We Are Alive!

Wow, it’s been too long.

Have I STILL not blogged about our last November trip to London? Maybe I’ll get to it before our next November trip, ha! Mom-ing ain’t easy ya’ll.

I’m pretty sure my last post included a photo of me looking pretty decent in a gym mirror in Bremerhaven. Well…. that ended quickly because I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and feeling like a f’ing moose. Yep — baby kuhn #2 coming early December!

The happiest big sister ever!


A lot has happened since my last post, which was around Christmas time. Shortly after Christmas we were walking through the mall when Jerry got the phone call he had worked so so so hard for. A new team called wanting to sign Jerry for this upcoming season. We were in shock, it was really early but Jerry was having an incredible season that was not going unnoticed…. we were so excited!

That team was, Wolfsburg (Germany)!

It was so unbelievably hard to keep this secret for so long!


Speaking of hockey — Jerry and the Fischtown Pinguins made some serious history! It was their first year in the league and they made it to playoffs. Something I’m sure no one saw coming at the beginning of the season. On top of making playoffs, Jerry was nominated for Goalie of The Year! We were so proud of him. That last month of hockey was something special and something I will truly never forget. So many happy tears and a lot of f-bombs during games. It made Bremerhaven that much harder to say goodbye too. Our last week in B-haven was emotional and full of tough “see ya laters”… it holds a lot of special things for us, Andi has grown up there for two years, we found our best friends there, and Jerry played his first full DEL season there. We will miss you fischy town but you are just a hop skip and jump away. ❤

THE BEST FANS — we rocked that rink so hard those last few weeks!


Last game of the season with my girls.


And to end the season….. Uncle Jerry & Harbor Rae Lampl-Kuhn. The best of friends, forever.


Our summer flew by but here are a few highlights:

-Uncle DJ Graduated from WMU

-Andi went to her first Tigers game


-Jerry won his second GOLD medal with team USA inline!

  • -Jerry and I celebrated FOUR years of marriage!


In very very very short, that brings us to now. A few days ago we packed 5 hockey bags, 1 carry on, 3 back packs, 2 car seats, 2 strollers and a dog and we hopped on a plane to Wolfsburg! It was so hard to say goodbye to my family and friends that have grown so close to Andi this summer. Luckily we have people in our life who understand our journey.

Here’s to our SIXTH year in Europe. 


We are so excited to be here and looking forward to making many good memories here in Wolfsy! So far we have had a very warm welcome from the Grizzly staff and team/families. ❤


I’ll try to keep in touch. I have no idea how I even found the time to write this. I miss this little space! August will be a very busy month for Jer and we won’t be seeing much of him as his preseason schedule is stacked. Andi will be heading back to school next week and I’ll be hopefully heading into a gym….or my bed, a girl can dream though.

Be good to us hockey season, auf gehts!

— Amanda xo


Back In Germany!

We are so happy to be back in Germany. It’s always nice to be home in the summer to see our family and friends (especially now that we have Andi) but to be honest, it’s a lot of work. I always feel like were being pulled in 500 directions trying to see everyone and fit everything in before it’s time to pack up and head out again. Life at home can be a bit stressful but gosh, do I love Sunday dinners at my parents house! That makes it all worth it. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

One of my favorite pics from summer: My Crew ❤


I think we were mostly happy to be in Germany after that terrible flight with a one year old. I rather poke my eyeballs out than go through that ever again … but I better get used to it. Andi did great for the first 2-3 hours… but then she was basically up for the next 10 hours. :insert cry face here:… tears were shed, and not from just Andi.


We obviously couldn’t wait to be reunited with our Lampl girls! We ran over to their apartment as soon as we got back.


It was so nice to come back to our same apartment. Everything just the way we left it, it makes for a MUCH easier transition. The easiest we’ve ever had for sure. There was no stress of finding a grocery store, buying all the essentials (soaps, laundry detergent, etc.) it was all here!

We brought back a lot of Andi’s books from our baby shower – they are so special because inside is a special message from people that came to the shower. So that makes us smile when we open them each time!


