What Day Is It?

I truly never know what day it is. I guess we call that, #stayathomemomprobs. I woke up on Wednesday and thought it was Friday. So, that’s that. Here we are, it’s December… and we’ve done a lot since I last posted. Halloween, LONDON!!!, Thanksgiving and now it’s almost Christmas… a lot to catch up on.

One of our favorite markets,”Freimarkt” is in October in our bigger city, Bremen. It basically represents the beginning of the fall/autumn season. Very similar to our Christmas markets minus all the Christmas-y stuff. So we get to enjoy hot wine a little before the christmas markets begin!


We have always carved pumpkins one night in October as a tradition. Then we bake all the pumpkin seeds and drink wine! This year we added a member (Harbor) and let her join in on our pumpkin carving.

What she really did was: eat all my fruit and watch all my cartoons.

What we told her mom she did: carved the best pumpkin ever!

No surprise that andi was happy to dig her hands into the pumpkin and pull out all the guts. The child loves being messy.


We got to celebrate Halloween the night before we left for London! Surprisingly German peeps are really starting to get into the “American Halloween”. The stores have Halloween stuff (costumes, candy, decorations). It’s fun to see people getting into the holiday in a different country where it isn’t really celebrated. Andi was the cutest puppy dog! We had Taco Night with our Lampls and by then our babies were ready for bed and we had to finish packing anyways. I loved seeing everyone’s kids dressed up on social media, so fun!


Our original flight to London was bright and early the following day but got cancelled in the middle of the night and got pushed back to later on. It was a bit of a bummer to the start of our trip but we made it work! I will do a completely separate post for London. I could probably do 10 posts on London but I will spare you from too much information. London needs a hockey team ASAP and to hire my husband. Because, I’m IN LOVE. Jerry is going to laugh when he reads this, because I seriously fall in love with every place we visit. But, I fall in love with them in different ways.

Anyways, London is an amazing place and I can’t wait to share what we got to see and do while we were there!


We celebrated “Martins Tag” with Andi’s classmates and school. All of the kids make “lanterns” and we went through park singing songs to celebrate St. Martin. At the end we had tea and pretzels (naturally). It was really special to me to partake in a german tradition with Andi and her school.


Our Miika girl turned FIVE! Can you believe it? Actually some days I feel like she’s ten and I’ve had her my whole life. So far miika has spent her birthday’s in Slovenia (2 years), Italy, and her last two birthdays have been here in Germany! Lucky dog.

I had planned for Andi to throw some confetti and get this super cute photo but … that was a fail. So here is Andi, crying at Miika’s birthday party.

Happy Birthday Miika Kuhn! 


We had a chill Thanksgiving this year. Andi wasn’t feeling great (thank you, school) and Jerry had a game the next day. Hockey life at it’s finest y’all. My bestie, baker extraordinaire,  made us pumpkin pie and apple crisps so, we were happy. I did my annual Skype the fam at night-time. Of course they were all disappointed because Andi was sleeping already. Schedules people, schedules! Can’t believe this is my 6th holiday season away from home. Sadly, it’s starting to not really phase me anymore. It used to be much harder on me. I think the fact that we have started to create our own traditions has made it  easier for us.


The past couple of Saturdays I’ve been taking Andi up to the rink to see Jerry after his practice. I’m glad I have been.. the first time she was freaking out about the ice (I mean it’s a little intimidating!) and she still gets a little nervous around Jerry in all of his big gear. Last weekend she was ready to full on jump on the ice! Can’t wait for Andi to get her first skates and get out there one day.


It’s hard to believe it’s December and were just a short time from Christmas! We have our tree up but someone’s little hands keep taking all the ornaments off. I won’t mention any names. We have been enjoying our Christmas market and all the yummy gluhwein (not andi, she sticks to her water cup)! But she suckered her dad into letting her try a candy cane and now she’s addicted!


Last weekend Andi and I went to her babysitters house to make cookies with her and her mom! It was a great time! Andi was surprisingly behaved for not being in her own house. It felt so good to walk into a nice, cozy home. For a little while I felt like I was “home”. Andy’s babysitter never really gets to see her since by the time she gets to my house on game nights Andi is tucked away in bed. So it was so cute to see them together!


