Andi turns ONE!

Baby You’re a Firework.


So, this post is a bit late. Almost a month to be exact but we had a busy month of July! The most important event being, Baby Andi turned ONE!

We celebrated for almost an entire week. Celebrating her birthday the weekend before her actual birthday with family and friends at our summer house. It was a blast, except it was almost 100 degrees!



For Andi’s actual birthday weekend we ended up in Frankenmuth, Michigan with my parents. The cutest little German town right in Michigan! We love it there and I’m happy to start a tradition of taking Andi there for her birthday weekend as my parents took me and my brothers at least once a year when we were little! It was so nice to share it with my parents and little brother. They spent a lot of time with Andi this summer and it was so great to see them each create a special bond with Andi. Let me tell you, she brings out a side of my dad I’ve never seen before! So sweet.

Andi and her boys! (minus DJ)


Dinner at Bavarian Inn Lodge! 13615262_10208158454497142_65107417860496709_n

We finished off Andi’s birthday week at Devil’s lake with one more celebration and one more cake!



The real question is.. can I have a birthday week like this chick? We love you so much Andi and I’d celebrate you every day.. and I do. Some days I wish you could stay little but watching you grow is just as special.

Thank you to our photographer and friend, Kristen Medina (Candy Pixels Photography) for Andi’s amazing birthday photo shoot. You are amazing!



It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we’ve brought you into this world. Love you Baby Andi. (Yes, we are going to call you that even when you’re 20, I think). ❤

We just arrived back in Germany and are getting settled in but I had a few down minutes and wanted to post this. Stay tuned for another exciting year of our life overseas!


Baby Andi – 6 Months … Going on 7!

How is this baby half a year old already?

Actually in 10 days we will have a 7 month old already! Wow! Last week Andi had her 6 month shots and check up! It was on a Monday (daddy’s day off) so he was able to join us. Andi didn’t like shots in both thighs but I’m sure she is secretly happy we are done with shots until we get back to Germany in July!


6 Month Check up & Shots!


Weight: 19 LBS!

Length: 25.5 Inches

Diaper Size: 4+ (lol)

Clothes: Andi is mostly in 9 month PJ’s and 6-9 “clothes” (onesies, t-shirts, leggings)

Fun things: sitting up alone, grabbing toys, eating fun snacks, loves watching her dog, passed first session of swim classes and is on to her 6 month-12 month classes next week!

Andi’s schedule: (currently, since we all know babies love to switch it up) Andi goes down around 7 or 8 PM, sleeps until around 4-430 wakes up to nurse and hang for a little then back to sleep until 8-9 AM. After this we pretty much do a “eat, play, sleep” routine… naps aren’t frequent and haven’t been almost ever, but I’m starting to see a better nap routine. Mix in a few walks with the pup in there too! Andi loves naping in her stroller.


First day in her big girl seat of her stroller!

Andi still can’t find a bottle that she likes to drink boob milk out of so that has been stressful. Probably the most difficult thing so far. It would be much easier if she would take a bottle so I know for a fact she’d be fine alone with Jerry for a little bit. But, table foods and purees can do the trick too. I made it to my first gym class this week and it was amazing! Were going to try for me 2-3 days a week for now. Since, I also have Andi’s swim class once a week.  Andi is not a big “food” eater… she relies mostly on my breasts and food is just fun for her. She has her days when she will eat a whole cup of veggies or fruits and other days she will not touch it.


Some days babies just want to nap on their mamas! ❤

We were at Ikea a couple of weeks ago and Andi was being a bit fussy. I thought, let’s try out the cart… oh boy, she LOVED it.


We also had a visitor last week! V came to see us and spend a few days with us. She comes to visit every season since we met back in Ljubljana. This year was a bit different but we still managed to have some fun with a baby in tow! In a couple of weeks my grandma is coming to stay with us for 10 days! That will be so nice. Wish my mom was joining her but she wasn’t able to swing it this season.


This big girl started sitting up alone and loves playing on the floor with her toys. In the morning she “watches” 20 minutes of Nursery Rhymes from Baby Genius (keep comments to yourself about baby watching TV). She LOVES listening to people sing (especially her swim teacher) and it keeps her occupied for a whole 20 minutes! That means I can make my breakfast and coffee and then scarf it down. 🙂  She loves her Jolly Jumper (seriously, life save… get one ASAP for your baby!)

