Mini Amsterdam – Groningen

Hi there!

Yes, I’m alive. (#momlife)… I’ve been neglecting this space and I miss it. I’ve promised myself to get on here and write at least once a month. I always have people mentioning they love that I have all of this too look back on and in the back of my head I’m sad that I haven’t got to writing much this “year” or  rather,”season” as we hockey families refer to years. I have a draft on here for London, life update, breastfeeding, the list goes on… I’m the worst!


(PC: Carina Conrad Photography)

Andi and I (and Jerry) are so lucky to have found friends here in Bremerhaven that we consider family. Andi’s babysitter and her family have been wonderful to us all year. I just wish we would have met them sooner (last season) because they have truly been a blessing to us. Liia is Andi’s babyistter, I don’t even really like referring to her as that because she’s so much more than that!… they have the cutest little relationship.

Andi and Liia on Christmas:


We had planned to head down to Augsburg (about 30 minutes from Munich) to watch Jerry’s team play Liia’s dad’s  (he is the assistant coach in Augsburg) team back in January. It’s not very close and would have been a lot for just a couple of days. So, we settled on going to Groningen (Netherlands). I’ve been dying to head that way so we made a girls trip out of it while the boys were out of town. Groningen is about 2 hours from here (1 hour before Amsterdam).

We stayed at the cutest little hotel right in the city (The Student Hotel). It is actually half hotel/half short-term lodging for students. SO many students in Groningen from all over the world! It was great to hear people speaking English for a change.  We didn’t need anything special as we were just spending the night. The decor throughout the entire hotel was beyond amazing! The rooms are decorated as if you are in a dorm room. A really cute dorm room! There is a restaurant downstairs that has an amazing breakfast and at night you can get drinks at the bar. At night all of the college kids were downstairs hanging out in the common areas, drinking beers & doing homework. Overall, great place! AND to my surprise… very very quiet.


The hotel is in the perfect location so after Andi was in bed, Liia stayed with her so Anke and I could grab some drinks. There are some cute bars very close to the hotel.

De Garage – So cute! Renovated space in an old garage (hence, the name).. and throughout the week they do a “pot luck” style lunch. They were closing but the nice lady let us come in and have a beer.


De Toeter – An amazing whiskey bar! Over 300 whiskeys to try and over 100 different beers! Definitely a spot to hit in Groningen if you are looking for a fun time.


We had the whole next day to explore! It was still pretty cold out but we were more than happy that the SUN was shining!!!


I was dying to check out this “kids” store that’s home base is in Groningen (A Little Lovely Company)… it is every bit of lovely! I’ve followed them on Instagram for a long time. So I was happy I finally got to check it out for myself! They have two stores in Groningen. If you have kids, the flagship store is a must stop. They have a play area for kids and a mini cafe for coffee and relaxing! I wanted to live in this store….or buy everything.


AMAZING! Right!? Check out the link to the store I posted above. You won’t be disappointed.

Groningen is a lot like Amsterdam. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Amsterdam….so that is quite a compliment. Canals, coffee shops (and by coffee, I mean joints), amazing stores, great restaurants, delicious cafes, bikes & more bikes… everything good. The Dutch people do everything right! Not to mention they are all very, very nice people. I just LOVE everything about the Netherlands. I have nothing negative to say about that country. Whenever I’m in the Netherlands, I hope to never leave. I fall in love a little more each time.


I’m so happy we did a mini trip with Liia and Anke! It made for good memories that we will never forget.

I traveled a lot before Andi came along and it was great, really great. But… there is something so so so special about doing all of this with her. One day I hope she looks back at all of these memories and it makes her smile. I hope it pushes her to travel and maybe even visit all the places she was when she was little and living in Europe. We are lucky, that’s for sure. ❤


Until next time, Netherlands!


Milly Goes to Europe

We were super happy when Megan (AKA: Milly) sent us a text with her flight confirmation. She had been talking about coming for awhile but it wasn’t real until I saw it for myself.

Megan, for those of you who don’t know her, is one of my best friends. We’ve actually known each other since the super star basketball days but we became really close through college and especially after. My husband sort of loves her too. Whats not too love?