The team management put on a special lunch for all the guys and families last week. It was at one of our favorite places here in Bremerhaven, so that was a plus! It was good to meet the new faces and see some old familiar faces too.


I had to snap a family pic since it’s probably the first time I put on real pants and did my hair since we got here! (haha)


On Monday Andi started “krippe” (which is essentially like day care in America). She will only be going a couple of days a week right now from 9-1130 (for now)… She really has loved it so far but it’s throwing off her schedule quite a bit. Usually by 9 Andi is down for her first nap and right now were getting to school then. So, to say shes exhausted by 11:30 is an understatement. Yesterday was the first day they had me actually leave her. I left at 10 and she was there all alone like a big girl! I knew she’d do just fine because she LOVES other kids and plays really well. And is one of 8 kids in her “classroom” and is the youngest by one month. There are three teachers in every classroom which is amazing. I think this is going to be wonderful for Andi! I haven’t had a second to cry because I haven’t really “dropped” her off and left… I’m sure that day is coming.

Andi is starting to take more steps on her own. Finally.. not that I was ever in a rush but it’s been frustrating for her. So we are excited about that and have been practicing a lot! Her teacher told me she was “walking all over” but I’ll assume we were lost in translation. Haha! When Andi isn’t at school or taking a nap.. she loves being outside and playing at the park. No surprise, the kid has loved fresh air since day one. Remember… she used to only nap outside? So glad that has changed.


We needed a break from cooking at home so we headed downtown the other day. We went a little early to take a stroll by the water. It was a windy afternoon! The weather here has been shit.. for lack of a better word. Last year around this time it was still summer. I was so excited to take Andi to the beach when we got back but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Boo! Oh well.. They say were getting some warm weather next week. I’ll take anything warmer then 55-60 like we’ve had!



The boys preseason is in full swing. Which means two-a-days .. which means I feel like single mom, professional dog walker. Next weekend the boys head to denmark for some preseason games and the following weekend they head to Belfast! (jealous? yes! me too.) Wish me luck on those weekends alone. I’ll need A LOT of coffee.

Until next time….

Baby Andi – 6 Months … Going on 7!

How is this baby half a year old already?

Actually in 10 days we will have a 7 month old already! Wow! Last week Andi had her 6 month shots and check up! It was on a Monday (daddy’s day off) so he was able to join us. Andi didn’t like shots in both thighs but I’m sure she is secretly happy we are done with shots until we get back to Germany in July!


6 Month Check up & Shots!


Weight: 19 LBS!

Length: 25.5 Inches

Diaper Size: 4+ (lol)

Clothes: Andi is mostly in 9 month PJ’s and 6-9 “clothes” (onesies, t-shirts, leggings)

Fun things: sitting up alone, grabbing toys, eating fun snacks, loves watching her dog, passed first session of swim classes and is on to her 6 month-12 month classes next week!

Andi’s schedule: (currently, since we all know babies love to switch it up) Andi goes down around 7 or 8 PM, sleeps until around 4-430 wakes up to nurse and hang for a little then back to sleep until 8-9 AM. After this we pretty much do a “eat, play, sleep” routine… naps aren’t frequent and haven’t been almost ever, but I’m starting to see a better nap routine. Mix in a few walks with the pup in there too! Andi loves naping in her stroller.


First day in her big girl seat of her stroller!

Andi still can’t find a bottle that she likes to drink boob milk out of so that has been stressful. Probably the most difficult thing so far. It would be much easier if she would take a bottle so I know for a fact she’d be fine alone with Jerry for a little bit. But, table foods and purees can do the trick too. I made it to my first gym class this week and it was amazing! Were going to try for me 2-3 days a week for now. Since, I also have Andi’s swim class once a week.  Andi is not a big “food” eater… she relies mostly on my breasts and food is just fun for her. She has her days when she will eat a whole cup of veggies or fruits and other days she will not touch it.


Some days babies just want to nap on their mamas! ❤

We were at Ikea a couple of weeks ago and Andi was being a bit fussy. I thought, let’s try out the cart… oh boy, she LOVED it.