I found myself feeling a little down in the dumps, slightly depressed and having little episodes of anxiety. All things I have never really expereinced, especially feeling depressed. So, I truly didn’t know what route to take. We don’t see the sun much here, I learned that last year. So, this little fam is all fuled up on Vitamin D. It can suck the life out of you when you don’t get any sunshine! Also, I know that many changes were/are happening in my body since I stopped breastfeeding andi 2 months ago. On top of that I think life has just changed drastically since having a baby and I’m really trying to find my way right now. That can be a little overwhelming. No one ever talks about that stuff and I didn’t ever expect to have any of these feelings. I think it’s something that should be talked about because I know that it isn’t just me.

Anyways, I had only been to the gym about 3 times total since having Andi. If you remember… I worked out until I was about 37 weeks pregnant and then I couldn’t breathe easily anymore, lol. Even after that I walked 4 miles a day. I didn’t know if I was really missing the gym and thought it wasn’t really my thing anymore. I was totally wrong. I got back into the gym about a month or so ago. It took Jerry going with me on his day off for me to realize that it was what I needed back in my life again. Luckily my hubs writes me everything to do before I go. I miss my workouts with him but enjoying it as my own thing now. I’m going 3 or 4 days a week and I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better. Much different from the way I was feeling a few weeks ago.

And incase anyone needs proof: here’s me feeling better at the gym.


We are halfway through the hockey season which is insane! Time is flying. It has been really amazing to watch all of Jerry’s hard work from this summer show in his hockey games. We are proud of him, always.


Now it’s time to get Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree. Where does the time go?! We have our team Christmas party next week which is always a nice time for everyone and this weekend the girls on the team are doing our own little “white elephant” christmas party, wine included. Should be a great time!

I’m so glad I got on here to catch up a bit (can you believe this small post was created over three days…..lol, #momlife). I just don’t have the time like I used to but I want to make sure that I have things to look back on. I always go back in read my old posts and most of them put a smile on my face. So, it’s important that I do small posts like this (even if I’m the only one reading). Next, some London posts – so I don’t forget all the great spots we got to see!

I hope that everyone takes some time to enjoy the holiday season. I know it can get stressful and we forget to just sit back and relax. But it’s important to find the time to enjoy the “holiday cheer”.



Baby Andi Update – 4 & 5 months!

4 & 5 month update! Going on 6 months.

Oops, I fell a little behind! Just busy loving on this chunkey monkey of ours. It’s hard to find time to write but now that we have more of a routine going on in our life, it’s better!

This is all off the top of my head and a little scattered, I’m trying to remember everything over the past couple of months. My mom brain is off the charts. So don’t judge my terrible writing and keeping up. Enjoy 🙂

4 Months:11781737_10206433392291665_6611664213260003689_n

{Andi’s leggings and headband are from our friend Bonnie over at “the minted moose” – she makes the cutest organic baby clothes and accessories! check her out.}

We “celebrated” Andi’s 4 month birthday in Amsterdam. Our first family trip. Okay, it wasn’t for her 4 month birthday but we can keep that between us. I’ll ask her in a couple of years if she remembers everything she learned at the Anne Frank Haus! (PS: Amsterdam, is AMAZING).


At 4.5 months Andi was weighing in at: 15.5 lbs! 

The doctor could NOT believe it. When we got to Germany Andi was “under weight”, a very tiny thing and we were monitioring her weight gain. Now, she’s in the 99 percentile. We are confident she is at least 17 lbs now, my arms can feel it.

Height: Um, I’m a bad mom and not to sure.. we will find out again in January! 😉

Eyes: Blue. No idea where she gets them!

Skills: Andi rolled over at about 4.5 months, noticed when mom left the room, started solids, started swim class, noticed she had a doggy!

Random things about Andi: hates napping alone, loves napping “outside” on walks, gets bored quickly, enjoys dad’s hockey games but hates when they score goals (too loud), doesn’t want to take a bottle… only moms boob. (Yes mom, I know this is my fault). Loves the bath & swim class! The slightest noise can wake her up (this is brutal).. this chick loves hanging with her dad, even if it means chores! 😉


12311094_10206632597711676_6202052562969588646_nFoods: Andi is still breastfed but… working on veggies (zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, avocado (yeah a fruit or veggie? who knows the truth, haha) We are starting fruits this week! Baby Andi is not a fan of rice cereal. She loves letting her puppy sister lick her hands clean.

While my girlfriend was in town at the beginning of November I had my “first night out”. I didn’t last very long and all I could think about was Andi the entire time. Kailee tried really hard to make sure I enjoyed myself but really, I just wanted to be home. It was fun to pull out my old dance moves on the dance floor though!

