Mini Amsterdam – Groningen

Hi there!

Yes, I’m alive. (#momlife)… I’ve been neglecting this space and I miss it. I’ve promised myself to get on here and write at least once a month. I always have people mentioning they love that I have all of this too look back on and in the back of my head I’m sad that I haven’t got to writing much this “year” or  rather,”season” as we hockey families refer to years. I have a draft on here for London, life update, breastfeeding, the list goes on… I’m the worst!


(PC: Carina Conrad Photography)

Andi and I (and Jerry) are so lucky to have found friends here in Bremerhaven that we consider family. Andi’s babysitter and her family have been wonderful to us all year. I just wish we would have met them sooner (last season) because they have truly been a blessing to us. Liia is Andi’s babyistter, I don’t even really like referring to her as that because she’s so much more than that!… they have the cutest little relationship.

Andi and Liia on Christmas:


We had planned to head down to Augsburg (about 30 minutes from Munich) to watch Jerry’s team play Liia’s dad’s  (he is the assistant coach in Augsburg) team back in January. It’s not very close and would have been a lot for just a couple of days. So, we settled on going to Groningen (Netherlands). I’ve been dying to head that way so we made a girls trip out of it while the boys were out of town. Groningen is about 2 hours from here (1 hour before Amsterdam).

We stayed at the cutest little hotel right in the city (The Student Hotel). It is actually half hotel/half short-term lodging for students. SO many students in Groningen from all over the world! It was great to hear people speaking English for a change.  We didn’t need anything special as we were just spending the night. The decor throughout the entire hotel was beyond amazing! The rooms are decorated as if you are in a dorm room. A really cute dorm room! There is a restaurant downstairs that has an amazing breakfast and at night you can get drinks at the bar. At night all of the college kids were downstairs hanging out in the common areas, drinking beers & doing homework. Overall, great place! AND to my surprise… very very quiet.


The hotel is in the perfect location so after Andi was in bed, Liia stayed with her so Anke and I could grab some drinks. There are some cute bars very close to the hotel.

De Garage – So cute! Renovated space in an old garage (hence, the name).. and throughout the week they do a “pot luck” style lunch. They were closing but the nice lady let us come in and have a beer.


De Toeter – An amazing whiskey bar! Over 300 whiskeys to try and over 100 different beers! Definitely a spot to hit in Groningen if you are looking for a fun time.


We had the whole next day to explore! It was still pretty cold out but we were more than happy that the SUN was shining!!!


I was dying to check out this “kids” store that’s home base is in Groningen (A Little Lovely Company)… it is every bit of lovely! I’ve followed them on Instagram for a long time. So I was happy I finally got to check it out for myself! They have two stores in Groningen. If you have kids, the flagship store is a must stop. They have a play area for kids and a mini cafe for coffee and relaxing! I wanted to live in this store….or buy everything.


AMAZING! Right!? Check out the link to the store I posted above. You won’t be disappointed.

Groningen is a lot like Amsterdam. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Amsterdam….so that is quite a compliment. Canals, coffee shops (and by coffee, I mean joints), amazing stores, great restaurants, delicious cafes, bikes & more bikes… everything good. The Dutch people do everything right! Not to mention they are all very, very nice people. I just LOVE everything about the Netherlands. I have nothing negative to say about that country. Whenever I’m in the Netherlands, I hope to never leave. I fall in love a little more each time.


I’m so happy we did a mini trip with Liia and Anke! It made for good memories that we will never forget.

I traveled a lot before Andi came along and it was great, really great. But… there is something so so so special about doing all of this with her. One day I hope she looks back at all of these memories and it makes her smile. I hope it pushes her to travel and maybe even visit all the places she was when she was little and living in Europe. We are lucky, that’s for sure. ❤


Until next time, Netherlands!


Baby Andi – 8 months

I know, I say it every month… but “where does the time go”? Really, where does it go. My tiny human is 8 months (and not to rush, but that means 4 months until her FIRST birthday!) Make TIME SLOW DOWN!

Since here we don’t do another doctors appointment until 1 year, I have no idea if Andi has grown in length but I’m positive she is 20+ lbs.