Every day I’m learning new things about Andi and myself. We have great days and we have bad days (like so bad I think she never wants a sibling 😉 haha). She has definitely changed my entire life, in the best way. Watching her and her papa love on each other is the best. I remember that first month and thinking “how am I going to do this” and now here I’am almost 7 months later… I may not have it all figured out but I think I got it down! Most days I don’t get out of my yoga pants or brush my hair and I only put on make up on game days but that is totally okay with me.

With my pregnancy brain turning into mom brain I decided to buy a journal, to write everything down. Just like I did when I was pregnant. I hate thinking “wait, when did Andi do ____ again”? and not being able to remember when she did it last. I’m excited to have a journal to look back on for all of these memories (aside from this blog) but there are things I just rather not share on here and keep to myself!


This cute bonnet is from “Briar Handmade”.  My GF here is obsessed with them and has slowly passed her obsession on to me! We love them.

Cheers to another month of growing and learning – full of giggles, smiles, tears and long nights.

We love you baby Andi.

Now, off to nap and the bath time before daddy’s hockey game! Go Pinguins!

Stay tuned for what this little nugget is up to next! ❤

Baby Andi Update – 4 & 5 months!

4 & 5 month update! Going on 6 months.

Oops, I fell a little behind! Just busy loving on this chunkey monkey of ours. It’s hard to find time to write but now that we have more of a routine going on in our life, it’s better!

This is all off the top of my head and a little scattered, I’m trying to remember everything over the past couple of months. My mom brain is off the charts. So don’t judge my terrible writing and keeping up. Enjoy 🙂

4 Months:11781737_10206433392291665_6611664213260003689_n

{Andi’s leggings and headband are from our friend Bonnie over at “the minted moose” – she makes the cutest organic baby clothes and accessories! check her out.}

We “celebrated” Andi’s 4 month birthday in Amsterdam. Our first family trip. Okay, it wasn’t for her 4 month birthday but we can keep that between us. I’ll ask her in a couple of years if she remembers everything she learned at the Anne Frank Haus! (PS: Amsterdam, is AMAZING).


At 4.5 months Andi was weighing in at: 15.5 lbs! 

The doctor could NOT believe it. When we got to Germany Andi was “under weight”, a very tiny thing and we were monitioring her weight gain. Now, she’s in the 99 percentile. We are confident she is at least 17 lbs now, my arms can feel it.

Height: Um, I’m a bad mom and not to sure.. we will find out again in January! 😉

Eyes: Blue. No idea where she gets them!

Skills: Andi rolled over at about 4.5 months, noticed when mom left the room, started solids, started swim class, noticed she had a doggy!

Random things about Andi: hates napping alone, loves napping “outside” on walks, gets bored quickly, enjoys dad’s hockey games but hates when they score goals (too loud), doesn’t want to take a bottle… only moms boob. (Yes mom, I know this is my fault). Loves the bath & swim class! The slightest noise can wake her up (this is brutal).. this chick loves hanging with her dad, even if it means chores! 😉


12311094_10206632597711676_6202052562969588646_nFoods: Andi is still breastfed but… working on veggies (zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, avocado (yeah a fruit or veggie? who knows the truth, haha) We are starting fruits this week! Baby Andi is not a fan of rice cereal. She loves letting her puppy sister lick her hands clean.

While my girlfriend was in town at the beginning of November I had my “first night out”. I didn’t last very long and all I could think about was Andi the entire time. Kailee tried really hard to make sure I enjoyed myself but really, I just wanted to be home. It was fun to pull out my old dance moves on the dance floor though!

We spent Thanksgiving with our hockey family. My girlfriend Ellie kills it in the kitchen and made us all feel right at home. Andi’s daddy dressed her up for Thanksgiving (his favorite thing to do with her!):


5 Months:


How amazing our her rolls? Love!

Andi spent her “5 month birthday” going under water for the first time at swim class! We are really enjoying swim class here. It gives us something to do outside of the house and her daddy loves watching her swim. We know almost all of the nursery rhymes in German now! AJ really loves watching her swim teacher sing.

New things: Andi has a touch of “seperation anxiety” if we walk away from her or out of the room, banging things on the ground, sitting up more, sleeping long stretches at night, wants to eat/drink everything we have in our hands, trying very hard to laugh, interested in books, loves music on when we get ready for bed!

At 5 months or a little before, we moved Andi into her own bedroom. I knew it was time when we were really disturbing her sleep by even moving. Sometimes we co-slept, sometimes Andi was in her crib that was in our room. It was time for her to have her “own space” and quiet place to rest and be comfortable in. I cried a lot the first two nights but it has been better for both of us. A well rested mommy is much better than a tired one! It has gone really well and I’m happy we made the change when we did. Plus, Andi needs the sound machine on and her daddy hates it! Me? I love that thing and miss having it on all night.