We spent Thanksgiving with our hockey family. My girlfriend Ellie kills it in the kitchen and made us all feel right at home. Andi’s daddy dressed her up for Thanksgiving (his favorite thing to do with her!):


5 Months:


How amazing our her rolls? Love!

Andi spent her “5 month birthday” going under water for the first time at swim class! We are really enjoying swim class here. It gives us something to do outside of the house and her daddy loves watching her swim. We know almost all of the nursery rhymes in German now! AJ really loves watching her swim teacher sing.

New things: Andi has a touch of “seperation anxiety” if we walk away from her or out of the room, banging things on the ground, sitting up more, sleeping long stretches at night, wants to eat/drink everything we have in our hands, trying very hard to laugh, interested in books, loves music on when we get ready for bed!

At 5 months or a little before, we moved Andi into her own bedroom. I knew it was time when we were really disturbing her sleep by even moving. Sometimes we co-slept, sometimes Andi was in her crib that was in our room. It was time for her to have her “own space” and quiet place to rest and be comfortable in. I cried a lot the first two nights but it has been better for both of us. A well rested mommy is much better than a tired one! It has gone really well and I’m happy we made the change when we did. Plus, Andi needs the sound machine on and her daddy hates it! Me? I love that thing and miss having it on all night.

Daddy is always spoiling her with new toys!


Daddy’s hockey games are a definite workout with this little monkey. She has a love/hate relationship with the games (and so do I, haha). She loves “watching” and looking around but when the boys score it’s full on tears! The rink gets very loud and she is not about that. We love looking for daddy at the end of a win to give us a wave.


(we don’t always wear PJ’s to daddy’s games but…. sometimes we have accidents, oops!) – My mom sent over a bunch of Pj’s less than two months ago and she is already growing out of all of them! Yikes, they grow SO fast.

Andi & Indy are so much fun too watch. They really recognize eachother now and soon will be able to sit and play. They are besties! We love them.


 Andi’s next appointment is in January for her next round of shots. We will get an update on all her “stats” and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown since all her last measurements.

She is a very happy, smiley baby but she has bad days too. Babies are always changing so the next day might not be like the last. You never know what you are going to get, they like to keep it exciting…and exhausting! We are just happy that she is healthy and growing. Jerry and I are loving being parents to this little monkey. Our life has changed so much the last 5.5 months but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, watching your husband love on his daughter? Nothing better. Heart explodes everyday. Being a mommy is hard work and definitely the most emotional ride I’ve ever been on. No idea how we’ve made it almost half of a year with a little human but we are doing it! Pat on the back.

I love catching you all up on Andi since we are so far away. Stayed tuned, who knows what this little one will be up too next month. Big hugs to everyone at home.


Baby Kuhn coming July 2015

Soon there will be two of us “traveling between the pipes” and cheering in the stands.


The day I found out I was pregnant:

It’s actually pretty “funny”. I took a pregnancy test and it said negative. So, I threw it back in the box and was going to tell Jerry later when he got home from his workout. Well, when jerry got home, I pulled the stick back out of the box and it had a positive sign. Guess I didn’t wait long enough….

Um, oops. I thought it was negative and now I’m here with a stick in my hand in front of my husband … and, it says positive. I kept rubbing my eyes and shaking the stick. Jerry just kept smiling like a kid in a candy store. I called my girlfriend here (she’s like my big sister I never had) and said, “um, does this mean I’m pregnant”? She said, “Amanda, are you kidding? Yes. It does”. So off to the pharmacy I go to get another test. Yep, it was positive. Did I mention this was a game day? Jerry was so excited but was trying to remain calm because he had a game and needed to stay in “the zone”. We even said, “can we do this all over later and relive this moment tonight”? The best part? Jerry went to his game and got a shutout! I feel that was the best response to finding out your pregnant on the day of a game. And then, he got a second one the next game day.

PS: I might have taken 4 more pregnancy tests.

