… She really has loved it so far but it’s throwing off her schedule quite a bit. Usually by 9 Andi is down for her first nap and right now were getting to school then. So, to say shes exhausted by 11:30 is an understatement. Yesterday was the first day they had me actually leave her. I left at 10 and she was there all alone like a big girl! I knew she’d do just fine because she LOVES other kids and plays really well. And is one of 8 kids in her “classroom” and is the youngest by one month. There are three teachers in every classroom which is amazing. I think this is going to be wonderful for Andi! I haven’t had a second to cry because I haven’t really “dropped” her off and left… I’m sure that day is coming.

Andi is starting to take more steps on her own. Finally.. not that I was ever in a rush but it’s been frustrating for her. So we are excited about that and have been practicing a lot! Her teacher told me she was “walking all over” but I’ll assume we were lost in translation. Haha! When Andi isn’t at school or taking a nap.. she loves being outside and playing at the park. No surprise, the kid has loved fresh air since day one. Remember… she used to only nap outside? So glad that has changed.


We needed a break from cooking at home so we headed downtown the other day. We went a little early to take a stroll by the water. It was a windy afternoon! The weather here has been shit.. for lack of a better word. Last year around this time it was still summer. I was so excited to take Andi to the beach when we got back but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Boo! Oh well.. They say were getting some warm weather next week. I’ll take anything warmer then 55-60 like we’ve had!



The boys preseason is in full swing. Which means two-a-days .. which means I feel like single mom, professional dog walker. Next weekend the boys head to denmark for some preseason games and the following weekend they head to Belfast! (jealous? yes! me too.) Wish me luck on those weekends alone. I’ll need A LOT of coffee.

Until next time….

Andi turns ONE!

Baby You’re a Firework.


So, this post is a bit late. Almost a month to be exact but we had a busy month of July! The most important event being, Baby Andi turned ONE!

We celebrated for almost an entire week. Celebrating her birthday the weekend before her actual birthday with family and friends at our summer house. It was a blast, except it was almost 100 degrees!



For Andi’s actual birthday weekend we ended up in Frankenmuth, Michigan with my parents. The cutest little German town right in Michigan! We love it there and I’m happy to start a tradition of taking Andi there for her birthday weekend as my parents took me and my brothers at least once a year when we were little! It was so nice to share it with my parents and little brother. They spent a lot of time with Andi this summer and it was so great to see them each create a special bond with Andi. Let me tell you, she brings out a side of my dad I’ve never seen before! So sweet.

Andi and her boys! (minus DJ)


Dinner at Bavarian Inn Lodge! 13615262_10208158454497142_65107417860496709_n

We finished off Andi’s birthday week at Devil’s lake with one more celebration and one more cake!



The real question is.. can I have a birthday week like this chick? We love you so much Andi and I’d celebrate you every day.. and I do. Some days I wish you could stay little but watching you grow is just as special.

Thank you to our photographer and friend, Kristen Medina (Candy Pixels Photography) for Andi’s amazing birthday photo shoot. You are amazing!



It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we’ve brought you into this world. Love you Baby Andi. (Yes, we are going to call you that even when you’re 20, I think). ❤

We just arrived back in Germany and are getting settled in but I had a few down minutes and wanted to post this. Stay tuned for another exciting year of our life overseas!

My Year in Review – 2014

2014, I name you:

The year we lived in four countries. 

Slovenia > Germany > USA > Italy

The beginning of 2014:

The beginning of 2014 was a whirl wind. We were still in Ljubljana, stressed and going over 60 days with no paycheck. It was one of the hardest hockey seasons we hope to ever experience. We finally decided it was time to figure something out. In February it was decided Jerry would head back to the states to play for the rest of the season. I would stay in Ljubljana for a few days to say goodbye to my friends and such.