Daddy is always spoiling her with new toys!


Daddy’s hockey games are a definite workout with this little monkey. She has a love/hate relationship with the games (and so do I, haha). She loves “watching” and looking around but when the boys score it’s full on tears! The rink gets very loud and she is not about that. We love looking for daddy at the end of a win to give us a wave.


(we don’t always wear PJ’s to daddy’s games but…. sometimes we have accidents, oops!) – My mom sent over a bunch of Pj’s less than two months ago and she is already growing out of all of them! Yikes, they grow SO fast.

Andi & Indy are so much fun too watch. They really recognize eachother now and soon will be able to sit and play. They are besties! We love them.


 Andi’s next appointment is in January for her next round of shots. We will get an update on all her “stats” and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown since all her last measurements.

She is a very happy, smiley baby but she has bad days too. Babies are always changing so the next day might not be like the last. You never know what you are going to get, they like to keep it exciting…and exhausting! We are just happy that she is healthy and growing. Jerry and I are loving being parents to this little monkey. Our life has changed so much the last 5.5 months but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, watching your husband love on his daughter? Nothing better. Heart explodes everyday. Being a mommy is hard work and definitely the most emotional ride I’ve ever been on. No idea how we’ve made it almost half of a year with a little human but we are doing it! Pat on the back.

I love catching you all up on Andi since we are so far away. Stayed tuned, who knows what this little one will be up too next month. Big hugs to everyone at home.


Baby Andi – 3 Month Update


Actually… 3.5 months! Where does the time go? No one can prepare you for how fast time flies when you have a baby. It’s so bittersweet – wanting time to slow down but wanting them to learn and grow and do new things at the same time. Today was  the day I’ve been dreading for a while, Andi’s first round of shots (we do them a little later here in Germany). It’s awful, just plain awful. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t know if it gets much worse than that! Real tears running down your babies little face hurts your heart more than you can imagine. On a good note we are so happy that there is DEFINITELY no issue with andi’s weight anymore, incase all the photos didn’t indicate that already. For the first 5-6 weeks we had to monitor her weight gain. Just so happy to have a healthy baby! I thank God every day for a healthy and happy baby.

3 Month Stats:

Weight: 13.5 LBS!!!!!!!

Height: 23.5 Inches

Eyes: Still blue!


Loves: When mommy rocks her to sleep, when daddy gets her ready for bed, her play-mat, Taylor Swift & Hozier, warm baths and being outside.

Hates: When dad’s team scores a goal at the hockey game (lol), tummy-time, when mom and dad eat lunch/dinner without her…. she doesn’t hate much of anything.

Schedule: Andi goes to bed around 10-1030, sleeps until about 4-430 and wakes up for a snack for about 20 minutes then goes back to sleep until 730-8! Just waiting to break that 4 AM habit! 😉 I can’t complain… I feel like 6 hours of straight sleep is pretty damn awesome.

Skills: Grasping her toys, recognizes mom & dad, kicking, sticking EVERYTHING in her mouth, and chatting like crazy!

Clothes: Pretty much anything 3 months and smaller doesn’t fit anymore. We just cleaned out her closets a couple of days ago. Then daddy went on an online shopping spree.

Andi’s first skate on the ice with daddy after a big win! {photo credit: SPfoto}


We are so lucky that another couple on the team has a baby 11 days younger than Andi. It is so fun watching them grow up together. They will also be with us next year here in Bremerhaven – when the real fun will start! 🙂

Andi & Indy 


We are all doing well and just having fun watching Andi grow and learn new things every day. Being a mom is exhausting but so rewarding. Watching Jerry love Andi so much is pretty awesome too. We got lucky and this baby has been quite a blessing! She is so good and makes it so much easier on me. She has her days/nights but for the most part is an easy baby. (does that mean the next one will be really bad?! haha). Jerry tells me he misses my belly “so much” but he’s going to have to wait at least another year! 😉


We make frequent face time calls home to both sets of Andi’s grandparents, my close girlfriends and anyone that wants to see her. She loves listening in and staring into the phone! We know that everyone misses her but thank God for FaceTime! Next month we are going on our first family trip – to Amsterdam! So excited and it falls on Andi’s 4 month “birthday”… Please slow down, time!

So happy I found a few minutes to catch everyone up, this is the easiest way for everyone to read about how Andi is doing while we are so far away! Big hugs and kisses!