PPS: FOUR people had told me they had a dream I was pregnant. One girlfriend (that I’ve actually never met in person) messaged me on Facebook a couple of weeks before I found out and told me that she had a dream I was pregnant. She was actually one of the first people I told, I felt it was only fair to tell her that her dreams were right! (hey hey chelsea rae! <3)

How did we feel:

Jerry and I were not planning to get pregnant. I mean, we weren’t trying or worried about it. We were not preventing it either, I had stopped taking my birth control back in February because I have been on it since the age of 14 and if you go on the internet and read about it for long enough, you would had told me to go off of it too. However, the only reason I was on it for so long was because it regulated my Endometriosis. Which brings up another topic. After a few surgeries and a doctor telling me “Oh … well… it might be pretty difficult to get pregnant”. I never thought I’d get pregnant so quickly or without “help”. My biggest fear the past few years, actually since the day I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with Jerry and have his children, was that I wouldn’t be able to have kids or that it would at least not be done on my own. I’ve had friends that have had to go through hell and back to get pregnant and friends that have lost their precious babies before they got to meet them. So, finding out I was pregnant and now seeing our baby in 3D has taken that weight off my shoulders.  I know how blessed and fortunate Jerry and I are for being able to do this on our own, with no stress or complications.

My husband has had baby fever for quite sometime, so to say that this is the best christmas present of all time is an understatement.

Keeping this a secret has not been easy. Especially because I found out at 3 weeks! To keep it a secret from everyone in America was fairly simple because I don’t have to see anyone. However, now I live in a village where I see the same people every single day. When I’m ordering a coffee with no caffeine and I don’t have a glass of wine in hand at a hockey game, it’s pretty much a dead give away! Being the worst liar ever, doesn’t help. For a while, I was starting to feel like I was living a double life. So many people here knew and only our family and a couple of friends back in America knew. I can’t lie, we told all of our friends in Slovenia while we were there visiting this week. Jerry was bursting at the seams to tell all of our friends and was pretty much telling anyone who cared to listen to us.

My european doctor experience: 

My first appointment to find out if I was indeed pregnant was… interesting. I’ve had a girl doctor my entire life, and now I had a male looking at my lady bits and my husband sitting next to me. The scariest part? Or well, the… funniest? My doctor said okay, pants off and get on the table! Um, I’m sorry…. “is there a sheet to cover up with”? Nope! :just get up here and put your feet in these stirrups with everything hanging out: Lol! I grabbed my sweater…. and tried to cover up what I could. I told him that in America we have little sheets that cover our bottom halfs while the doctor is examining. See the things I have to go through on a daily basis over here? 😉 Everything is a learning experience and usually ends up in us laughing at ourselves.

Here (at least in brunico) they are able to a do blood test that tells me that if I’m able to indulge in the things we all think we can’t eat while pregnant (but actually you can as long as you don’t carry the gene/chromosome). Sushi, red (bloody) meat, salami, etc. It’s a good thing I don’t eat red meat and I’m not so keen on sushi places over here because I tested positive and cannot eat any of that! All of my other blood work came back  great.

My last doctor’s appointment was at about 6-7 weeks, that was the first time we saw the baby and then yesterday. We had been waiting for yesterdays appointment, for what felt like, forever! We wanted to just get there, make sure everything was okay and finally announce to the world that we are expecting!

Yesterday’s appointment was amazing! My doctor is so wonderful. All the doctors over here are wonderful. He let us see the baby in 3D images, which was insane. The heart beat was so strong and the baby was moving all over the place. I got my “mother book” that they give to all expecting mothers and it tracks everything. The size of the baby, my weight, pictures, everything! It’s great to have.



We don’t know yet. We aren’t telling. Don’t ask.

As for now, don’t ask for names either 😉

My body:

Maybe this is God finally paying be back for all my good deeds? I haven’t been sick once, barely nauseous and for the most part I don’t even feel pregnant. Minus my… tatas. Those hurt, and have already outgrown my bras. Ouchie! The ONLY other symptom I have had is exhaustion. Holy crap. Like, can’t get off the couch, would lay here all day long, exhaustion. It hits you hard. For an active person, who is always on the go, it was rough at first. But, I can slowly feel it wearing off, at least I think so…

Still no bump. Just starting to look like I ate too many donuts at Tim Horton’s! But, I’ve only gained 1 pound…. I’m sticking to all my same routine. Gym a couple days a week, my daily walks with Miika and now I’ve even added in Swimming one day a week!


Miika knows. She doesn’t know specifically that I’am pregnant but she knows that my body is changing. Dogs amazing sense of smell leads them to know usually before you even do, that something is changing in your body. For the past 8 weeks Miika has been sleeping on me, every single night. Not just on my feet, on my stomach, and if I’m on my stomach, she sleeps on my back, or in my armpit. We are going to start preparing Miika for the baby now, we already started talking with Alenka from Slovenia who is our go-to for all dog questions. We want Miika to be the best big sister she can be and that has to start with us!