We also had a visitor last week! V came to see us and spend a few days with us. She comes to visit every season since we met back in Ljubljana. This year was a bit different but we still managed to have some fun with a baby in tow! In a couple of weeks my grandma is coming to stay with us for 10 days! That will be so nice. Wish my mom was joining her but she wasn’t able to swing it this season.


This big girl started sitting up alone and loves playing on the floor with her toys. In the morning she “watches” 20 minutes of Nursery Rhymes from Baby Genius (keep comments to yourself about baby watching TV). She LOVES listening to people sing (especially her swim teacher) and it keeps her occupied for a whole 20 minutes! That means I can make my breakfast and coffee and then scarf it down. 🙂  She loves her Jolly Jumper (seriously, life save… get one ASAP for your baby!)

Every day I’m learning new things about Andi and myself. We have great days and we have bad days (like so bad I think she never wants a sibling 😉 haha). She has definitely changed my entire life, in the best way. Watching her and her papa love on each other is the best. I remember that first month and thinking “how am I going to do this” and now here I’am almost 7 months later… I may not have it all figured out but I think I got it down! Most days I don’t get out of my yoga pants or brush my hair and I only put on make up on game days but that is totally okay with me.

With my pregnancy brain turning into mom brain I decided to buy a journal, to write everything down. Just like I did when I was pregnant. I hate thinking “wait, when did Andi do ____ again”? and not being able to remember when she did it last. I’m excited to have a journal to look back on for all of these memories (aside from this blog) but there are things I just rather not share on here and keep to myself!


This cute bonnet is from “Briar Handmade”.  My GF here is obsessed with them and has slowly passed her obsession on to me! We love them.

Cheers to another month of growing and learning – full of giggles, smiles, tears and long nights.

We love you baby Andi.

Now, off to nap and the bath time before daddy’s hockey game! Go Pinguins!

Stay tuned for what this little nugget is up to next! ❤

Florence // Firenze, Italy

It’s been a while! Honestly, I’ve been so busy but I’m ready to catch you up on our life in Brunico. The good, the bad, the fun, the travels, oh.. and the hockey.

For this years November break we decided to head to Florence, Italy. Everyone has told us to see Italy while we are living here, everything else can wait.

We took the “fast train” from Bolzano to Florence. I can’t say that Miika absolutely loved her first train ride but she did wonderful! I’d let her sneak up on the seat with me when no one was watching. We know that princess does not like sitting on the floor!


We arrived in Florence around noon and took a taxi to our beautiful hotel! A very typical, italian (not updated) style hotel right on the side of the river. Let’s be honest, I picked the hotel based on the fact that it said “dog friendly, pets free!”. However, the staff was absolutely amazing and I knew that they only thing we’d be doing there was sleeping. I would recommend the hotel to anyone who isn’t looking for something fancy and a clean, quiet, walking distance hotel in Florence. The name of the hotel is, Hotel Silla.

We were extremely lucky that our first day there it was nothing but sunshine!


We spent the our first day hitting a lot of important sights and things to see. Not without stopping at Subway of course.

Must see’s while you are in Florence: The Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Museums, Churches, we saw as much as we could in two days.


Piazzale Michelangelo was my favorite sight and view, don’t miss it if you ever visit Florence. I loved that we were just a nice walk away from the this sight as it was on the same side of the river as our hotel. It is a lot of stairs but it’s great exercise and was perfect for getting a good walk in with Miika. However, the view should be enough persuasion to make you go! You get to see the entire city of Florence.


Jerry and I had two amazing dinners. Our first night we had Hard Rock Cafe and the second night we ate a highly recommended restaurant that I would recommend to everyone as well. It’s a must while in Florence but a small hole in the wall so I doubt you would find it if someone didn’t recommend it to you. The most popular dish to eat in Florence is a Florentina Steak but since I don’t eat steak I checked to make sure there was a lot more on the menu! The pasta was amazing and Jerry’s Florentina steak with blueberry sauce was a big hit.

The restaurant is called: Acqua Al 2


The next day was a rainy one, might I add that every November break it rains on us? Haha. Rain doesn’t stop us though, that just means shopping time! You could shop for days in Florence.. it never ends!


Towards the end of the day the rain seized and we went out for a long walk, miika included!