– The Kuhns

Second Trimester – Baby Kuhn

I’m well into my second trimester of pregnancy, in my 17th week to be exact!

While Megan was here we had to explain trimesters to Jerry. But he wasn’t the only one that had questions! Apparently “months” in pregnancy are a really confusing thing and my aunt (whom works at my gynecologist that will be delivering baby Kuhn in America) told me to give up on months and just use weeks. It’s really confusing to go off months and everyone does it differently. I was assuming I was going into my 5th month which is technically true… if you go off “lunar months” and 10 months of pregnancy. Which, lets face it. Pregnancy is 10 months.  But, technically I’m in the middle of my fourth month if you do it off 9.5 months? I don’t know. Who is counting anyway!

16 Week gym selfie:


So far:

I’m feeling amazing. Not here to brag at all, just here to talk about my pregnancy! My doctor says, “I’m having the perfect pregnancy”. I told him to never say that again. Lol! I can see it now… the worst last few months of a pregnancy ever. I’m having a great pregnancy and I’m so thankful for that. The first 3 months I experienced being exhausted but that was basically the only thing I experienced. That went away literally after my 12th week passed. My boobs are popping out of my bras and my face is full of acne (worse than when I first hit puberty). I mean seriously, this baby is making me ugly. My hair is thinning, not getting thicker… and is so dull. The girl that had the thickest head of hair is now lacking in that department! Isn’t is supposed to be the other way around? My feet get really tingly when I’m tired and it’s so uncomfortable. It just started recently and I have no idea why. I’ve gained 2 KG (4.5 lbs) in my first 16 weeks. The weight part of pregnancy has been my only struggle. This is just the truth.  Having my ups and downs in the weight department and struggling with eating problems since I was a teen has made it a little difficult to watch myself gain weight. Don’t worry, I know that this is for me and my baby and to keep him/her healthy. So hold your comments. Also, I eat like a moose, even more than Jerry does. So, there is no issue! Just something I am and knew I would struggle with. My doctor has assured me my weight gain is perfect. So, I’m on the right track. I still like French Toast.. a lot. Fresh fruit and chocolate. Somedays, I swear I’d drive the hour to Innsbruck just to eat Subway (if I had an automatic car, a blessing I don’t, I’d say). I don’t cry, like I thought I would. I’m not emotional. I’ve realized what matters and what doesn’t and I worry about the things that do, the rest I’ve completely dropped like a bad habit. My taste in music has changed? Is that a pregnancy symptom? My favorite part of my pregnancy? Miika sleeps with her head on my belly at least 6 nights a week, it’s so so sweet. The one other night she is usually mad at me for some reason…..

I believe that the reason I have felt so great is because I have stuck to my normal routine. I mean, on an average day Miika and I walk at least 2-3 miles. Sometimes more depending on what I have to do that day. Wednesday & Friday are always mine and Jerry’s gym day together and on Thursday’s I picked up aqua cycling with swimming. I ride my bike or walk almost anywhere I go (Well, I can’t drive a stick so… I have no choice, HA!) Most days I forget that I’m even pregnant because I have yet to really “feel pregnant”. I know those days are coming….. soon. Any day now we could feel a kick! I’m glad I’ve been able to stick to my routine and feel good enough to do all the activities that I do. I’m slowly but surely starting to notice a little bump! Jerry wakes up every morning, “is it there yet!?!?” haha! Pregnancy isn’t really going by fast for me, at all… I hear that will change soon?



If I have one more person tell me: “Ohhhhhh stop wishing for that belly! It will come and you won’t wish that once you see the stretch marks” or “You’ll regret wishing for that belly!” … I’m going to scream. I mean, you do realize I’m pregnant right? Your belly is a part of your pregnancy. I’m sure at 38 weeks I’m going to want to take that wish back but that is different. I can’t wait for my belly! I think women and their baby belly are so beautiful! It’s such an amazing thing to see.

We had a 16 week check up a few days ago. We may or may not know what the sex is but as I’ve stated, we aren’t telling! I didn’t want to find out period…. but God, are men so impatient. If that man slips…. so help me! The baby’s name is “Sam” (just a nick name while we are pregnant). It’s unisex and will help us to not slip! A girlfriend gave me this idea and I thought, why didn’t I think of that! Great idea. The baby has two hands, two feet, two eyes. So, were pretty happy. As, healthy is what we are worried about. It was so hard to get a good ultra sound photo last week because baby was on the move! “Sam” always has it’s hands up, like a boxer… or maybe a goalie? Haha! We did get a good one of the face and all Jerry and I could see was…. NOSE! We both have such “distinct” noses. I mean, it’s so cute but it really sticks out in all the photos! After I sent the photo to my girlfriend she said, “Amanda, the baby has your chin and big cheek bones! Oh my god!”…. and I realized I didn’t notice until she said something.