We drove to Munich to pick megan up. I was supposed to go alone but Jerry said he was “worried” about me driving alone. AKA: He wanted to sleep in a comfortable hotel bed. So, we left late at night and slept in a hotel. We planned on staying in Munich for the day but it was um, -18 and snowing and Miikas paws were freezing to the cement. No joke! Ugh, one day I will experience all of Munich. Megan came with LOTS of christmas gifts…….


Megans first full day in Europe was a “game day” for Jerry. In the morning I showed her around Bruneck, lots of walking with Miika! We met with some of my friends before the game and Megan got to enjoy her first Hugo! Then we headed to the hockey game. I was happy she got to see Jerry play! That was the only home game he had while she was here. For the away games, we cheered from home!


The next day (new years eve) we headed to one of favorite little cities, Brixen (Bressanone). We went shopping for new years eve dresses and had a really nice lunch. The Christmas market was still up so I was glad we both got to enjoy that before they took it down!


We had an amazing New Years Eve dinner at a beautiful hotel up in the mountain – Hotel Petrus! It was an all out celebration. So happy Megan got to experience true european dinner. AKA: 6 courses, lots of presecco and a midnight cheers! After midnight the entire dinner party lit chinese lanterns with all of our new years wishes on them and let them go. It was so fun and so beautiful!




I couldn’t let Megan leave Europe without visiting one of my absolute favorite cities: Innsbruck!

It’s true, I made her eat Subway while we were there. However, I don’t really care much for austrian food anyways lol! I was going to take her to Vapianos but we let ourselves get “hangry” (so hungry that your angry). So, Subway was closer. Megan is a great friend. She didn’t even judge me for eating 3 subway cookies.

I took her shopping and too one of my favorite little pubs that’s tucked away on the shopping street in Innsbruck. An old Irish Pub that I visited with two of my girlfriends last year. The same bartender was behind the bar but somehow didn’t remember me and those 2 crazy blondes from last year ;). We met some really funny Aussie’s who said: “Every American we meet is so nice!”… I wish I could have tapped that and let some people listen to that.

Megan loved Innsbruck!


I knew of an outdoor winter classic going on in the Austrian league (the league Jerry played in the last two years) and wanted Megan to experience a Winter Classic in Europe! So, we jumped in the car with two friends and headed to Klagenfurt, Austria for the game. It was F’ing cold but so worth it! I think she enjoyed it once we got the feeling back in our toes. It was great watching a game and not really caring who wins. Just wish I could have enjoyed some hot wine to keep me warm!


Can you believe we’ve lived in Brunico since August and never went to the top of our ski hill (Kronplatz)? With megan here it was finally time to experience it. Especially with the beautiful snow! We took our friend Claudia and Jerry with us. They all enjoyed a nice drink and I had a nice hot tea! The joys of being the pregnant person 🙂 The views were amazing and I was so happy we finally made it up there to see the views. We all had a lot of fun!




Claudia and Megan enjoyed a shot or… three once we got down to the bottom again!


It’s safe to say Milly made some good friends while in Bruneck!

Jerry finally got a free day from hockey so we got to drag him on a day trip with the girls! We headed to Bolzano to do some shopping, eat and watch our friends hockey game. Megan got to get her first taste of Zara! That’s right, us Michigan girls have no clue what Zara is until someone tells us about it…… not cool! She loved it. The Christmas Market there was also still open! We had lots of fun shopping and then I took them to my favorite restaurant in Bolzano for a nice lunch before we headed to the hockey game.




We spent the last day in Bruneck saying goodbye to some of Megans new friends and visiting some places she wanted to see before we packed her up! Squeezing in a few more Hugos before she heads back to USA was a must!


Milly’s European trip would end with an overnight stay in Venice. My FAVORITE city in Europe! I haven’t seen them all but this one will always be my favorite. You’ve heard me say this before but it’s just so special. Anyways, it was Megans first ever train ride!  Exciting! Minus the getting up at 5 AM part, haha! We checked in to our hotel and were immediately upgraded to a suite right on the canal! OH MY GOD. Amazing! Ugh, I could just die! We headed out and stopped at one of my favorite little lunch places, where I also took my nane last December. Nothing special just a good spot for lunch and the name is slipping my mind right now. Then we headed out after fueling up and grabbing a cappuccino to go. TIme to get lost! The city was dead … preparing for Carneval as it starts in about two weeks!