In the next weeks:

These next few weeks I hope to just be sticking to my routine still! I have a couple of weeks of school and I’m finished (and passed) my german course. I’m busy with work but now my kids will also have off of school and be on holiday for Christmas. So, I won’t be seeing all of them and will have more free time. My friend Megan is coming from Detroit after Christmas and we can’t wait to have her! My next doctors appointment is only for a check up with blood pressure, weight, and all of that. Then a few weeks after (around 20 weeks) we get to have another ultra sound. We will probably be able to know the sex by then. Now that I’m almost over with my first trimester, I’ve decided to start a pregnancy journal. One that I can write in every day or every other day and look back on whenever I want. I want to remember this journey every step of the way.

I had a view wise owls tells me that I’m going to receive a LOT of advice, most of that advice will be unwanted. Boy, they weren’t kidding! People find out a woman is pregnant and suddenly have a PHD in pregnancy! Everyone relax. So far the best advice I’ve received? “Crack babies are born everyday” and “Do whatever your body tells you is okay”.

For once, I’m wishing the hockey season away. I want to share my pregnancy with my parents, siblings, family and friends. But by the time I get home I’ll be almost 7 months! Aside from that, I’m really trying to enjoy this moment as much as I(we) can. Now it…for the most part… feels real. I’m kind of waiting for my belly to pop over night, then I think I’ll actually feel pregnant!

So it’s true:

Baby Kuhn coming early July 2015! 

Alright baby Kuhn, you be good to me! Here we go…. 

My blog about another blog post.

I want, and need to write this to get it off my chest and because at 23 and married I just feel way to old and lame to write an indirect Facebook status towards someone (sarcasm). I don’t care how many people read, who reads it, or why you read it. It’s for me so I can stop carrying these negative feelings around in my body.

A few days ago I shared this blog post (please read for a good laugh, don’t forget peoples comments at the bottom) on Facebook, after a million 23 year old single people and others posted it to their Facebook page. Posting it with comments like: “NO OFFENSE”, “HAHA SO TRUE I LOVE BEING SINGLE”, “SINGLE IS THE WAY TO BE”, “WHO GETS ENGAGED AT 23?!”.


The one that struck me the most was, “no offense”. Oh, no offense? So at one point it crossed your mind that this post might offend someone reading it. Am I right? Maybe that person you thought it would offend was me, maybe it wasn’t. But, considering I had commented on another article you had shared (guess what it was about? oh, young marriage). Yeah, you can say that I thought your “no offense” comment was probably, maybe directed towards me. 

The person that said “no offense”, is a friend of a friend, and maybe a couple other friends – and for some reason I’m Facebook friends with her. At no time was I bashing her for her opinion or posting this article. Considering 1 million people posted it that day. 

Okay so, I post this article and had about 15 comments, all of them supporting me except one. From the same person that posted the article and said, “no offense”. 

Her comment:

“I do hope you know just because I reposted it means I’m bashing, unhappy, jealous, or think marriage is stupid. I don’t, I purely thought it was humorous. If it offended, sorry girl.”

Let’s remember that there were a million people that posted this article on my timeline. Let’s also remember that I never called this person unhappy, jealous or assumed she thinks marriage is stupid. She came up with those theories all on her own, and NO ONE that commented on my post knew where I got the article from. Sensing a feeling of guilt from someone? Me too. You find this humorous? I find it disgusting and embarrassing and a few other things. And yeah, I’ll say it – even though its a stupid post from some girl sitting behind her computer, bored, wanting to see her stats go sky rocketing over her small minded opinions. 

I was offended.

Off topic:

 Something that maybe only a few of you reading this will understand. Being away from friends and family for months at a time is hard. I have a hard time keeping friends. Mostly because none of them can take the time to send me a simple text message and I get sick of having to do it first, so the “it works both ways”, isn’t cutting it anymore. It doesn’t help we are constantly moving. With that being said, I do have a couple friends that always check in with me, and I’m thankful for that. In the past two years I’ve become sensitive, when I used to be tough as nails. I care about what people think about me. I wonder if people like me. I wonder what people say behind my back. I’m more quiet. I don’t always say what’s on my mind, which used to be the complete opposite. I’m just…different then I used to be. I don’t trust women. Very few. I don’t think the things that have changed about me are bad but it is different. I never cared what people thought about me, what girls liked me, and I’ve had “talking a lot” on ever report card since I was 6.