Have a look:


Watching Jerry while we are getting an ultra sound is almost as thrilling as seeing our baby up on a big screen. He is so happy and full of smiles the entire time. I swear pregnancy has made me love my husband more than I could ever imagine. I can only imagine what it will be like once the baby arrives. He’s going to be such a wonderful dad. He’s a great person in general, so I was never worried about that. We are so happy and just really trying to enjoy our last few months “alone” before that changes forever!

Our next appointment is not until February 18th but time is flying (not complaining). You know, it’s that time of the hockey season where I’m craving America. I want to go home and work, eat at our favorite places, see our friends and family, sleep in my bed and go shopping at target. Soon, very soon.  Aside from updating (very rarely on here) I’m keeping a pregnancy journal. It has been so fun! I always think… will my kid read this 40 years from now? How cool. So on some pages I put “don’t read this”. Lol! I’m literally writing about everything in there, so I can remember exactly what was going on in my life at this exact moment. Plus, there are a lot of things I’d like to write about on here but can’t and won’t be able to until after hockey. I’ve been writing things down for the past couple of years before. I decided to do that a long time ago, that way I won’t forget a thing I wanted to write about on here and wasn’t able to at that exact moment. All the good, bad, pretty and ugly.


Anyways, that’s all I got over here!

Until next time,

Amanda XX

Milly Goes to Europe

We were super happy when Megan (AKA: Milly) sent us a text with her flight confirmation. She had been talking about coming for awhile but it wasn’t real until I saw it for myself.

Megan, for those of you who don’t know her, is one of my best friends. We’ve actually known each other since the super star basketball days but we became really close through college and especially after. My husband sort of loves her too. Whats not too love?


We drove to Munich to pick megan up. I was supposed to go alone but Jerry said he was “worried” about me driving alone. AKA: He wanted to sleep in a comfortable hotel bed. So, we left late at night and slept in a hotel. We planned on staying in Munich for the day but it was um, -18 and snowing and Miikas paws were freezing to the cement. No joke! Ugh, one day I will experience all of Munich. Megan came with LOTS of christmas gifts…….


Megans first full day in Europe was a “game day” for Jerry. In the morning I showed her around Bruneck, lots of walking with Miika! We met with some of my friends before the game and Megan got to enjoy her first Hugo! Then we headed to the hockey game. I was happy she got to see Jerry play! That was the only home game he had while she was here. For the away games, we cheered from home!


The next day (new years eve) we headed to one of favorite little cities, Brixen (Bressanone). We went shopping for new years eve dresses and had a really nice lunch. The Christmas market was still up so I was glad we both got to enjoy that before they took it down!


We had an amazing New Years Eve dinner at a beautiful hotel up in the mountain – Hotel Petrus! It was an all out celebration. So happy Megan got to experience true european dinner. AKA: 6 courses, lots of presecco and a midnight cheers! After midnight the entire dinner party lit chinese lanterns with all of our new years wishes on them and let them go. It was so fun and so beautiful!




I couldn’t let Megan leave Europe without visiting one of my absolute favorite cities: Innsbruck!

It’s true, I made her eat Subway while we were there. However, I don’t really care much for austrian food anyways lol! I was going to take her to Vapianos but we let ourselves get “hangry” (so hungry that your angry). So, Subway was closer. Megan is a great friend. She didn’t even judge me for eating 3 subway cookies.

I took her shopping and too one of my favorite little pubs that’s tucked away on the shopping street in Innsbruck. An old Irish Pub that I visited with two of my girlfriends last year. The same bartender was behind the bar but somehow didn’t remember me and those 2 crazy blondes from last year ;). We met some really funny Aussie’s who said: “Every American we meet is so nice!”… I wish I could have tapped that and let some people listen to that.

Megan loved Innsbruck!


I knew of an outdoor winter classic going on in the Austrian league (the league Jerry played in the last two years) and wanted Megan to experience a Winter Classic in Europe! So, we jumped in the car with two friends and headed to Klagenfurt, Austria for the game. It was F’ing cold but so worth it! I think she enjoyed it once we got the feeling back in our toes. It was great watching a game and not really caring who wins. Just wish I could have enjoyed some hot wine to keep me warm!