I think were ready for carneval!


I told Megan to drop her maps because were getting lost in Venice baby! The best way to see Venice is to “get lost” and see everything. Even the side streets, the residential area, just everything.


We found our way to a gondola, as that was obviously at the top of Megs list of things to do! We ended up hitting the “jackpot” …no we didn’t get a gondola for less than $60 but our gondolier was amazing! His name was Andreas and he made the $60 so worth it. Let me tell you first, that a gondola ride for $60 does not come often and that was only for a 15-20 minute ride! He told us about all the building in Venice and gave us so much history, things even I didn’t know.



I was so excited to get on the gondola and show Megan exactly where Jerry proposed! It was so fun and we had lots of laughs with Andreas. We finally decided to take a break and sit down for a little before we found a place for dinner. I assured Megan we’d be walking into a random place and hoping for the best. That’s what I always do in Venice! And guess what? I’ve NEVER had a bad meal! I won’t lie, we were nervous at first….. and it’s hard because there are so many things I cannot eat right now because I’m pregnant. It can be frustrating but we found stuff and made it work… and our dinner was amazing! When we left you couldn’t get a seat in the place, so obviously we did something right!

A few extras from our trip:




It was a beautiful trip! We ended the night at our hotel with a drink and a nice hot shower (in a BIG shower) something I haven’t experienced in 5 months! I stayed in there for a half hour. Megan had to be up at 430 AM to catch her plane, my train didn’t leave until 8 am but I was up since Megan left. Of course! I had quite a long travel day back to Bruneck but it was so worth it to spend time with one of my best friends in my favorite city ever!

Jerry and I were so happy to have a slice of home here in Bruneck and she couldn’t have come at a better time. It was good to have a good friend here to remind us of how loved we are and remind us that we have so many people at home who love and miss us. I’m so glad that Megan took the leap and came to Europe. Traveling at our age is so important, there is no better time. It’s always so nice to open our doors to visitors so they can see our life over here and what it’s like for us. Instead of being a tourists, they are locals like us, which my grandma said was one of her favorite parts of visiting us last year.

Thanks Meg for putting up with my pregnancy hormones & crazy goalie wife superstitions. I wish we could have enjoyed more vino but I know you and Jerry did! We hope this was an experience you will never forget and that you get to come again , another hockey season! It was so good to laugh until our stomachs hurt (watching home videos from college) and have someone to talk to on my walks with Miika so I don’t look crazy talking to myself. You made new friends, tried new food, shopped in new stores and visited cities people can only dream of! We can’t repay you for all the things you do for us and what a great friend you are but I hope this experience helps a little. Everyone you met here in Bruneck LOVES you and has had nothing but good things to say about you, of course. We love you and see you in THREE months – Redwing play off hockey, birthday celebrations with all of our friends, DETROIT food, and a summer of excitement! (minus over consumption of alcohol at Luke Bryan)!


As for me, school is back in session and I’m back to full weeks of English Tutoring! I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye too all of the kids and families, I’ve gotten so close with.  I’m in my 16th week of pregnancy. Still no bump, still no sickness, and I have gained 3.5 lbs! I guess this is where all my good karma is kicking in? I’ll take it! Tomorrow I go to the doctor but just to be weighed, blood pressure and all that. I’m not supposed to have an ultra sound but Mr. Kuhn plans on asking if I can because he’s dying to know what we are having. I’m planning on him finding out and not telling me. As for hockey, We are a few games shy of playoffs starting. Playoffs?! Crazy! Hoping for the best for Jerry and the team. Good luck and good vibes our way! Before we know it, it will be time to head home to our amazing families and friends. We are looking forward to this summer more than all the last summers by a long shot! (…. I’m dying for American food and too get back to work).

Until next time – Peace + Love,

Amanda xx

Florence // Firenze, Italy

It’s been a while! Honestly, I’ve been so busy but I’m ready to catch you up on our life in Brunico. The good, the bad, the fun, the travels, oh.. and the hockey.

For this years November break we decided to head to Florence, Italy. Everyone has told us to see Italy while we are living here, everything else can wait.