Remember what happens next? Jerry left. I was heading downtown for a coffee with two of my friends and … my phone rang. It was Jerry’s agent. “Where’s Jerry”…. “On a plane”…. “F***”…. “WHAT?”… “There’s a team for him in Germany”… Jerry landed in Toronto. Spent the night. Jumped on a plane the next morning to head back to Europe.

We were heading to Krefeld, Germany for the rest of the hockey season.

At the time I couldn’t wait to get out of Ljubljana and find peace again (okay, and a paycheck for my husband….). But, the truth is… it was extremely difficult for me to leave Ljubljana. I cried the entire day until Miika and I headed to the airport. This was it. The chances of us ever playing here again are slim. Despite all that crap we went through, it seemed so small compared to the friendships and memories we made there. We grew up there, it was our first European home, it changed us… in the most beautiful ways possible. People in bakeries knew my name, the grocery store knew I wasn’t slovenian but I tried so hard with my fake accent and butchered words, and we had 20 kids that looked up to both Jerry and I with every bit of their little souls.

So, I decided at the airport that night as I was leaving….. “here is a little piece of my heart Slovenia, keep it safe”. 


Arrived in Krefeld:

I won’t lie. I was scared. Coming in to a hockey team with barely 3 months left? All of these people have formed bonds and we are just supposed to show up. It can be a weird situation. Boy, was I wrong.

Everyone in Krefeld took Jerry and I in like we had been a part of the team the entire season. First of all, the girls were ALL amazing. I couldn’t believe what a great group of girls they were. They never made me feel “new” or like I didn’t belong. It was a wonderful experience for me in that sense. We knew that Jerry might not even play a single game while we were there but it was for the experience and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Thank God we didn’t. While there were days that it was hard for Jerry to sit in the stands and watch, it ended up being extremely rewarding. It just so happened that the starting goalie got hurt, so Jerry ended up on the bench one night. 5 minutes into the game…. Jerry had to go in.

Sweat. Tears. Shaking. Smiling. Pure Bliss. 


The girls sitting next to me probably thought I was going to pee my pants but I tried to remain calm. Jerry just got to step on the ice for a league he had a goal of reaching. A “dream” you could say. It was a great game and he ended up playing a couple of more after that. Aside from hockey we met some great people. The owners of our apartment were amazing, two people we will never forget. Jerry really loved the coach. The staff was wonderful. There were a lot of positive things.

Did I mention Karneval? Yeah, one of the best/wild days of my entire life! We all had so much fun. Playoffs were insane. The boys were expected to go further but unfortunately did not. They had a week or two of team/fan parties after the season… and then we’d be heading back to America for the summer.


Krefeld was a great memory of 2014, something we will never forget.

Que the panic about next hockey season. 

Back to the USA:

We flew home the day before my 24th birthday.

The first thing we did (literally on the way home from the airport) was have my mom stop at Arby’s. I celebrated my birthday the next day…. and two days later it was back to work for this girl. I was so happy to be back in my groove! I truly enjoy working. I always have. I love my “work” friends, even though I hate calling them that because they are really just some of my best friends.

I worked a lot this summer. Miika and I did our annual dog walks. Jerry spent time with all his roller hockey guys, 3 tournaments and USA in Czech Republic (he has no fun at all)! I tagged along for the tournament in Florida. Which was nothing short of F-U-N. Jerry loves the boys he spends his summer with – the boys of summer – as I call them. We celebrated family birthday’s, hung out with friends, spent time with family and tried to enjoy our summer as much as possible. We went to concerts, spent time at my family lake house, and ate at a lot of our favorite places. Like I said, I worked… a lot.

We celebrated our FIRST anniversary! In Kings Island.


Where we got the phone call that we would 99% be heading to Italy for the hockey season.

Italy it was – Brunico to be exact.

I spent my last week of work in Nashville then we packed up and headed to Italy.


We arrived in Brunico mid August. It’s a great city. Small but beautiful. You are close to so many awesome places. The team has been having  great season and Jerry is also having a great season himself. Mostly it’s just been a relief to have all the normalcies. A paycheck, gear for Jerry to play with, a decent apartment (minus the neighbors)… those type of things. The staff has been wonderful and Jerry loves his hockey coach.


