Second Trimester – Baby Kuhn

I’m well into my second trimester of pregnancy, in my 17th week to be exact!

While Megan was here we had to explain trimesters to Jerry. But he wasn’t the only one that had questions! Apparently “months” in pregnancy are a really confusing thing and my aunt (whom works at my gynecologist that will be delivering baby Kuhn in America) told me to give up on months and just use weeks. It’s really confusing to go off months and everyone does it differently. I was assuming I was going into my 5th month which is technically true… if you go off “lunar months” and 10 months of pregnancy. Which, lets face it. Pregnancy is 10 months.  But, technically I’m in the middle of my fourth month if you do it off 9.5 months? I don’t know. Who is counting anyway!

16 Week gym selfie:


So far:

I’m feeling amazing. Not here to brag at all, just here to talk about my pregnancy! My doctor says, “I’m having the perfect pregnancy”. I told him to never say that again. Lol! I can see it now… the worst last few months of a pregnancy ever. I’m having a great pregnancy and I’m so thankful for that. The first 3 months I experienced being exhausted but that was basically the only thing I experienced. That went away literally after my 12th week passed. My boobs are popping out of my bras and my face is full of acne (worse than when I first hit puberty). I mean seriously, this baby is making me ugly. My hair is thinning, not getting thicker… and is so dull. The girl that had the thickest head of hair is now lacking in that department! Isn’t is supposed to be the other way around? My feet get really tingly when I’m tired and it’s so uncomfortable. It just started recently and I have no idea why. I’ve gained 2 KG (4.5 lbs) in my first 16 weeks. The weight part of pregnancy has been my only struggle. This is just the truth.  Having my ups and downs in the weight department and struggling with eating problems since I was a teen has made it a little difficult to watch myself gain weight. Don’t worry, I know that this is for me and my baby and to keep him/her healthy. So hold your comments. Also, I eat like a moose, even more than Jerry does. So, there is no issue! Just something I am and knew I would struggle with. My doctor has assured me my weight gain is perfect. So, I’m on the right track. I still like French Toast.. a lot. Fresh fruit and chocolate. Somedays, I swear I’d drive the hour to Innsbruck just to eat Subway (if I had an automatic car, a blessing I don’t, I’d say). I don’t cry, like I thought I would. I’m not emotional. I’ve realized what matters and what doesn’t and I worry about the things that do, the rest I’ve completely dropped like a bad habit. My taste in music has changed? Is that a pregnancy symptom? My favorite part of my pregnancy? Miika sleeps with her head on my belly at least 6 nights a week, it’s so so sweet. The one other night she is usually mad at me for some reason…..

I believe that the reason I have felt so great is because I have stuck to my normal routine. I mean, on an average day Miika and I walk at least 2-3 miles. Sometimes more depending on what I have to do that day. Wednesday & Friday are always mine and Jerry’s gym day together and on Thursday’s I picked up aqua cycling with swimming. I ride my bike or walk almost anywhere I go (Well, I can’t drive a stick so… I have no choice, HA!) Most days I forget that I’m even pregnant because I have yet to really “feel pregnant”. I know those days are coming….. soon. Any day now we could feel a kick! I’m glad I’ve been able to stick to my routine and feel good enough to do all the activities that I do. I’m slowly but surely starting to notice a little bump! Jerry wakes up every morning, “is it there yet!?!?” haha! Pregnancy isn’t really going by fast for me, at all… I hear that will change soon?



If I have one more person tell me: “Ohhhhhh stop wishing for that belly! It will come and you won’t wish that once you see the stretch marks” or “You’ll regret wishing for that belly!” … I’m going to scream. I mean, you do realize I’m pregnant right? Your belly is a part of your pregnancy. I’m sure at 38 weeks I’m going to want to take that wish back but that is different. I can’t wait for my belly! I think women and their baby belly are so beautiful! It’s such an amazing thing to see.

We had a 16 week check up a few days ago. We may or may not know what the sex is but as I’ve stated, we aren’t telling! I didn’t want to find out period…. but God, are men so impatient. If that man slips…. so help me! The baby’s name is “Sam” (just a nick name while we are pregnant). It’s unisex and will help us to not slip! A girlfriend gave me this idea and I thought, why didn’t I think of that! Great idea. The baby has two hands, two feet, two eyes. So, were pretty happy. As, healthy is what we are worried about. It was so hard to get a good ultra sound photo last week because baby was on the move! “Sam” always has it’s hands up, like a boxer… or maybe a goalie? Haha! We did get a good one of the face and all Jerry and I could see was…. NOSE! We both have such “distinct” noses. I mean, it’s so cute but it really sticks out in all the photos! After I sent the photo to my girlfriend she said, “Amanda, the baby has your chin and big cheek bones! Oh my god!”…. and I realized I didn’t notice until she said something.

Have a look:


Watching Jerry while we are getting an ultra sound is almost as thrilling as seeing our baby up on a big screen. He is so happy and full of smiles the entire time. I swear pregnancy has made me love my husband more than I could ever imagine. I can only imagine what it will be like once the baby arrives. He’s going to be such a wonderful dad. He’s a great person in general, so I was never worried about that. We are so happy and just really trying to enjoy our last few months “alone” before that changes forever!

Our next appointment is not until February 18th but time is flying (not complaining). You know, it’s that time of the hockey season where I’m craving America. I want to go home and work, eat at our favorite places, see our friends and family, sleep in my bed and go shopping at target. Soon, very soon.  Aside from updating (very rarely on here) I’m keeping a pregnancy journal. It has been so fun! I always think… will my kid read this 40 years from now? How cool. So on some pages I put “don’t read this”. Lol! I’m literally writing about everything in there, so I can remember exactly what was going on in my life at this exact moment. Plus, there are a lot of things I’d like to write about on here but can’t and won’t be able to until after hockey. I’ve been writing things down for the past couple of years before. I decided to do that a long time ago, that way I won’t forget a thing I wanted to write about on here and wasn’t able to at that exact moment. All the good, bad, pretty and ugly.


Anyways, that’s all I got over here!

Until next time,

Amanda XX


Christmas Came Early.


Today, was a GREAT day (electronically) for us. So, of course I’m going to blog about it… then I can look back in a year and laugh at how ridiculous this process was. (well, hopefully laugh….it hasn’t been funny…yet) It’s been a long 3 months of 5 English channels and Internet that stops working every other hour. (Frustrating when you have online classes). I can now recite the last 3 seasons of the Kardashians from memory. It’s on all day here..seriously.

I will be happy to lay in our bed, do homework, watch TV, and surf the web while Jerry sits on the couch in the living room and plays video games. :HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE: I can’t wait for our next ‘day off’ just so Jerry and I can lay in bed and watch TV for hours. A big Thank You to Telemach for making our apartment complete. My apologies to the nice cable man who watched me cry on Monday, then had to come back and face me today. I’ve been called a “glass case of emotion” once or…twice. I know Jerry, I’m emotionally embarrassing.