We took the “fast train” from Bolzano to Florence. I can’t say that Miika absolutely loved her first train ride but she did wonderful! I’d let her sneak up on the seat with me when no one was watching. We know that princess does not like sitting on the floor!


We arrived in Florence around noon and took a taxi to our beautiful hotel! A very typical, italian (not updated) style hotel right on the side of the river. Let’s be honest, I picked the hotel based on the fact that it said “dog friendly, pets free!”. However, the staff was absolutely amazing and I knew that they only thing we’d be doing there was sleeping. I would recommend the hotel to anyone who isn’t looking for something fancy and a clean, quiet, walking distance hotel in Florence. The name of the hotel is, Hotel Silla.

We were extremely lucky that our first day there it was nothing but sunshine!


We spent the our first day hitting a lot of important sights and things to see. Not without stopping at Subway of course.

Must see’s while you are in Florence: The Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Museums, Churches, we saw as much as we could in two days.


Piazzale Michelangelo was my favorite sight and view, don’t miss it if you ever visit Florence. I loved that we were just a nice walk away from the this sight as it was on the same side of the river as our hotel. It is a lot of stairs but it’s great exercise and was perfect for getting a good walk in with Miika. However, the view should be enough persuasion to make you go! You get to see the entire city of Florence.


Jerry and I had two amazing dinners. Our first night we had Hard Rock Cafe and the second night we ate a highly recommended restaurant that I would recommend to everyone as well. It’s a must while in Florence but a small hole in the wall so I doubt you would find it if someone didn’t recommend it to you. The most popular dish to eat in Florence is a Florentina Steak but since I don’t eat steak I checked to make sure there was a lot more on the menu! The pasta was amazing and Jerry’s Florentina steak with blueberry sauce was a big hit.

The restaurant is called: Acqua Al 2


The next day was a rainy one, might I add that every November break it rains on us? Haha. Rain doesn’t stop us though, that just means shopping time! You could shop for days in Florence.. it never ends!


Towards the end of the day the rain seized and we went out for a long walk, miika included!


While in Florence we witnessed an engagement! Super cute and Jerry took pictures of them that we later sent to them. I would have been so happy if someone was able to capture mine and Jerry’s engagement so quickly like that! They were so happy we took photos. Yes, I cried.


Two days wasn’t quite enough in Florence, I’d say three or four to see absolutely everything.  I’m not really into galleries and art, so we didn’t even see a lot of that stuff. Which is why I know you would probably need another day or two! Florence is beautiful, the people are nice, there are a lot of Americans there, especially students who attend the University. The food is amazing and there is so much too see! It is definitely a favorite of mine but didn’t top Venice! If you are in Florence for a couple of days there are a lot of organized tours to see near by places such as, Pisa or even do a wine tour in the vineyards of Tuscany!

10635707_10204015538446830_5557387364148834079_n 10525772_10204015080155373_6523697146250389878_n 10615376_10204015147757063_794036502525140225_n

Florence: Check!

Stay tuned, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Until then,


Brixen, Italy


Yesterday we took a quick trip to a nearby city – Brixen (Or Bressanone). It’s hard living in a part of Italy where everything is in German AND Italian, I never know which one to chose! Haha. 

Brixen is only about 25-30 minutes away from Brunico and a perfect little get away city for whenever we want to see something different and get a change or scenery. Yesterday was a beautiful day, pure sunshine, didn’t want to waste it!


Miika, the traveling dog, has sat in yet another city! She does it with such grace, too. 😉 

Brixen is SO lovely.

IMG_0995 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We hear there is an awesome Sushi place in the city – so next time we will be trying that for sure.

How cute is this apartment building? I LOVE it. 


I’m giving Brixen a big thumbs up and marking it down as a special little gem to see in Italy!

You should too. 

Until next time – Ciao! xx 

Next Stop, Italy

The 2014 hockey season is taking us to: Brunico, Italy! 

A small, german speaking, italian city.

That’s right, a perfect mix of mine and Jerry’s roots – his German, mine Italian. What a coincidence huh?


 We are excited for this fresh start, and new season.


 Go Wolves!

We will be leaving in the next few days – time to start packing, and gathering. The next time you hear from us, we will have touched down in Italy!

Stay tuned – Ciao!