Fun things: Andi is “talking” … Yes, “da da” was her first word. She is getting on her knees and preparing to crawl (until she falls flat on her belly and starts screaming for us, haha!) Likes to use her hands to “wave”. She “growls” for fun and is starting to play “peek a boo”.  She’s doing great at swimming, kicking her feet and “jumping” to mommy into the pool!

Other things: Andi is in a definite clingy stage. Cries if I leave the room. Loves her daddy but if she sees me she lunges (lol). Everyone loves that Andi always has a smile on her face. Still not a long napper and enjoys her cat naps. 2 or 3 throughout the day which is fine because she sleeps through the night with the occasional waking up to nurse (which is fine because I HATE pumping!). Andi is still breastfed exclusively, not eating a lot of purees and has now moved on to a more “baby led weaning” type of eating. She eats whatever I prepare for her.. loves sweet potatoes, papaya and beets… and bread (typical german girl).

February flew by. 

I had the cutest Valentine. Jerry and I have never celebrated Valentines Day but now we kind of have a reason to make it a day full of extra love! Jerry was on the road but we sent him lots of pictures.


We had a visitor this month! Andi’s great-grandma came to see us. We had a great time and made a lot of memories. We even took her to our new favorite city, Amsterdam! She loved it.


Jerry always gives Andi “spider man” kisses and… I think she’s caught on. I love being this little monkeys mama!


Andi loves our lunch/dinner dates with daddy. She sits at the table our entire meal and goes through lots of snacks, banging spoons, and chats our ears off.


She was so great on our trip to Amsterdam. I think she will be quite the travel bug when she is older. Enjoys being out and about in her stroller! She is a little “nosy” and doesn’t like to miss a beat. So lucky to have this cute travel pal on my side!


This picture is so important to me. I know breastfeeding can be a touchy subject (I don’t know why)… it should be positive talk. 8 months of BF through dinners, hockey games, long nights. I never thought we’d make it past one month but here we are. We deserve a pat on the back, Andi. I love this bond with you and I’m forever thankful I’ve been able to give this to you. ❤


We finished off February and started the Month of March with Jerry’s last regular season game before playoffs start. Andi no longer sleeps a wink at daddy’s games I used to get her to sleep at least a period in her stroller. It can be tiring (especially Friday night games) but we are here to support Mr. Kuhn and that’s what were going to do! He wants his girls there in the stands, how could we say no?! Andi (ask the fans) sits on my lap, smiling and “flirting” with everyone around us. She seriously loves watching! But I think her favorite part is seeing her papa after a big win…


Here’s to a good March & playoff go! We are ready to support our #35 and the rest of the Pinguins! Send them good luck wishes and keep them in your prayers. 

March will be a very busy month for us and I have a feeling by the next month update I’ll be telling you Andi is on the move! I’m going to be soaking up every minute with her because I feel like time is just flying every, single, day.

We are off on a mini “vacation” before playoffs start. Excited to see old friends and enjoy a nice massage. But mostly excited to relax with my little fam! Miika is going to be so excited when she realizes where were going…

Until next month… XO

Baby Andi Update – 4 & 5 months!

4 & 5 month update! Going on 6 months.

Oops, I fell a little behind! Just busy loving on this chunkey monkey of ours. It’s hard to find time to write but now that we have more of a routine going on in our life, it’s better!

This is all off the top of my head and a little scattered, I’m trying to remember everything over the past couple of months. My mom brain is off the charts. So don’t judge my terrible writing and keeping up. Enjoy 🙂

4 Months:11781737_10206433392291665_6611664213260003689_n

{Andi’s leggings and headband are from our friend Bonnie over at “the minted moose” – she makes the cutest organic baby clothes and accessories! check her out.}

We “celebrated” Andi’s 4 month birthday in Amsterdam. Our first family trip. Okay, it wasn’t for her 4 month birthday but we can keep that between us. I’ll ask her in a couple of years if she remembers everything she learned at the Anne Frank Haus! (PS: Amsterdam, is AMAZING).


At 4.5 months Andi was weighing in at: 15.5 lbs! 