Can you believe we’ve lived in Brunico since August and never went to the top of our ski hill (Kronplatz)? With megan here it was finally time to experience it. Especially with the beautiful snow! We took our friend Claudia and Jerry with us. They all enjoyed a nice drink and I had a nice hot tea! The joys of being the pregnant person 🙂 The views were amazing and I was so happy we finally made it up there to see the views. We all had a lot of fun!




Claudia and Megan enjoyed a shot or… three once we got down to the bottom again!


It’s safe to say Milly made some good friends while in Bruneck!

Jerry finally got a free day from hockey so we got to drag him on a day trip with the girls! We headed to Bolzano to do some shopping, eat and watch our friends hockey game. Megan got to get her first taste of Zara! That’s right, us Michigan girls have no clue what Zara is until someone tells us about it…… not cool! She loved it. The Christmas Market there was also still open! We had lots of fun shopping and then I took them to my favorite restaurant in Bolzano for a nice lunch before we headed to the hockey game.




We spent the last day in Bruneck saying goodbye to some of Megans new friends and visiting some places she wanted to see before we packed her up! Squeezing in a few more Hugos before she heads back to USA was a must!


Milly’s European trip would end with an overnight stay in Venice. My FAVORITE city in Europe! I haven’t seen them all but this one will always be my favorite. You’ve heard me say this before but it’s just so special. Anyways, it was Megans first ever train ride!  Exciting! Minus the getting up at 5 AM part, haha! We checked in to our hotel and were immediately upgraded to a suite right on the canal! OH MY GOD. Amazing! Ugh, I could just die! We headed out and stopped at one of my favorite little lunch places, where I also took my nane last December. Nothing special just a good spot for lunch and the name is slipping my mind right now. Then we headed out after fueling up and grabbing a cappuccino to go. TIme to get lost! The city was dead … preparing for Carneval as it starts in about two weeks!

I think were ready for carneval!


I told Megan to drop her maps because were getting lost in Venice baby! The best way to see Venice is to “get lost” and see everything. Even the side streets, the residential area, just everything.


We found our way to a gondola, as that was obviously at the top of Megs list of things to do! We ended up hitting the “jackpot” …no we didn’t get a gondola for less than $60 but our gondolier was amazing! His name was Andreas and he made the $60 so worth it. Let me tell you first, that a gondola ride for $60 does not come often and that was only for a 15-20 minute ride! He told us about all the building in Venice and gave us so much history, things even I didn’t know.



I was so excited to get on the gondola and show Megan exactly where Jerry proposed! It was so fun and we had lots of laughs with Andreas. We finally decided to take a break and sit down for a little before we found a place for dinner. I assured Megan we’d be walking into a random place and hoping for the best. That’s what I always do in Venice! And guess what? I’ve NEVER had a bad meal! I won’t lie, we were nervous at first….. and it’s hard because there are so many things I cannot eat right now because I’m pregnant. It can be frustrating but we found stuff and made it work… and our dinner was amazing! When we left you couldn’t get a seat in the place, so obviously we did something right!

A few extras from our trip:




It was a beautiful trip! We ended the night at our hotel with a drink and a nice hot shower (in a BIG shower) something I haven’t experienced in 5 months! I stayed in there for a half hour. Megan had to be up at 430 AM to catch her plane, my train didn’t leave until 8 am but I was up since Megan left. Of course! I had quite a long travel day back to Bruneck but it was so worth it to spend time with one of my best friends in my favorite city ever!

Jerry and I were so happy to have a slice of home here in Bruneck and she couldn’t have come at a better time. It was good to have a good friend here to remind us of how loved we are and remind us that we have so many people at home who love and miss us. I’m so glad that Megan took the leap and came to Europe. Traveling at our age is so important, there is no better time. It’s always so nice to open our doors to visitors so they can see our life over here and what it’s like for us. Instead of being a tourists, they are locals like us, which my grandma said was one of her favorite parts of visiting us last year.

Thanks Meg for putting up with my pregnancy hormones & crazy goalie wife superstitions. I wish we could have enjoyed more vino but I know you and Jerry did! We hope this was an experience you will never forget and that you get to come again , another hockey season! It was so good to laugh until our stomachs hurt (watching home videos from college) and have someone to talk to on my walks with Miika so I don’t look crazy talking to myself. You made new friends, tried new food, shopped in new stores and visited cities people can only dream of! We can’t repay you for all the things you do for us and what a great friend you are but I hope this experience helps a little. Everyone you met here in Bruneck LOVES you and has had nothing but good things to say about you, of course. We love you and see you in THREE months – Redwing play off hockey, birthday celebrations with all of our friends, DETROIT food, and a summer of excitement! (minus over consumption of alcohol at Luke Bryan)!