Every year has its different challenges. If I absolutely love everything one hockey season, check me for a fever. You go through your little bouts of homesick-ness and missing home, to never wanting to go home, back to missing your friends and family…. every year. We live extremely close to some of our best friends who live in Bolzano and play hockey there. We even got to back to Ljubljana this month to see all of our friends! We’ve experienced some great stuff this year! At the top of that list, Oktoberfest. So glad we got to experience that! Next to Karneval in Krefeld, one of my favorite days ever. Florence in November was beautiful. We still have some time to do a couple more trips before the end up the season. Which… is approaching really fast.

After Oktoberfest…. comes baby Kuhn! LOL.


In late October we found out we are expecting! As you probably know or read in my last post. It was a huge surprise. A good surprise! It gives us so much to look forward to in 2015.

I’m ready for a new year and a fresh start. Ha, how cliche right? Seriously though I’am! In no way was 2014 horrible but it wasn’t always easy.

I’m looking forward too:

Turning 25

Watching my belly grow

The birth of our baby

FInding out where the 2015 hockey season is going to take us

Summer at home with my family

Being a step closer to completing college

Letting go of people who no longer serve a purpose in my life

Saying goodbye to any of 2014 stresses and moving forward

Bonding with my amazing husband

Watching Miika become a big sister

So this is 2014 in a very small nutshell. A lot happened this year! All I know is, I have no idea where my year went. It was great and it was crappy. Lots of smiles and lots of tears. Another year of growing!

This New Year’s eve will be a little different from the past years, as I won’t be enjoying any wine or champaign but I’m sure it will be just as wonderful!

Here’s to the next 365 days! 


I (we) wish you all a very happy New Year! Say goodbye to all of those things you don’t want to bring to 2015 and hello to all the new. Many blessings and positive vibes.

– Amanda …. (Jerry + Miika) ❤

Fresh Start

After two hockey seasons of major ups & downs, we have finally found a happy medium.

I’m happy to say that Jerry and I are really loving Brunico.

 We are experiencing a lot of things for the first time this hockey season. Team gatherings, organization and Jerry’s experiencing a lot of different things at the rink – just to name a few things. We did experience a lot of great things in Krefeld but our time there was so short (too short)! Nonetheless, we are happy to be doing all of these things now. It’s nice to be on a team where we can all get together, families included and talk about happy things. Instead of talking about, not getting paid, the boys not having equipment and all that other stuff we dealt with for two years.

I think the best part of everything we’ve been through, is the fact that Jerry and I don’t expect much. We know we are always going to have good and bad days. Things aren’t always going to be perfect here or anywhere. For now we are going to embrace the fact that things are going well and I might run on top of a mountain and tell everyone I’m happy.

My german lessons start next month, I’m a bit nervous but excited. Also, I’ll be teaching private English lessons to a few different children! So thankful to have met someone who is helping me with finding the jobs and meeting the children. Not only is it a bit of income for me but it will also be a great experience. I’m finishing up my summer semester of classes tomorrow and start my fall classes at the end of the month. So, for all of those that wonder what I do all day? There ya go! Don’t forget walking Miika 4+ miles a day. 😉

 This past weekend was extremely nice – in general and the weather!

Saturday in downtown Brunico was the presentation of the hockey team. It was so nice to see the fans and kids gather downtown to see the guys get introduced.


[photo credit: optic rapid]

On Sunday we had a BBQ at one of jerry’s teammates place. Guys, families, dogs, all of us! We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Meet our big Brunico hockey family:


 Meet the babies of the family:



Miika slept all day Monday after her fun in the sun with the kids.

Our hockey season starts this weekend! So excited. Here’s to a healthy and successful season for Jerry!

Let’s go #35!


 “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”

– Amanda