While in Florence we witnessed an engagement! Super cute and Jerry took pictures of them that we later sent to them. I would have been so happy if someone was able to capture mine and Jerry’s engagement so quickly like that! They were so happy we took photos. Yes, I cried.


Two days wasn’t quite enough in Florence, I’d say three or four to see absolutely everything.  I’m not really into galleries and art, so we didn’t even see a lot of that stuff. Which is why I know you would probably need another day or two! Florence is beautiful, the people are nice, there are a lot of Americans there, especially students who attend the University. The food is amazing and there is so much too see! It is definitely a favorite of mine but didn’t top Venice! If you are in Florence for a couple of days there are a lot of organized tours to see near by places such as, Pisa or even do a wine tour in the vineyards of Tuscany!

10635707_10204015538446830_5557387364148834079_n 10525772_10204015080155373_6523697146250389878_n 10615376_10204015147757063_794036502525140225_n

Florence: Check!

Stay tuned, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Until then,


Oktoberfest 2014 – Munich, Germany

Yes, I finally checked Oktoberfest off of my bucket list.

I don’t even know what is on my bucket list but Oktoberfest was for sure. I’ve been wanting to go but we’ve never been so close to Munich or in a situation where it was simple to do a day trip there.

This year? We were in the perfect location to get there! Apparently the team here makes the trip every year so I was all ears when I heard the boys were starting to make a list for who was going!

First, we needed to fit the part. I borrowed a Drindl from a girlfriend and one of the boys made sure Jerry had his Lederhosen.


Oktoberfest, ready.

We all met at the bus station at 6 AM where we had a bus waiting for us. The bus would take us and bring us back at the end of the day. Poor guy! 😉 Unfortunately not everyone on the team could make it but there was about 15-16 of us that made the trip!

First stop? Mc Donald’s to fuel up. Mc Donald’s is a big deal to us peeps living in Brunico because we don’t have one, the closest one is about 45 minutes away but just so happened to be on the way to Munich. Yes, it was delicious. Mc Donald’s in Europe is always delicious.

Our group:


I thought that Oktoberfest was literally a huge beer tent where people sat at tables, drank beer and danced. Nope, I was totally wrong. Well, that is part of it but not all of it. There are a ton of different beer tents, the most popular being the Paul Laner tent – the fresh brewed beers? They are the company that makes it. We actually ran into some of our hockey friends in this tent,  who also had Sunday off and took advantage of getting to Munich! It’s a small world, even over here.


I was a little worried since I’ve drank a total of two beers my entire life (no exaggeration) but I sucked it up and ordered my first $10 Oktoberfest beer. Later I found out that they have Radlers…



The beer tents are crazy and wild, even at 10 AM. Yes, that’s when we started drinking. A “tradition” in the beer tents … people will stand on their table and chug their entire liter of beer! They either get a big “WOO HOO!” or… “Boo!!!!!!” Depending on if they actually get the beer down their throat or all over their shirt.

The weather was awesome.

Oktoberfest isn’t just beer/liquor tents ….. it’s a full out festival/carnival. Wondering if we got on this after 6 hours of drinking? The answer is, yes we did. You know how much Jerry and I love rides and roller coasters! However, one ride was enough for me… back to the tents.


Oh and the food, the food is amazing. I just didn’t take a second to take a photo of it. Chicken, pretzels, sausage, everything.

We ended up here for the last few hours of our day:


No $10 liter beers just a lot of liquor! I’m glad we saved this for the end of the day because I would have never made it until 8 PM. Looking for $20 Jack & Colas? This is your spot! There was a live band playing, lots of dancing, and the food people were ordering looked amazing!

You aren’t supposed to leave Oktoberfest without a famous Gingerbread cookie. They all have different, cute sayings on them. I didn’t get one but I did get a photo of one? That counts.

Ich Liebe Dich = I love you.

Would have loved to be able to show my great grandma this photo and all of my adventures through Europe.


The day went by SO fast but it’s safe to say we all had a blast. Oktoberfest is such a cool experience. If you EVER get the chance to be in Munich during Oktoberfest, it’s a must GO. It’s hard to explain how much fun it is, so I hope you go see for yourself!