Nane Bagozzi does Slovenia

I was lucky enough to have my grandma come to Europe to visit Jerry and I (and miika)!

It was a great time – something that I will always remember. It was fun to have someone come and experience our European lifestyle for themselves.

My girlfriend Dalija and I picked my Nane up in Venice last Thursday, since Trieste is on the way home we stopped there for lunch.

Nane’s first stop: Trieste

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Jerry and I took nane to one of our favorite dinner places, and then we met some friends downtown at the Christmas Market!


The next morning I let nane sleep in, and by sleep in I mean until 11 AM.

Then she was forced to get up and go for Miikas morning walk! Nane made it on almost every morning walk with us while she was here.

I took nane to our mall, and to do some grocery shopping. She helped me make it feel a little more like Christmas in the apartment!


Oh and we forced her to eat Mexican… in slovenia.

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Nane’s next stop: Lake Bohinj & Lake Bled

Processed with VSCOcam


Nane’s Monday adventures: Ljubljana Castle & Jerry’s hockey game

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We went to the castle while Jerry took his pre game nap.

Nane got to see her first european hockey game and Jerry play for the first time ever.

We were starving after, so we headed out for pizza and wine!

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Tuesday was also a game day – I’m sure you can imagine Nane’s excitement! Two game days in a row! 😉

While Jerry napped we had lunch at a nice restaurant downtown and went and did a little shopping!

After Jerry’s hockey game the team had a “meet and greet” at one of the near by bars.

Yep, Nane came!

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Wednesday we got up early and headed to Postonja or “The Caves” – Over 1 million tourists go there every year so I figured it was a must see for her.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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Followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant in downtown Ljubljana AS!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

We spent Thursday downtown doing some shopping & had a nice lunch!

Friday morning it was time to head back towards Venice since Nane’s flight left early Saturday morning. We took advantage of it and spent the day exploring Venice – obviously one of my favorite places on earth!

We had a good lunch and even better dinner. Nane was amazed how many stores/shopping there is to do in Venice!

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As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun” – Nane is already back in the good ol’ USA! How lucky am I that my grandma could come visit me in Europe?! Even though everyone that met her swore she was my mother and not my grandma – one of the joys of having  very young family! We hope she enjoyed herself as much as we did. Can’t wait to see her and the rest of my family in the spring!

Jerry and I are back to our routine and Miika is back to having her moms full attention! So, all is back to “normal” at the Kuhn household. A big thanks to my hubs for pretending to enjoy being social for a couple of weeks to do things with our visitors! Now, back to being unsocial and doing what we do best – Couch, meet butt.

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“The love of family is life’s greatest blessing”

PS: Christmas is in like a week & 1/2 WTF?!

– The Kuhns

Budapest, Hungary

This week was our “November break” so we had a couple days off from hockey – couldn’t have come quick enough! We really wanted to head to Paris, but we only had 2 days so we headed to Budapest! It’s about a 4.5 hour drive, depending on traffic, weather, etc.

How about that drive in?


We stayed at Ramada Resort Aquaworld, which was amazing! It’s a little ways away from the city center (10 minute drive) but they resort offers a free shuttle downtown and we had our car so, it didn’t really matter. I can’t say enough good things about the resort.  The room, food, service, everything was great.


Our first day we decided to have a more relaxing day. We got massages, facials, hungout in the spa, and played in the water park! The water park is pretty cool – water slides, kids park, a couple different pools, hot tubs, and a heated outdoor pool! Lots of fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

After our relaxing afternoon and fun in the water park we had dinner then hungout at the hotel bar, “Lobby Bar” –  it was nice to sit and chat with my hubs all night.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

The weather wasn’t great the next morning but we grabbed our umbrella and braved the storm! Who doesn’t love exploring a city in the pouring rain? We hopped on the shuttle down to the city center, it dropped us off right at Hero’s Square.

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First stop? Starbucks for muffins & coffee! We were hoping they still had PSL’s because that’s the only time we really drink Starbucks but they had already moved on to Peppermint. It’s still nice to have a coffee from there because it reminds us of home.


Sights from around the city….

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Processed with VSCOcam

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Out of the corner of our eye we caught a TGI Friday’s – I knew Jerry wasn’t going to pass up an American lunch, so TGI Friday’s it was! He had a steak and loved every bite of it.