I assume these things happen to a lot of girls that are in the same situation as me, maybe not. We meet so many people, every season, new girlfriends, some you stay close with, some you never talk to again. Some you’ve never met but talk to through the computer.  I seriously talk to more girls I never met in real life, more then some people I thought were my best friends. 

So, maybe I’m being sensitive to the fact that I didn’t hear from a lot of my friends over the holidays, or that I’m trying to figure out where I belong, who my friends really are, or that I’m the only one of my few friends that is “young and married” so I find it necessary to stick up for myself.

Back on topic:

This person that posted, “no offense” is also friends with one of my really good girlfriend and another  girl that was going to be MOH in our wedding (who I’ve known since I was 7). That night I posted this post I get a text from my friend defending her friend. (did I lose you yet) Okay, so why couldn’t this girl just message me? She had to get someone else involved. I’m obviously rattled that my friend wanted to stick up for her other friend….

“Why would I be offended?”

Newsflash: I’m 23 and married.

I dropped it and let it go.

THEN last night, I lay my head on my pillow and slip into dream land. Actually had an amazing sleep, was probably the 5 glasses of red wine….only to wake up to a text from A DIFFERENT person. Also, defending her friend. 

I rubbed my eyes: “Is this real life”.

(nothing like waking up from a nice sleep to a rude ass text message huh?)

I haven’t talked to this second person since I told her Jerry and I weren’t having a wedding anymore. No text to tell me safe travels when I left for Europe, no Happy Thanksgiving, no Merry Christmas. Oh, just one message a month ago when my uncle was in the hospital. I assume her i-messaging was broken.

I want to let you all know that I have been working on this friendship for most of my adult life. Trying to fix it, trying to be friends, trying to understand why we can’t be the same friends we were when we were little – Something my husband has been baffled by since the day I met him but he’s never stopped me from trying. I decided before the New Year that this friendship and many others were going to be at the very bottom of my “shit to care about” list.

But this…..this post….. “23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23” got my childhood best friend, supposed to be MOH to acknowledge me!!!!!!!! It got her and her friend that “didn’t want me to be offended” to sit down and discuss me, talk about how ridiculous I’am for having an opinion, about a blog post they thought was “silly”. To text me and tell me that “I’m entitled to my opinion” but then be mad about my opinion? Contradicting. Yes. To tell me you’ve “done nothing but support my marriage”? I never thought you didn’t support my marriage but um, how exactly do you support my marriage? And to top it off, you are sorry you couldn’t help me with everything for my wedding because that’s the way the world works? 

Back to the off topic subject: 

You started drama for me and I’m not even in the same time zone as you. You went out of your way to keep talking about a post that you thought was “silly”. And perhaps, this is why you aren’t 23 and engaged. 

While you 2 are sitting talking about me, I’m silently sleeping after a day of worry and stress about my husbands career. When you posted this blog post the other day, I had probably had another long day of stress and worry, because that’s all I’ve done for the last 4 months. But you wouldn’t know that because you don’t check in with me and well one of you isn’t even my friend. You wouldn’t know ANYTHING.

I know, my life probably seems so easy. My husband plays hockey (so he probably makes so much money!!!!!!! wrong). We live in europe (so we like travel the world everyday!!!!!!! wrong). I don’t work (she just lays around all day and drinks wine!!!!!! wrong). 

Back on topic:

I realize this is all so stupid, and kind of all over the place. But I needed to get it off my chest, and I thought some people might even feel the same way I do – because I wasn’t the only person offended by someones comments and this article.

Today on my morning walk with Miika I got to thinking….

And, I would like to thank the idiot behind that post for making me realize so many things this morning – I’m serious.

First of all, that it took your idiotic, ridiculous reasoning, to make my “friend” finally send me a text message. 

You made me finally realize it’s time to let go of people who don’t deserve room in my heart. 

And a million other things,

but mostly that I deserve to be happy.

I shouldn’t have to defend myself. 

But I’m not sorry that I posted that blog on my Facebook, or the comments I made. 

And because I couldn’t have come up with a better response back to the girl that wrote this blog post myself, I give it up to this girl who did: read this

This felt good.

I’m gonna go finish my husbands pre game meal, and then go out with a girlfriend downtown to laugh & have some lunch.