A big thank you to this guy:


I’ll never be able to repay him for all the things he makes sure we/I experience while living in Europe.

 Germany, I love you.

We survived Oktoberfest 2014


Ich Liebe Oktoberfest! xx

Fresh Start

After two hockey seasons of major ups & downs, we have finally found a happy medium.

I’m happy to say that Jerry and I are really loving Brunico.

 We are experiencing a lot of things for the first time this hockey season. Team gatherings, organization and Jerry’s experiencing a lot of different things at the rink – just to name a few things. We did experience a lot of great things in Krefeld but our time there was so short (too short)! Nonetheless, we are happy to be doing all of these things now. It’s nice to be on a team where we can all get together, families included and talk about happy things. Instead of talking about, not getting paid, the boys not having equipment and all that other stuff we dealt with for two years.

I think the best part of everything we’ve been through, is the fact that Jerry and I don’t expect much. We know we are always going to have good and bad days. Things aren’t always going to be perfect here or anywhere. For now we are going to embrace the fact that things are going well and I might run on top of a mountain and tell everyone I’m happy.

My german lessons start next month, I’m a bit nervous but excited. Also, I’ll be teaching private English lessons to a few different children! So thankful to have met someone who is helping me with finding the jobs and meeting the children. Not only is it a bit of income for me but it will also be a great experience. I’m finishing up my summer semester of classes tomorrow and start my fall classes at the end of the month. So, for all of those that wonder what I do all day? There ya go! Don’t forget walking Miika 4+ miles a day. 😉

 This past weekend was extremely nice – in general and the weather!

Saturday in downtown Brunico was the presentation of the hockey team. It was so nice to see the fans and kids gather downtown to see the guys get introduced.


[photo credit: optic rapid]

On Sunday we had a BBQ at one of jerry’s teammates place. Guys, families, dogs, all of us! We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Meet our big Brunico hockey family:


 Meet the babies of the family:



Miika slept all day Monday after her fun in the sun with the kids.

Our hockey season starts this weekend! So excited. Here’s to a healthy and successful season for Jerry!

Let’s go #35!


 “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”

– Amanda

Brixen, Italy


Yesterday we took a quick trip to a nearby city – Brixen (Or Bressanone). It’s hard living in a part of Italy where everything is in German AND Italian, I never know which one to chose! Haha. 

Brixen is only about 25-30 minutes away from Brunico and a perfect little get away city for whenever we want to see something different and get a change or scenery. Yesterday was a beautiful day, pure sunshine, didn’t want to waste it!


Miika, the traveling dog, has sat in yet another city! She does it with such grace, too. 😉 

Brixen is SO lovely.

IMG_0995 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We hear there is an awesome Sushi place in the city – so next time we will be trying that for sure.

How cute is this apartment building? I LOVE it. 


I’m giving Brixen a big thumbs up and marking it down as a special little gem to see in Italy!

You should too. 

Until next time – Ciao! xx 

Willkommen in Bruneck!

I’m sure most of you know that we have made its safely to Brunico. Our travels here were easily the best of travel days we’ve EVER had – everything went smoothly!


Jerry has started training camp, Miika and I have been exploring our new home and trying to get settled in. Brunico is lovely (small but lovely)!  

We are waiting for our wifi to get hooked up in the apartment – so until them I’m only supposed to be using the internet to do homework. I figured I’d sneak on to update everyone, incase you haven’t got the scoop on Facebook just yet. 


Enjoy the view!

Ciao. xx



Next Stop, Italy

The 2014 hockey season is taking us to: Brunico, Italy! 

A small, german speaking, italian city.

That’s right, a perfect mix of mine and Jerry’s roots – his German, mine Italian. What a coincidence huh?


 We are excited for this fresh start, and new season.


 Go Wolves!

We will be leaving in the next few days – time to start packing, and gathering. The next time you hear from us, we will have touched down in Italy!

Stay tuned – Ciao!

Spouses In Sports – Europe

I was recently asked to write a blog post for Spouses In Sports (a private community for professional sport families).

I wanted to share it with all of you who are not a part of the community.