The doctor could NOT believe it. When we got to Germany Andi was “under weight”, a very tiny thing and we were monitioring her weight gain. Now, she’s in the 99 percentile. We are confident she is at least 17 lbs now, my arms can feel it.

Height: Um, I’m a bad mom and not to sure.. we will find out again in January! 😉

Eyes: Blue. No idea where she gets them!

Skills: Andi rolled over at about 4.5 months, noticed when mom left the room, started solids, started swim class, noticed she had a doggy!

Random things about Andi: hates napping alone, loves napping “outside” on walks, gets bored quickly, enjoys dad’s hockey games but hates when they score goals (too loud), doesn’t want to take a bottle… only moms boob. (Yes mom, I know this is my fault). Loves the bath & swim class! The slightest noise can wake her up (this is brutal).. this chick loves hanging with her dad, even if it means chores! 😉


12311094_10206632597711676_6202052562969588646_nFoods: Andi is still breastfed but… working on veggies (zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, avocado (yeah a fruit or veggie? who knows the truth, haha) We are starting fruits this week! Baby Andi is not a fan of rice cereal. She loves letting her puppy sister lick her hands clean.

While my girlfriend was in town at the beginning of November I had my “first night out”. I didn’t last very long and all I could think about was Andi the entire time. Kailee tried really hard to make sure I enjoyed myself but really, I just wanted to be home. It was fun to pull out my old dance moves on the dance floor though!

We spent Thanksgiving with our hockey family. My girlfriend Ellie kills it in the kitchen and made us all feel right at home. Andi’s daddy dressed her up for Thanksgiving (his favorite thing to do with her!):


5 Months:


How amazing our her rolls? Love!

Andi spent her “5 month birthday” going under water for the first time at swim class! We are really enjoying swim class here. It gives us something to do outside of the house and her daddy loves watching her swim. We know almost all of the nursery rhymes in German now! AJ really loves watching her swim teacher sing.

New things: Andi has a touch of “seperation anxiety” if we walk away from her or out of the room, banging things on the ground, sitting up more, sleeping long stretches at night, wants to eat/drink everything we have in our hands, trying very hard to laugh, interested in books, loves music on when we get ready for bed!

At 5 months or a little before, we moved Andi into her own bedroom. I knew it was time when we were really disturbing her sleep by even moving. Sometimes we co-slept, sometimes Andi was in her crib that was in our room. It was time for her to have her “own space” and quiet place to rest and be comfortable in. I cried a lot the first two nights but it has been better for both of us. A well rested mommy is much better than a tired one! It has gone really well and I’m happy we made the change when we did. Plus, Andi needs the sound machine on and her daddy hates it! Me? I love that thing and miss having it on all night.

Daddy is always spoiling her with new toys!


Daddy’s hockey games are a definite workout with this little monkey. She has a love/hate relationship with the games (and so do I, haha). She loves “watching” and looking around but when the boys score it’s full on tears! The rink gets very loud and she is not about that. We love looking for daddy at the end of a win to give us a wave.


(we don’t always wear PJ’s to daddy’s games but…. sometimes we have accidents, oops!) – My mom sent over a bunch of Pj’s less than two months ago and she is already growing out of all of them! Yikes, they grow SO fast.

Andi & Indy are so much fun too watch. They really recognize eachother now and soon will be able to sit and play. They are besties! We love them.


 Andi’s next appointment is in January for her next round of shots. We will get an update on all her “stats” and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown since all her last measurements.

She is a very happy, smiley baby but she has bad days too. Babies are always changing so the next day might not be like the last. You never know what you are going to get, they like to keep it exciting…and exhausting! We are just happy that she is healthy and growing. Jerry and I are loving being parents to this little monkey. Our life has changed so much the last 5.5 months but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, watching your husband love on his daughter? Nothing better. Heart explodes everyday. Being a mommy is hard work and definitely the most emotional ride I’ve ever been on. No idea how we’ve made it almost half of a year with a little human but we are doing it! Pat on the back.

I love catching you all up on Andi since we are so far away. Stayed tuned, who knows what this little one will be up too next month. Big hugs to everyone at home.