As for me, school is back in session and I’m back to full weeks of English Tutoring! I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye too all of the kids and families, I’ve gotten so close with.  I’m in my 16th week of pregnancy. Still no bump, still no sickness, and I have gained 3.5 lbs! I guess this is where all my good karma is kicking in? I’ll take it! Tomorrow I go to the doctor but just to be weighed, blood pressure and all that. I’m not supposed to have an ultra sound but Mr. Kuhn plans on asking if I can because he’s dying to know what we are having. I’m planning on him finding out and not telling me. As for hockey, We are a few games shy of playoffs starting. Playoffs?! Crazy! Hoping for the best for Jerry and the team. Good luck and good vibes our way! Before we know it, it will be time to head home to our amazing families and friends. We are looking forward to this summer more than all the last summers by a long shot! (…. I’m dying for American food and too get back to work).

Until next time – Peace + Love,

Amanda xx

My blog about another blog post.

I want, and need to write this to get it off my chest and because at 23 and married I just feel way to old and lame to write an indirect Facebook status towards someone (sarcasm). I don’t care how many people read, who reads it, or why you read it. It’s for me so I can stop carrying these negative feelings around in my body.

A few days ago I shared this blog post (please read for a good laugh, don’t forget peoples comments at the bottom) on Facebook, after a million 23 year old single people and others posted it to their Facebook page. Posting it with comments like: “NO OFFENSE”, “HAHA SO TRUE I LOVE BEING SINGLE”, “SINGLE IS THE WAY TO BE”, “WHO GETS ENGAGED AT 23?!”.


The one that struck me the most was, “no offense”. Oh, no offense? So at one point it crossed your mind that this post might offend someone reading it. Am I right? Maybe that person you thought it would offend was me, maybe it wasn’t. But, considering I had commented on another article you had shared (guess what it was about? oh, young marriage). Yeah, you can say that I thought your “no offense” comment was probably, maybe directed towards me. 

The person that said “no offense”, is a friend of a friend, and maybe a couple other friends – and for some reason I’m Facebook friends with her. At no time was I bashing her for her opinion or posting this article. Considering 1 million people posted it that day. 

Okay so, I post this article and had about 15 comments, all of them supporting me except one. From the same person that posted the article and said, “no offense”. 

Her comment:

“I do hope you know just because I reposted it means I’m bashing, unhappy, jealous, or think marriage is stupid. I don’t, I purely thought it was humorous. If it offended, sorry girl.”

Let’s remember that there were a million people that posted this article on my timeline. Let’s also remember that I never called this person unhappy, jealous or assumed she thinks marriage is stupid. She came up with those theories all on her own, and NO ONE that commented on my post knew where I got the article from. Sensing a feeling of guilt from someone? Me too. You find this humorous? I find it disgusting and embarrassing and a few other things. And yeah, I’ll say it – even though its a stupid post from some girl sitting behind her computer, bored, wanting to see her stats go sky rocketing over her small minded opinions. 

I was offended.

Off topic:

 Something that maybe only a few of you reading this will understand. Being away from friends and family for months at a time is hard. I have a hard time keeping friends. Mostly because none of them can take the time to send me a simple text message and I get sick of having to do it first, so the “it works both ways”, isn’t cutting it anymore. It doesn’t help we are constantly moving. With that being said, I do have a couple friends that always check in with me, and I’m thankful for that. In the past two years I’ve become sensitive, when I used to be tough as nails. I care about what people think about me. I wonder if people like me. I wonder what people say behind my back. I’m more quiet. I don’t always say what’s on my mind, which used to be the complete opposite. I’m just…different then I used to be. I don’t trust women. Very few. I don’t think the things that have changed about me are bad but it is different. I never cared what people thought about me, what girls liked me, and I’ve had “talking a lot” on ever report card since I was 6.

I assume these things happen to a lot of girls that are in the same situation as me, maybe not. We meet so many people, every season, new girlfriends, some you stay close with, some you never talk to again. Some you’ve never met but talk to through the computer.  I seriously talk to more girls I never met in real life, more then some people I thought were my best friends. 

So, maybe I’m being sensitive to the fact that I didn’t hear from a lot of my friends over the holidays, or that I’m trying to figure out where I belong, who my friends really are, or that I’m the only one of my few friends that is “young and married” so I find it necessary to stick up for myself.