Leaving Pieces of my Heart in Europe
by Amanda Kuhn, wife of Jerry Kuhn, Goalie for Olimpija Ljubljana of the EBEL League, Austria

The past two hockey seasons we have lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Krefeld, Germany. I’m often asked, “Where is your favorite place you have traveled to in Europe”? This question is always difficult for me, considering I’ve been to many beautiful places in Europe the past two years. There are still so many places and things I want to see overseas. I’ve made a memory in every place I’ve been – they are all special to me for different reasons. It could have been the food, the people, the atmosphere, or something fun I did while I was in that place. Whenever I visit a new city, I like to stop for a few minutes and take it all in. I don’t want to bring home a pamphlet or a post card – I want that memory to stick in my head forever.

When you play overseas, you usually get a “November Break” and an “Olympic Break” (and maybe some other odd breaks thrown in there). This gives you time to head out with your boyfriend/hubby and venture out to somewhere new! During the season I always like to catch a few away games – at least if they are in a city worth exploring but sometimes even the atmosphere of a new rink is worth the drive. I don’t do this often because my husband is a goalie, and let’s just say my traveling on game days isn’t in his, “routine” (he’ll tell you he’s not superstitious.) Anyway, I’ve been quite a few places the past two years. Probably a lot of small towns most people haven’t heard of. I’ve never been to Paris or Rome but to be honest, I don’t think those places compare to the “hidden gems” of Europe.

When I was asked to write this post, I started thinking of my two favorite places I’ve “traveled” to in Europe. There was no way I could write this post and not choose Ljubljana, Slovenia as one of my favorite places, I just couldn’t. It holds such a big piece of my heart because it was our first “home” in Europe and a place that changed me in ways I never thought possible. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, and a beautiful one at that. My first week in Europe was one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. I cried, I cried and I cried some more. I hated it, I wanted to go home, I wanted someone to speak English to me at the grocery store, I just wanted to fall apart. Time went on and I started to adapt, I started to love my new home. I realized I lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world and I embraced it. I became close with a lot of Slovenians, on our hockey team and outside of hockey. Jerry and I started volunteering at a children’s center, where underprivileged children go after school, twice a week, sometimes more. I fell in love with the fact that a good bottle of wine only costs me $3 and that I could live off both that and cheese. I fell in love with the people that took me in as family (I didn’t love the cranky grandmas, but that’s all over Europe!). Ljubljana itself is a beautiful city and good for any expat/tourist. It’s a huge city – there is shopping, there is good food, there are a lot of sites to see (the castle, the river that runs through downtown, the “pink church”, the dragon bridge) just to name a few! If you ever get a chance to go to Slovenia you will want to see Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Postjona Caves (seriously look them up!), and the sea side of course. I feel sLOVENia!

My second favorite place would be Venice, Italy. It could be because I got the surprise of a life time there – my husband proposing to me on a gondola! However, I’ve been back three times after that surprise and fell in love all over, each time. Venice has such character, and is so different than what you picture it to be. I always feel like I’m in a movie when I’m walking the streets of Venice. I used to dream about going to Italy when I was younger, and then somehow my life put me just a short two hour drive away from one of the most well-known cities in Italy. While in Venice you have to have a cup of coffee or glass of wine in St. Marks Square! If you are able to travel there during The Venice Carnival, you must (usually held in late January-February)! It is a tradition held every year in and it is definitely something to see/take part in! You can’t leave Venice without taking a ride on a gondola in the Adriatic Sea. The people, the food, the sights are truly something special. My advice is to drop the maps, and get lost! You definitely won’t have a hard time finding a hotel, and almost everyone can speak enough English to get you where you are trying to go. Venice should be at the top of your list for a place to see.

I can only hope that everyone gets to see the beauty of Europe at least once in their lifetime. Living in Europe and traveling has definitely shaped me into the person I am and the person I’m supposed to be. For that, I am thankful. “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry”



To anyone who is part of a professional sport family or collegiate sport family you can register and join Spouses In Sports by clicking this link > SiS

It is a great community, and I was delighted to share a little of my story with them.  Thank you again!