It had been pouring rain ALL day and we were starting to get cold and tired. So, we headed back to the hotel to hangout in the water park for a little while before dinner.

I  wish we could have had one more day there to explore some more but I’m grateful for what we did see! I loved Budapest, definitely left a piece of my heart there.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam

I can’t thank Jerry enough, and will never be able to repay him for all these memorable experiences. One day we will be able to look back and remember how much fun we had, and all the great places we got to visit together.

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The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.

Until next time, Adijo – Ciao!

The Kuhns

Vienna, Austria

The boys had a game in Vienna yesterday so, a few of the girls and I hopped in the car and made a day trip out of it! From Ljubljana to Vienna is about 3.5 hours, not very far at all and very well worth the drive.

First stop in Vienna? Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


While I think we would have all enjoyed some sunshine, we embraced the rainy day with love and umbrellas.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



My day was made when we stopped at a cafe and they had CLUB SANDWICHES. I walked in to heaven. It wasn’t a Leo’s club sandwich but it was a close second.


Most know my favorite thing to explore in Europe are the churches! There are a couple of absolutely stunning churches in Vienna.

St. Stephens [AMAZING]


Lighting prayer candles.

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St. Michael’s

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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We took a stroll down the “most expensive street in Vienna”. The street has a Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, LV, D&G…… Don’t worry, Jerry isn’t broke. We kept walking….

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A few more sights.

Processed with VSCOcam

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Thought about Time Traveling but decided not too…..?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Stopped at a cute pub for drinks and to warm up before we headed to the game.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Game time! Supporting our men – while it hasn’t been the best start to a season, we’re keeping the faith and staying positive.


Oh and don’t worry, Miika had fun with her pals while we were gone for the day. The citydog crew lounging…


We didn’t make it home until 2 AM last night – it was a very long but VERY awesome day! Rain or shine, I loved Vienna and the road trip. Haven’t sang, laughed, or ate that much junk food in a while. Checking Vienna off the list but hope to return one day with Jerry.

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“Sometimes you lose sight of things and when you travel, everything balances out”

Until next time, Adijo- Ciao!

The Kuhns

Trieste, Italy

Today I dipped my feet & hands in the Adriatic Sea.

What did you do?

While I know my husband is exhausted after facing 170 shots in 4 games (an average of 43 shots a night, no nothings changed) … I knew we needed to get out of Ljubljana for the day.

So, a day trip to Trieste it was.

Miika sat this one out and stayed back with her friends at City-dog!

Trieste is only an hour away from us, we’ve passed through there quickly but only to pick up visitors from the airport, and maybe when I got us lost on our way home from Venice.  I’ve seen photos and knew it would be perfect for a day trip – everyone knows I love the water and Trieste is nestled right on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It actually reminds me of a small, not as awesome, Venice.

We had great weather, guess we always get lucky when we head to Italy? The weather was calling for rain but it was sunshine and blue skies. Perfect for sitting on a cafe patio with a glass of red wine, overlooking the Adriatic.


Trieste has a lot of history – museums, castles, churches. Oh, and shopping, lots of shopping. You could definitely amuse yourself for an entire day or two.




In the middle of the city is the “Canal Grande” – basically, a lot of boats parked on a canal in central Trieste. There are also a few cute cafes right off the canal, where everyone seemed to be eating pizza, and only pizza. Jerry and I may have also tried to steal a 2 month old labrador from it’s owner (a 7 year old italian girl) who was dragging her down the canal – but we didn’t know how Miika would feel about that and I didn’t feel like making a child cry.


There is a “pier” that you can walk a ways out into the sea to get an awesome view, I could have sat there all day long.




I found this written on the cement. Don’t think we could have stumbled across a more fitting “statement” for the day (plus, you might already know, I love finding things like this)


While I love Ljubljana, it was nice to get out of our city for the day and explore a new one.

You know it was a good day when you haven’t moved from your bed since the second you walked in the door, and you have blisters on your feet.

Thank you for making those blisters, exhaustion, and views possible Jerry.


Gratitude is being thankful for the life you have and living it, not watching it pass you by”

Until next time, Adijo – Ciao!

The Kuhns