Back on topic:

This person that posted, “no offense” is also friends with one of my really good girlfriend and another  girl that was going to be MOH in our wedding (who I’ve known since I was 7). That night I posted this post I get a text from my friend defending her friend. (did I lose you yet) Okay, so why couldn’t this girl just message me? She had to get someone else involved. I’m obviously rattled that my friend wanted to stick up for her other friend….

“Why would I be offended?”

Newsflash: I’m 23 and married.

I dropped it and let it go.

THEN last night, I lay my head on my pillow and slip into dream land. Actually had an amazing sleep, was probably the 5 glasses of red wine….only to wake up to a text from A DIFFERENT person. Also, defending her friend. 

I rubbed my eyes: “Is this real life”.

(nothing like waking up from a nice sleep to a rude ass text message huh?)

I haven’t talked to this second person since I told her Jerry and I weren’t having a wedding anymore. No text to tell me safe travels when I left for Europe, no Happy Thanksgiving, no Merry Christmas. Oh, just one message a month ago when my uncle was in the hospital. I assume her i-messaging was broken.

I want to let you all know that I have been working on this friendship for most of my adult life. Trying to fix it, trying to be friends, trying to understand why we can’t be the same friends we were when we were little – Something my husband has been baffled by since the day I met him but he’s never stopped me from trying. I decided before the New Year that this friendship and many others were going to be at the very bottom of my “shit to care about” list.

But this…..this post….. “23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23” got my childhood best friend, supposed to be MOH to acknowledge me!!!!!!!! It got her and her friend that “didn’t want me to be offended” to sit down and discuss me, talk about how ridiculous I’am for having an opinion, about a blog post they thought was “silly”. To text me and tell me that “I’m entitled to my opinion” but then be mad about my opinion? Contradicting. Yes. To tell me you’ve “done nothing but support my marriage”? I never thought you didn’t support my marriage but um, how exactly do you support my marriage? And to top it off, you are sorry you couldn’t help me with everything for my wedding because that’s the way the world works? 

Back to the off topic subject: 

You started drama for me and I’m not even in the same time zone as you. You went out of your way to keep talking about a post that you thought was “silly”. And perhaps, this is why you aren’t 23 and engaged. 

While you 2 are sitting talking about me, I’m silently sleeping after a day of worry and stress about my husbands career. When you posted this blog post the other day, I had probably had another long day of stress and worry, because that’s all I’ve done for the last 4 months. But you wouldn’t know that because you don’t check in with me and well one of you isn’t even my friend. You wouldn’t know ANYTHING.

I know, my life probably seems so easy. My husband plays hockey (so he probably makes so much money!!!!!!! wrong). We live in europe (so we like travel the world everyday!!!!!!! wrong). I don’t work (she just lays around all day and drinks wine!!!!!! wrong). 

Back on topic:

I realize this is all so stupid, and kind of all over the place. But I needed to get it off my chest, and I thought some people might even feel the same way I do – because I wasn’t the only person offended by someones comments and this article.

Today on my morning walk with Miika I got to thinking….

And, I would like to thank the idiot behind that post for making me realize so many things this morning – I’m serious.

First of all, that it took your idiotic, ridiculous reasoning, to make my “friend” finally send me a text message. 

You made me finally realize it’s time to let go of people who don’t deserve room in my heart. 

And a million other things,

but mostly that I deserve to be happy.

I shouldn’t have to defend myself. 

But I’m not sorry that I posted that blog on my Facebook, or the comments I made. 

And because I couldn’t have come up with a better response back to the girl that wrote this blog post myself, I give it up to this girl who did: read this

This felt good.

I’m gonna go finish my husbands pre game meal, and then go out with a girlfriend downtown to laugh & have some lunch. 






We’re back

Greetings from Ljubljana!

We are back, and for the most part settled in. I’m so happy to be back with Jerry. Miika and I are still  fighting the jet lag, and I’m fighting a pretty brutal cold but other then that we are doing well.

Our apartment is like the Taj Mahal compared to last season – it’s very homey.  Miika loves her roof top terrace and watching the trains (barking at street cats) out the window. We are right across the street from the hockey rink and Tivoli park (where we spend a lot of time).


Jerry and I have only had a couple days to catch up, as he left for 2 road games yesterday morning.  I’m ready for him to get back to us already. However, the past 2 days have been amazing. I got to catch up with old friends, and meet some new friends! We’ve had great weather the past two days, so we’ve spent most of our time outside. You never take sunny, warm days for granted in Europe.

Today we started our morning on the PST trail and ended it with a nice afternoon in the city center (downtown)! Time well spent on this beautiful day.



Until next time, Adijo – Ciao!

The Kuhns